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The Trade Show Tales Blog includes 100’s of articles about trade show marketing, exhibit industry news, promotions, and updates on Classic Exhibits.

January 2023

  1. “I’ll Know It When I See It” | Every Designer’s Nightmare
  2. Fun and Games at Trade Shows and Events in 2023
  3. Classic Exhibits | 2023 State of the Company Letter
  4. What Smells? Top 11 Trade Show Odors
  5. The Three Rules of Trade Show Marketing
  6. One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-one Miles w/ Harold Mintz
  7. Why is Trade Show Marketing So D@mn Hard?
  8. The History and Benefits of Trade Show Fabric Graphics
  9. Industry Veteran Gina Porcaro Joins Classic Exhibits
  10. Are We Asking Exhibitors the Wrong Questions?

February 2023

  1. 40 Things You Do @ Trade Shows (You Would Never Do Anywhere Else)
  2. A Different Take on Generational Marketing
  3. Trade Show Production Since 1993
  4. Trade Show Material Handling and Labor Rate Survey
  5. 31 Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth Design Ideas
  6. EuroShop 2023 | Day 1 — Photos and Video
  7. A Pop Up Display Guide for Trade Shows
  8. EuroShop 2023 | Day 2 — Photos and Video

March 2023

  1. EuroShop 2023 | Day 3 — Show Videos and Photos
  2. EuroShop 2023 Design Trends Webinar with Katina
  3. Portable Modular Awards | People’s Choice Exhibit Designs

April 2023

  1. Behind the Scenes Interview– Marlys Arnold, Author of Build a Better Trade Show Image
  2. Designing for Digital Signage at Trade Shows

May 2023

  1. 5 Tips to Hosting a Successful and Memorable Event
  2. Classic Exhibits Honored as a Find It >> Top 40 Exhibit Producer
  3. A Professional’s Guide to Sustainable Exhibits

June 2023

  1. How to Choose Your Exhibit Rental Furniture
  2. Outsource vs In-House Production of Trade Show Exhibits
  3. A Trade Show Exhibitor Walks into a Bar
  4. Exhibit Leader Insights Report 2023
  5. Trade Show Staffing: Assembling the Right Team

July 2023

  1. If Hotels Were Run Like Trade Shows
  2. Download the Gravitee Modular Panel Library
  3. Trade Show Carpet Tiles: A Buyer’s Guide
  4. What is a Trade Show? A Guide for First-Timers
  5. Introducing Backlit Symphony Portable Displays

August 2023

  1. Summer Savings on ecoSmart Sustainable Inlines and Islands
  2. My First Seven Months at Classic Exhibits by Gina Porcaro
  3. Classic’s Annual Watermelon Spittin’ Contest and BBQ Potluck
  4. Trade Show LED Lighting: Bright Ideas & Examples
  5. Save 15% on Symphony and Gravitee Kits

September 2023

  1. Building a Trade Show Booth: A Professional’s Guide
  2. What You Should Know about Trade Show Services
  3. In Loving Memory of Michael Holzer | 10/28/1983 – 09/20/2023
  4. Finding My Way into the Trade Show Biz and My First Sales Call
  5. Your Guide to Designing a Custom Trade Show Booth
  6. Custom Trade Show Displays: A Marketing Must-Have

October 2023

  1. Are You a Trade Show Gambler?
  2. Classic Exhibits Products + Services Summary Sheet

November 2023

  1. Shared Knowledge University Photos | November 2023
  2. Your Complete Trade Show Checklist
  3. Brighter Days Sale on Select SuperNova Lightboxes
  4. Trade Show Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide

December 2023

  1. Contemporary, Sustainable Trade Show Displays
  2. Comparing 36 Trade Show Displays in 12 Price Ranges
  3. 24 Big Trade Shows in North America in 2024
  4. A Guide to Mastering Trade Show Logistics
  5. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!