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Hand Sanitizing Stations | Built in the USA

March 31st, 2020 COMMENTS

Most hand sanitizer solutions are fragile, temporary solutions meant to last a few weeks or months. They are cheap and disposable.

The Stand Tough Hand Sanitizer Stands are permanent solutions constructed with engineered aluminum extrusion, stainless steel, and steel base plates. Most are powder-coated white. All are made in the USA. Ask about quantity discounts.

Yes, they are a little more expensive, but they will last for years, not months.

All six are in Exhibit Design Search with a full description and prices. Powder-coated white. For more information, call 503-652-2100.

10 Things You Didn’t Ask When Renting Your Trade Show Furniture

March 30th, 2020 COMMENTS

Guest Post: John Peck, Strategic Account Manager, CORT

Trade Show Rental Furniture

It’s time to select rental furniture for your trade show booth. Preferably several weeks, if not months, in advance of your show. With so many choices, it’s easy to get lost in the designs and lose sight of the details, like the provider, fees, delivery, and quality. Not all rental companies make it easy, and not all companies have the same high standards. Let’s remove any doubts.

Here are the 10 Questions You Should Ask before committing to a rental furniture order. Ask them, then head to Rental Gallery #1 and Rental Gallery #2 to make your selections.

Rental Question #1

Is your furniture rental quote all inclusive? For instance, does it include drayage? There is nothing worse than receiving an invoice after your event with hidden fees that were not disclosed upfront.

Rental Question #2

Has your vendor confirmed stock prior to providing you a quote? This avoids having to make last minute substitutions, which can often reset the entire process for everyone.

Rental Question #3

Is the venue for your event located in a union city? Set realistic expectations regarding delivery and set-by times. Vendors are only allowed to deliver to loading docks in union cities, and delivery to the booth will be dependent on union labor. Don’t fall for false promises!

Rental Question #4

Where is your vendor’s closest warehouse to the venue? Once you are on the show site, can you make changes? Being able to quickly adapt to requests with nearby resources is critical and can take you from good to great.

Rental Question #5

Does your vendor have onsite representation through the show opening? Having an onsite contact is key to providing superior customer service. Whether it’s last-minute requests, real-time delivery updates, or any type of logistical coordination, that point of contact can make all the difference in providing a white-glove experience.

Rental Question #6

How accessible is your vendor for one-off requests or at off hours?

Trade Show Rental Furniture

Rental Question #7

How often, and what types of new products does your vendor release? Your vendor should constantly be ahead of the curve when it comes to industry and design trends. New and exciting options that are both trendsetting and functional for high-volume use are a must.

Rental Question #8

How efficient is the ordering process with your vendor, and what kind of turnaround time can you expect when requesting a quote? Our industry operates rapidly and often with very short windows. Your vendor’s ability to respond, react, and fulfill at a moment’s notice is critical to an event’s success.

Rental Question #9

What kind of tools does your vendor provide to assist you in the design process? Make sure your vendor is so much more than that. Seek out a sophisticated partner who can provide you complimentary resources, such as space planning software, inspiration and mood boards, and easily accessible CAD files to help your designers in every step of the process.

Rental Question #10

Are you assigned to a dedicated account manager? Nothing is more confusing than being sent back and forth between multiple persons within one company. Rely on a vendor that has the resources available to assign you one dedicated account manager. This will provide consistency and reliable support, no matter where your event is being held.

Still have questions about rental furniture or anything else trade show or event related. Give us a call or send us an email.

Gravitee Modular Medical Testing Pods

March 30th, 2020 COMMENTS

Gravitee Modular Medical Pods are constructed with lightweight aluminum frame, assemble without tools, include wire management, and ship flat. They are available for purchase or rent.

Ask about custom options and our quick ship program.

For more information, call us at 503-652-2100 or email

Symphony Portable Elegance | The NO Compromises Portable Display

March 30th, 2020 COMMENTS
Symphony Portable Display Elegance
SYK-2023 Symphony Portable Display

For too long, Portable Trade Show Displays have sacrificed elegant design for visual simplicity. Not anymore.

