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Comparing 36 Trade Show Displays in 12 Price Ranges

December 6th, 2023 COMMENTS

New exhibitors often experience sticker shock when they see the price of a trade show display. And it’s hard to blame them. They’re accustomed to identical widgets flowing from an assembly line with economies of scale prices.

Except for imported portables, trade show exhibits are not widgets. Most are built to order, even if it starts from a pre-existing design. At Classic Exhibits, for example, every display is “made-to-order.”  

The wide range of prices can also be confusing, even for 10 ft. inlines. Your client may ask, “What’s the difference between a 10 x 10 display at $3500 and another at $23,000?” The easy answer is design, complexity, materials, packaging, and accessory options, but without visuals it can still be perplexing.   

12 Price Ranges

Below are 12 price ranges, starting at $3K and ending at $24K. In each range, there are three design examples from Exhibit Design Search, so 36 total. These are meant to be representative, not comprehensive since EDS has over 300 10 ft. kits. No rental designs were included. That would have created more chaos than a 5-year-old after two glasses of Mountain Dew.

The descriptions are generalizations, not specific features for every exhibit.

Range: $3000-$4000

Portable display backwalls with fabric graphics, stem lights, and rolling cases or carrying bags.

Range: $5000-$6000

Portable and portable hybrid displays with workstations/counters, stem lights, fabric and direct print graphics, and roto-molded case(s) with wheels.

Range: $7000-$8000

Upscale portables with counters/workstations, monitor mounts, stem lights, and floating graphics or LED lightbox with tension fabric graphic.

Range: $9000-$10,000

Sustainable and elegant portables with monitor mounts, shelves, counters/workstations, and stem lights or LED lightbox with large monitor mount and backlit graphics.

Range: $11,000-$12,000

Modular exhibits with shelving, literature, counter and monitor options, along with backlit and stem light choices.

Range: $13,000-$14,000

Custom modular and sustainable exhibits with stem light and backlighting options, shelving, locking storage, direct print and fabric graphics, and monitor/iPad mounts.

Range: $15,000-$16,000

Modern custom modular and custom exhibits with downlighting/backlighting, shelving, locking storage, and large monitor mounts.

Range: $17,000-$18,000

Contemporary custom, modular, and sustainable exhibits with modular counters, shelving, monitor mounts, shelving, multiple lighting options, and customized accessories.

Range: $19,000-$20,000

Upscale custom, modular, and sustainable exhibits with shelving, lightboxes, closet storage, and reception counters.

Range: $21,000-$22,000

Elegant custom, modular, and sustainable exhibits with storage, monitor, shelving, monitor, and lighting options including backlit and halo lit logos.

Range: $23,000-$24,000

Customized exhibits with stylized counters and a broad range of graphic, A/V, lighting, and accessory options.

The Classic Exhibits Distributor Network

Successful trade show marketing doesn’t happen by accident. There’s always a strategy and a plan. The key is identifying the right strategy and executing the right plan. For over 30 years, Classic Exhibits has been a reliable source of expertise for new and seasoned trade show marketers. 

The Classic Exhibits Distributor Network includes over 200 exhibit houses and display professionals in North America. Find success on the trade show floor with an exhibit that reflects your marketing message. For more information, see and explore Exhibit Design Search or request a meeting with a Classic Distributor Partner.


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