Katina Rigall, the Creative Director at Classic Exhibits, shares her perspective on 2016 and what to expect from the Design Department in 2017. Since last spring, the Classic has added two experienced (and amazing) designers and a stable of contract designers.

James Sharpe and Mel White discuss our lightweight double-deck options for tradeshows. The aluminum double decks can be customized with graphics and accessories to create an effective and comfortable environment for any show. The decks are available as a rental or purchase.

Exhibit Design Search allows you to search by size, price, key feature, or product name. Use the Advanced Search to fine-tune your search. You can even search by categories such as lightboxes, charging stations, counters, or pop-up displays.

Exhibit Design Search includes thousands of trade show, retail, and corporate environment photos. Browse through the Photo Libraries for examples of projects and trade show displays, either kits or custom displays.

Create a personal gallery of displays, photos, and trade show marketing tips in Exhibit Design Search. The gallery can be saved and then sent to a colleague to review. Make changes, update it, and then send it along to someone else. There's no more powerful tool online for sharing trade show exhibit designs.

Within Exhibit Design Search, there are Exhibit Specials and a Lightning Deal. Exhibit Specials are exhibits or displays on sale for two months. A Lightning Deal is a more aggressively priced kit on sale for 12 days.

Join us for the Shared Knowledge University with Classic Distributors. Two full days of training on Classic Exhibits, Classic Rental Solutions, ClassicMODUL, and select vendor partners like Optima, Eco-Systems Sustainable, and CORT Furniture Rentals. Register today!

If you're looking to connect with a new tradeshow exhibit house, it's likely that you're falling short by not asking these seven questions.

Tim Patterson, TradeshowGuy, discusses these questions with Mel White of Classic Exhibits.

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See examples of trade show and event charging stations from Classic Exhibits Inc.. Don't see exactly what you want? Just give us a call or send us an email. We're happy to modify most counters, pedestals, workstations, or tables into charging stations.


The Gravitee One-Step Modular System by Classic Exhibits makes building and re-configuring exhibits a snap. Gravitee consists of pre-built frames that connect and stack without tools and loose parts, significantly reducing assembly time and the ongoing expense of lost or missing parts.

The durable aluminum extrusion frames are designed to hold direct print or SEG fabric graphics on one or two sides. 90 degree and variable angle connectors are available for unlimited design potential. Best of all, Gravitee works seamlessly with the Euro LT and ClassicMODUL systems.

For questions about Gravitee, contact Classic Exhibits or your local Classic Exhibits distributor.


Classic Exhibits employees and distributors at EXHIBITORLIVE in Las Vegas. Day 2 of the three day show. Thanks to everyone for the best show ever!


Classic Exhibits employees and distributors at EXHIBITORLIVE in Las Vegas. Day 1 of the three day show. HUGE Day. So much interest in Gravitee, Charging Stations, On the Move Furniture, and Tablet Stands.


Custom Trade Show Exhibit with Programmable LED RGB Lights. The inline display features shelves, storage, lightboxes, counters, and product displays with uplighting. Built by Classic Exhibits Inc. in Portland, OR.


Classic Exhibits designed and built these backlit retail kiosks for an auto dealership. The kiosks include a large monitor connected to an iPad, USB charging connections, LED lighting, vinyl graphics, and a backlit SEG fabric graphic.

This is a permanent install with four kiosks forming a large perimeter. The backlit graphics are on the outside. The monitor/iPad kiosks face the interior. The LED lights have a 50,000 hour life rating.


Custom Charging Stations with Programmable RGB LED lights. This bistro-style table includes USB ports, two electrical outlets, and perimeter LED lights. Note the graphic branding on the counter top.

The bistro tables are ideal for trade shows, events, lobbies or anywhere customers gather for conversation or product information. The USB ports and electrical outlet make it easy for customers to charge their smartphones or tablets.


Join us November 9-10 for Shared Knowledge University (SKU), a comprehensive training program for Classic Exhibits Distributors.

Sessions include Exhibit Design Search training, design and rental trends, hands-on product reviews, and feature speakers from the exhibit industry. It's two days of education and entertainment.

Call Jen LaBruzza or Reid Sherwood for details and for availability.


Presentation Briefcase Table Top Displays are available in five portable sizes, each with a convenient handle, carrying case, and durable shell. Graphics attach to the fabric liner with Velcro, allowing them to pack with the display. There's no complicated assembly. Simply open the hinged side panels. Options include headers and a fabric carrying case.


In this informal Q&A, Kevin and Mel answer questions about our very popular charging stations. The charging stations include portable and custom versions such as coffee tables, end tables, and bistro tables, all with multiple USB ports compatible for any phone or tablet.

The charging stations can be customized and there are graphic branding options as well. Still have questions? Give us a call or send us an email.


