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Answers to Your Symphony Portable Display Questions

June 4th, 2021 COMMENTS
Symphony Portable Trade Show Displays

With the uptick in business, you may be answering lots of questions about the new Symphony Portable Display. We’re answering a bunch of them too as exhibitors dip their toes back into the trade show display market.

This Symphony video, which is included with all the kits in EDS, addresses the most common questions, like assembly, graphics, accessories, and counter options. But not all. Below are some recent questions you’ve asked us. Feel free to call or email us on anything else.

Q1. Why are the floating graphics limited to 23″ x 23″ overall dimension?

It’s both a suggestion and a guideline. For example, a floating graphic on the left or right side would intrude into the adjacent booth if it was much larger than 23” . However, since the graphic attaches with hook and loop, there’s wiggle room to make it larger simply by adjusting it. If you decided to attach the floating graphic bracket to the top of the frame, then the dimension could be larger, like a typical header.

Q2. Do the wall sections connect or are they freestanding sitting next to each other?

It depends on your design. The SYK-1020 has two half-arch frames next to one another. Those are attached using a frame connection clamp. The SYK-1022 on the other hand uses the same two frames but in the design they are layer, with one slightly in front of the other. In that case, there’s a third base plate in the middle (SYM-107).

Q3. What is the size limitation for monitors?

We recommend no larger than a 23” monitor on the left and right sides. Mostly because they would intrude into the adjacent booth. See SYK-1014 for example. You can have up to a 32” monitor where there’s vertical upright in the middle, such as SYK-1015. On the larger frames, like the arch, rectangle, and concave/convex, we suggest no more than a 42” or 45” monitor.

Could you go larger in some situations? Yes, it all depends on the weight of the monitor, the backwall workstation counters, and the size of the booth space.


Q4. For a double-sided configuration, can you have monitors in the center on both sides?

Yes, but one monitor would have to be slightly higher (or lower) than the other one. Or there would need to be hardware that allowed both monitor mounts to use the same holes in the vertical support.

Q5. Is there an easy solution to add LED strip accent lighting on the back of a frame to throw light onto one set back… light the right side of the exhibit for example?

Adding flexible LED tape light to the back of the extrusion is possible. We’ve done something similar on other narrow SEG frames. It creates a three to four-inch backlit halo. However, it’s not a standard option for Symphony.

Q6. Are there other surface color/appearance options for the lockable counter, other than the light color shown?

Yes, there are hundreds of laminate options from Nevamar, Formica. Wilsonart, and Pionite. Lead times may vary depending on laminate availability. Plus, you can (and probably should) add vinyl graphics.

Q7. Can the exposed metal be powder coated?

Yes. There would be an upcharge depending on the size of the kit and components.

Q8. Can you expand these kits to include backlit items but still portable?

VK-1960 Portable Backlit Display

We have quite a few portable LED backlit designs in Exhibit Design Search, like the VK-1960. Those designs use a deeper aluminum extrusion than Symphony. At present, Symphony is not intended to be a backlit portable system.

However, we’ve built exhibits where SuperNova LED Lightboxes are combined with Symphony frames. For example, using a standard arch or rectangle Symphony frame in the middle with the workstation counters, monitor mounts, and literature trays, and then SuperNova lightboxes on either side.

Q9. To mix standard frame combinations not shown on EDS, do we submit a design request or are there some guidelines for making other combinations?

Symphony Portable Display Accessories and Counters

You don’t need to submit a design request. But you can. There are seven frame shapes. Four are roughly 10 ft. and three are roughly 5 ft. You simply need to mix and match the frame sizes to the overall size of the booth. So, two 10 ft. frames for a 20 ft. booth or one 10 ft. frame and two 5 ft. frames. Or four 5 ft. frames? When it comes to Symphony, tap into your inner designer.

Q10. Will the backwall stand with monitors but without workstation counters?

Absolutely but you’ll want to use the smaller sizes mentioned above. The SEG engineered extrusion frame and locking base plate connections means it can support monitors with or without the workstation counter(s).

Q11. On the layering of frames do you use the same foot for both or does each frame have a foot of its own?

There are two base plates. One with a single frame connection and one with a double frame connection. The single base plates are typically used on the far left and right, and the double base plate is used in the middle to connect two frames.

Q12. Can you guys add a small step stool to each unit?

We could but we won’t. 😉 There are collapsible step stools online for less than $15. And there’s always the option of installing the SEG graphic with the frame flat on the floor.

Q13. Can the open table be used as a charging table?

Not really. Even if you had a full graphic, the wire management would still be visible on the back. We suggest selecting the enclosed counters instead or use the two wireless/wired charging pads on the backwall workstation.

Q14. When using the display double-sided, can you still install a monitor mount?

Yes using the hidden vertical support. Whenever you use that monitor attachment, the graphic has to be pierced for the cords.

Q15. What is vertical load capacity of these attachments?

