iPad and Surface Tablet Mount for Lightboxes | MOD-1375 and 1375M

Your LED Lightbox should be more than just a pretty face at your next trade show or event. The MOD-1375 iPad and Surface Mounting Bracket transforms your lightbox into an online brochure, survey station, lead retrieval site, or anything associated with a tablet.

The adjustable bracket fits all SuperNova lightboxes and the mounting plate is design to accommodate almost all iPad, Surface, and other tablets, including the larger Pro versions. In addition, the patented swivel stop allows you to switch between portrait and landscape by simply rotating the secure clamshell.

* Exclusive Portrait to Landscape Swivel Stop™ Feature
* Aluminum Construction
* Silver, Black, or White (limited quantities) Finishes
* Locking Clamshell or Enclosure Options:
* iPad 7.9 (mini), 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9 ~ Specify Model and Generation
* See or Request Prices for 10.5 and 12.9
* Specify Surface 2, Surface 3, or Surface Pro 2, 3, or 4
* (1) Adjustable Lightbox Mounting Bracket
* (1) Locking Clamshell or Enclosure with Anti-theft Locks
* Vertical Swivel Adjustment Knob
* Specify Internal or External Tablet Alignment
* Weight: 4 lbs.
*Excludes Tablet and Lightbox
* US Patent 8,991,775 B2
* Portable Assembly: Knob and Hex Key Connections