Trade Show exhibitors rave about the Sacagawea Table Top Display. It's lightweight, easy-to-assemble, and durable. More importantly, it's absolutely stunning! Options include a standoff graphic, a curved canopy, monitor or tablet mounts, and practical literature trays. You'll love the aluminum frame and vibrant tension fabric graphics that pack in a rolling case. Be the Belle of the Ball at your next trade show with a Sacagawea Table Top.

Choose from four distinctive designs. Lifetime warranty on workmanship.


Trade Show Flooring is about so much more than just carpet and padding...


Shared Knowledge University is a bi-annual training session for Classic Exhibits Distributors held in Portland, OR over two days. Attendees immerse themselves in product knowledge, design, graphics, and special topics such as Social Media and Trade Show Marketing.

SKU is typically held in May and September.


An insider's examination of the trade show labor process.


On the Move Furniture is specifically designed for trade shows and events. The table and chairs assemble in minutes and ship in an optional portable case with wheels. Never rent expensive trade show tables and chairs again. With the Express Series, you'll recoup your investment by the second show, plus have attractive tables and chairs that you can use in the office or at a social events.

Choose from three finishes: Natural, Black/Natural/ and White/Natural.


Looking for an attractive lightweight table top display? Look no further than the SEGUE Table Top. The durable, yet lightweight aluminum frame and vibrant tension fabric graphics makes for an attractive display that assembles without tools and packs in a rolling case.

Choose from four distinctive designs. Lifetime warranty on workmanship.


Aero Table Top Displays are designed to show you at your best. They are lightweight, easy-to-assemble, and attractive. No tools are necessary and a portable rolling case is always included.

Choose from 13 stunning designs. All with vibrant tension fabric graphics. Don't just show up . . . Show Off at your next event!


See the most common portable modular components and accessories for trade show displays. Components and accessories include headers, pedestals, counters, literature trays, monitors, and graphics.

For more information, please give us a call or send an email.


Custom Counters, from stock shapes to truly custom designs, offer an upscale appearance and distinctive branding for any trade show, event, or retail environment.


This short video shows the correct technique for installing silicone edge fabric graphics in an SEG frame. Yes, there is a technique, which when done correctly, will save you time (and frustration). Let us know if you have any questions.


This video shows how Classic Exhibits builds wood crates for retail and trade show exhibits. Medium and large crates are very similar, except for the additional internal jigging and access doors. For additional details, please contact the Classic Exhibits Customer Service Department.


Overview of Classic Exhibits as a designer and builder of trade show and retail displays.


Shared Knowledge University is a bi-annual training session for Classic Exhibits Distributors held in Portland, OR over two days. Attendees immerse themselves in product knowledge, design, graphics, and special topics such as Social Media and Trade Show Marketing.

SKU is typically held in May and September.


Recorded version of the June 2014 EDS webinar, "Hit the Ground Running." This webinar takes you through the major features of Exhibit Design Search and shows you how to be more efficient searching for displays and sending designs to clients. It's a terrific overview of EDS, whether you use the Classic Exhibits website or any of the distributor-branded EDS websites.


The SEGUE Sunrise Portable Hybrid is an affordable trade show display designed as an alternative to a traditional pop up display. The aluminum frame assembles without tools using attached quick-turn knobs. The vibrant fabric graphics slot into the frame using a silicone edge beading.

Why choose a SEGUE Sunrise?
* Easy, fast assembly
* Durable aluminum extrusion frame
* Large tension fabric graphic
* Convenient packing and shipping options

Stand out from the pop up crowd at your next show with a SEGUE Sunrise


Go ahead and stare. The Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Display by Classic Exhibits takes portable trade show exhibiting to the next level with an attractive, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble display.

The frame is durable aluminum and the large backwall graphics are tension fabric. Multiple designs and accessories are available, including counters, workstations, and 10' x 10' and 10' x 20 versions. Best of all, it assembles without tools.

See the full assortment at


Expect less, much less from the Magellan Miracle Trade Show Display from Classic Exhibits. The Magellan Miracle weighs less, costs less, and assembles in less time than other portable exhibit displays. Constructed with durable and lightweight MODUL aluminum extrusion and tension fabric graphics, the Miracle offers upscale hybrid design at a fraction of the cost of typical custom modular displays.

Available in 10 ft. and 20 ft. versions. Accessories include portable workstations, monitor mounts, halogen lights, and pedestals. To see the full line of Magellan designs, visit and click on the Exhibit Design Search menu.


Aero Overhead Hanging Signs from Classic Exhibits are designed to be beautiful, adaptable, and recognizable, whether it's for a trade show or special event.

Choose from 18 3D and 2D structures—rounds, squares, pinwheels, rectangles, and triangles—or design a custom shape that communicates your unique message. Aero Overhead Hanging Signs are economical to own, simple to assemble, and easy to maintain. See the full line at


Tired of your table top display looking like everyone else's? Aero Table Top Trade Show Displays are lightweight, attractive, and as unique as you. Aero Table Tops are built with durable aluminum tubing, wrapped with vibrant tension fabric graphics, and assemble in minutes using push-button connections. Choose from 14 distinctive portable designs that pack in a wheeled case.