Introducing Symphony, the first portable/modular display to blend easy tool-less assembly with elegant design and clever accessories. With Symphony, there are no compromises. Simply a beautiful upscale display at a price that’s thousands less than most custom modular exhibits.

In this casual video, we walk you through all the features and benefits of the Symphony Portable Display line, including assembly, accessories, and options.

US and International Patent Pending

See All 51 Symphony Portable Designs:

EuroShop 2020 Design Trends by Katina Rigall Zipay

March 10th, 2020 COMMENTS
EuroShop 2020 Trends by Katina Rigall Zipay

Held every three years, EuroShop is like a candy store for designers. While many of the trends on display at EuroShop 2020 were not new, they were reinvented in fresh ways. Also worth revisiting are the ways in which technology has become more sophisticated, incorporating movement and advanced LED lighting techniques into almost every exhibit.

Our Instagram contains many more examples and video’s of these trends: @classic_exhibits


  • Short-throw projectors, touchscreens, 3-d Holograms
  • Video walls both flat and curved and on every surface from ceiling/floor/wall/ hanging structures
  • Programmable LED lights both as simple accents and behind lightbox graphics or on a raised floor
  • Motion detecting interactive cameras tied to projectors/touchscreens/video walls
  • Physical objects controlled by magnets or gravity, robotics
  • Smart glass that has an image or mirror finish and can fade to transparent
  • Polarized glass that we had to look through to interact with content
  • VR interactive, AR interactive, mechanical movement like gears rotating. 
  • Programmed LED panels were mesmerizing, continuously changing patterns with quite long programs. It was hard to stay long enough in one space to see the entire program of movement.


  • Mirror-finish as an accent or to cover a wall and make the space feel twice as big
  • Felt as an interesting shape texture and acoustic material
  • Velvet, crocodile, unfinished wood, and pressboard with wash of color that still reveals the texture
  • Marble, sheer fabric, high gloss paint, clear acrylic, draped fabric
  • Chains, corrugated plastic and cardboard — cardboard was even used as a structural material in numerous places
  • Metal mesh, brick and wood were very prevalent textures sometimes printed on a flat surface and sometimes fully 3D
  • Colored string stretched between surfaces to create a pattern and hanging fringe
  • Almost all metal structures were covered in some way


  • Peaked roof frame – sometimes a simple 2D frame, sometimes built out as a 3D structure
  • Elongated roman arches – tall and elegant with a perfect half-round curve at the top
  • Semiprivate meeting spaces
  • See-through barriers around the edge of an exhibit space
  • Cubes/boxes/squares, circles/spheres
  • Slats most often unfinished wood, vertical, straight, of the same width and at even intervals, but we saw them tweaked in numerous ways to make many unique and custom applications

Colors/Color Combos and Patterns

  • Black and White
  • Either Black or White or both with a Bold Accent Color
  • Either Black or White or both with a Natural Wood Accent
  • An all-white booth might consist of glossy white finish, flat white finish, white washed wood, white LED light accents. Solid shapes and relief patterns out of white materials. White fringe shielding the conference area. Clear acrylic furniture – lots of textures, but all in the same color story
  • Tropical print – palm leaves and flowers
  • 80’s inspired neon or brightly colored pop-art patterns


  • Throwback Neon signs (accomplished through LED technology)
  • Edison bulbs of all shapes and sizes
  • Programmable LED Lights as edge light lightboxes
  • Programmable LED tile floors
  • Pendant lights
  • LED lights are used more strategically in the edge-light capacity and are often dimmed down so they really enhance the structure of the design rather than blind us with their power


  • Greenwalls with different heights and textures of foliage
  • Hanging plants
  • “Tufts” inset, spotted on every surface from ceiling to floor, even light fixtures

Organic Design Elements

  • Faces, hands, and animals were used as very effective shapes in the exhibit designs at EuroShop
  • Booths made completely of organic cut curved slats felt like intricate caves