The attachment brackets are welded aluminum and engineered extrusion. If you manage to break an attachment based on weight alone, then we want to hear about it. Frankly, it’s not going to happen.

Q16. Are the shipping cases portable?

Symphony ships in our portable flat roto-molded cases with wheels and includes Classic’s reusable die-cut foam packaging. No exhibit builder does a better job with packaging, labeling, and instructions than Classic.

–Mel White


Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, hybrid, and custom exhibit solutions, including Symphony Portable Displays. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100 or

Classic’s 30-Day Quote Policy | Effective June 1, 2021

May 26th, 2021 COMMENTS
Classic's 30-Day Quote Policy

Show Floor Preparation | EAC Deadlines | OSHA 30 & 10 Certificates in Nevada

May 25th, 2021 COMMENTS
Momentum Management

Momentum Management, an EAC labor company, recently emailed the following post-COVID update to their customers. We’re sharing it “as is” since we felt the information was valuable to both Classic Exhibits Distributor Partners and their clients.

Momentum Management looks forward to joining you on the show floor soon. For the foreseeable future, there will be many changes to operating procedures, rules and protocols that we will all need to adhere to. Over time we’ll adapt, but for now much of it will be new. Our hope is that our memos are useful as you venture back onto the floor.


  • Plan for delays.  Each city, venue, and show will have potentially different access rules on getting into the show. Please communicate with your show management as to how you will access the building and understand the requirements necessary to gain access. Give yourself extra time to do this each day.
  • Remember the safety optics. In talking with our exhibit houses clients across the country, many are indicating that their customers are concerned about safety on the show floor. Our research indicates that our industry has never been more health conscious. The amount of time spent cleaning and preparing is incredible. That said, please come to the floor knowing the basics will go a long way to put everyone at ease. 
  • Momentum has developed our national safety protocol procedures which will be implemented by our Operations Teams and City Managers for every show and every projects we are supporting. We want our Exhibit House clients to know the procedures we have in place so the exhibitors will feel safe when we are in the exhibit space.


  • Momentum, an EACA Member, has recently learned that some general contractors have required all exhibitors have their EAC forms filed 60 or even 90 days prior to show install. If the exhibitor has not filed their EAC request and chosen their labor provider, you could be forced to use the general contractor to set up and dismantle your booth. Postponing placing your orders could be costly.
  • To avoid this situation, please check your show kit to confirm the timing of the EAC form submission.
  • If you are forced to use general contractor labor to set up your booth, and you wish to use another EAC, contact the show management company. Normally, they can get things worked out quickly.
  • If you have contacted show management and still having an issue, please contact Jim Wurm, Executive Director of Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (EACA).  His email is or contact anyone on your Momentum Management Sales Team.

3. OHSA 30 & 10 Certifications

  • It is now a Nevada State Law that anyone supervising, installing, or dismantling a trade show booth must be OSHA 30 certified. If the Exhibit House sends people from out of town to Las Vegas, or anywhere else in Nevada, your supervisors must have taken and passed OSHA 30 Certification. If your supervisors do not have their certificate card on them while on the show floor, you stand the chance of having your installation or dismantle stopped by show management.  
  • The OSHA website is This rule applies to all international companies who expect to work on the floor while in Nevada and US companies sending people to supervise from out of town with the intention of supervising projects. OSHA 30 training is required in both circumstances.
  • There is fee for the OSHA 30 certification and will take multiple hours to complete. The following is the website for certification:
  • Any workers you hire in Nevada must have taken and passed the OSHA 10 training to work on your projects. The Momentum staff and teams are OSHA 10 Certified.  

Contemporary Rental Designs $Under Sheets

May 20th, 2021 COMMENTS

The sheets below show some, but not all, of the rental kits available from Classic Rental Solutions under various price points. All kits can be modified to fulfill the specific marketing requirements of an exhibitor.

For more information about Classic Rental Solutions or Rental Exhibit Designs, including Islands, Inlines, and Accessories, visit or

Rentals Under $8K

Trade Show Rental Exhibits under $8000

Rentals Under $12K

Trade Show Rental Exhibits under $12,000

Rentals Under $18K

Trade Show Rental Exhibits under $18,000

Rentals Under $28K

Trade Show Rental Exhibits under $28,000

Rentals Under $33K

Trade Show Rental Exhibits under $33,000

Rentals Under $40K

Trade Show Rental Exhibits under $44,000

53 Reasons to Rent Your Trade Show Exhibit

May 13th, 2021 COMMENTS
Trade Show Rental Exhibit
RE-2042 Rental Exhibit

Classic Rental Solutions has the largest inventory of contemporary rental displays, exhibits, and accessories in North America. Our extensive rental program and creative design capabilities can be customized to fulfill any trade show, event, or sales meeting needs. Whether it’s a 20 x 20 island, a 10 x 10 portable display, or 50 counters with locking storage.

How about 300+ More Reasons?

With over 200 Classic Distributor Partners throughout North America, there’s an exhibit professional closer than you think. Give us a call or send an email to to learn more.

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100 or