Classic Exhibits Inc | Expectations for EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 in Las Vegas (Booth #1623)

Hi everyone, this is Mel from Classic Exhibits. Well, it’s early February, and we’re about three or four weeks away from EXHIBITORLIVE 2019. And for those who just went through the brutal Polar Vortex, I’m sure four days in sunny Las Vegas can’t come soon enough.

This year our theme is “Knot Your Typical Exhibit Builder.” That’s “K.N.O.T.” You’ll see the theme throughout the booth, including a few “knot” puns. We will even have a magician performing rope tricks.

So what can you expect from Classic? More of the same, meaning lots of product innovations. Last year we launched the Gravitee One-Step Lightbox and the Mobile Meeting Pods. Look for both in our booth. Our InCharg Charging Colutions will now include wireless options, in addition to USB ports.

For us, Custom builds have expanded well beyond trade shows into retail, corporate environments, and even museum work. Our rental sales continue to soar, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Even the Sacagawea Portable line got a refresh with the addition of charging ports and a hostess shelf, features not found on any other portable hybrid.

Other trends? LED Lightboxes in every shape imaginable. Expect a significant change to our LB assembly this spring, which will make SuperNova both the strongest and fastest LB to setup in the industry. Then there’s the allure of video walls. Expect more affordable and accessible video solutions in 2019.

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