We can't show them all because there are just too darn many. Need more than one? Contact your Classic Distributor for prices on multiple quantities.


Quadro S Pop Up Displays are engineered for durability and trouble-free performance and come with a lifetime warranty, a portable roto-molded case, and a wide assortment of accessories.

Accessory options include monitor mounts, shadowboxes, shelves, and waterfall brackets.

Choose a Quadro, the World's Strongest and Most Dependable Pop Up. It may cost a little more, but it will last forever. Made in the USA.


The Visionary Designs TF-506 is a lightweight, portable hybrid display that assembles in 30 minutes or less using push-button connectors and a hex key tool. The bold round design and large fabric graphic makes the TF-506 a compelling display for any exhibitor who wants to standout from the crowd at their next trade show.

The TF-506 ships in a portable roto-molded case with wheels. The 10 x 10 can easily be converted to a 10 x 20.


The 40' x 40' Calypto Island Exhibit was built by Classic Exhibits for Exhibits Northwest Portland. The Account Executive was Tyler Poage. Edie Arambula was the Project Manager from Classic Exhibits, and Greg Garrett was the exhibit designer (

The custom construction island featured a 40 ft entrance with downlighting, backlit reception counters, silicone edge graphics, and three large monitors all framed by two large "C" bookends. Behind the entrance was private meeting rooms.

All wood cam-lock construction primarily using 4 x 8 panels. Congratulations to all involved and a special "Shout Out" to Classic's Team in Wood Fabrication. Great job everyone!


For the first time, exhibitors can enjoy the visible benefits of a large lightbox in a portable one- or two-sided display. SEGUE SuperNova LED Lightboxes use a proprietary light system that attaches to the engineered aluminum frame.

With SuperNova, exhibitors can choose between a 10 ft. or 20 ft. exhibit, one or two-sided graphics. Even the graphics are easy. The backlit silicone edge graphics attach seamlessly making assembly fast.

It's never been easier to get backlit graphics at an affordable price. Don't see exactly the configuration you want . . . just give us a call. We're happy to design a display for your unique marketing goals.


Recently, a Classic Exhibits Distributor asked us to customize the MOD-1353 iPad Stand for their client.

Four modifications were requested: Disability Access, Lockable Clamshell for Galaxy Tab 3 Tablets, Tilt, and a Secure Electrical Box.

View the video to see this versatile kiosk.


The VK-1321 Visionary Designs Hybrid Exhibit has consistent been a very popular trade show display. There are multiple reasons, including its attractive design, versatility, graphic branding opportunities, large monitor placement, and storage.

The VK-1321 can be expanded to a 20 ft. or 30 ft. inline and is also available as a rental kit.

See the VK-1118 for a stunning backlit version.


On The Move Furniture introduces the NEO line of portable furniture. NEO is brandable furniture specifically designed for the trade show and event industry. Unlike traditional furniture options, the NEO line is modular, lightweight, and designed to pack efficiently for storage and transport. Its intuitive design allows it to be assembled in minutes without tools.

Renting furniture is expensive and often shows wear from transportation and use. Purchasing and shipping traditional home/office furniture components is inefficient.

Available in black, white, amber, and espresso. All wood construction.


The Perfect 10 and Perfect 20 Hybrid Displays are portable trade show exhibits designed for exhibitors who want a unique, tool-less system with large format fabric graphics.

The video describes the key features and benefits of the P10 and P20, including accessories, assembly, and packaging.


The sleek MOD-1412 (silver) and MOD-1414 (black) iPad Stands are designed for trade shows, events, and retail environments. The durable all metal construction includes internal wire management, an anti-theft locking clamshell, and a 4-outlet surge protector.

Add permanent or removable graphics to the clamshell and post for branding. Comes with a lifetime warranty on workmanship.


"What makes the Sacagawea Portable Hybrid different?" The answer is simple. Only the Sacagawea combines smart engineering, quality materials, easy assembly, and reusable packaging into an affordable, upscale display. There's no comparison -- at any price.

Discover the seven benefits of a Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Display, plus one.

Travel Light. Show Strong. Upscale Value.


The SEGUE Sunrise Portable Hybrid is an affordable trade show display designed as an alternative to a traditional pop up display. The aluminum frame assembles without tools using attached knobs. The vibrant fabric graphics attach easily to the frame.

* Easy and fast assembly (less than 30 minutes)
* Durable aluminum extrusion frame
* Large tension fabric graphic
* Lightweight
* Convenient packing and shipping


Excellent example of a custom table top display, narrated by Charlie, the Classic Project Manager who fulfilled this order in conjunction with our Design Department.


The Visionary Designs TF-Series combines easy assembly, pillowcase fabric graphics, and captivating design. The frame assembles with push-button and hex key connections. Graphic wings and header add to the custom look. All the parts are numbered and pack in durable reusable packaging.