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January 2021

  1. Expressing Your Gratitude: Finding the Positive in 2020
  2. State of the Company 2021 by Kevin Carty
  3. Rental Exhibits Q&A: 12 Questions about Renting a Trade Show Display
  4. Temporary COVID-19 Vaccination Rooms | 4 Purchase or Rental
  5. The Future 100 | 2021 by Wunderman Thompson

February 2021

  1. Three Trade Show Islands with Post-COVID Protection Features
  2. Symphony Portable Displays ~ Let’s Try Again!
  3. 6 Questions with Harold Mintz
  4. 8th Annual EXHIBITOR Magazine Portable Modular Awards
  5. Download the NEW Trade Show Rental Design Brochure
  6. Harold Mintz and Tom Beard on Tim Patterson’s Monday Morning Coffee
  7. Removing Tariffs is the Key to Economic Relief

March 2021

  1. Tim Patterson Interviews Katina Rigall Zipay about Women in Exhibitions
  2. 10 Rental Answers to Your Most Common Rental Exhibit Questions
  3. Post-COVID Shipping Challenges for the Trade Show Industry
  4. Designing a Safer Office | Article in EXHIBITOR Online
  5. February 2021 Fashion Events at the Orlando County Convention Center (Video)
  6. Affordable Cubicle Height Extenders for Offices and Retail Stores
  7. Our Post-COVID Business Strategy
  8. Practical Elegance by Seth Godin
  9. Symphony Portable Counters and Pedestals
  10. New CORT Designs in the Rental Furniture Galleries
  11. 6 Event Predictions by Ben Hindman, CEO Splash
  12. NEW Multi-Function Hand Sanitizer/Tablet Stands
  13. Our Video(s) for the Portable Modular Awards Ceremony

April 2021

  1. The Future of Trade Shows in North America
  2. Here’s Your Post-Pandemic Portable Trade Show Display
  3. EXHIBITOR Magazine 2021 Portable Modular Awards | Classic Exhibits
  4. Earth Day | 1970-2021 | Thursday, April 22
  5. The Rent vs. Buy Debate for Trade Show Exhibits
  6. Classic REDTalk | Reinventing Trade Shows and Live Events

May 2021

  1. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  2. One of These Displays Does Not Look Like the Other
  3. PP (Post Pandemic) Trade Show Design Trends
  4. 53 Reasons to Rent Your Trade Show Exhibit
  5. Contemporary Rental Designs $Under Sheets
  6. Show Floor Preparation; EAC Deadlines; OSHA 30 & 10 Certificates in Nevada
  7. Classic’s 30-Day Quote Policy | Effective June 1, 2021
  8. 4 Variations of a Rental Island Exhibit

June 2021

  1. Answers to Your Symphony Portable Display Questions
  2. Gravitee One-Step| The World’s Easiest Modular Wall System
  3. Ready to Work Statement from EDPA and EACA
  4. 5 Pleasant Post-Pandemic Design Trends
  5. To Boldly Go… Trade Shows in the 24th Century

July 2021

  1. Exhibit Design Search: Tips and Tricks Webinar
  2. What Does “Sustainable” Mean When Designing a Green Trade Show Exhibit?
  3. How to Tame Your Trade Show Costs (and Still Be Wildly Successful)
  4. Exhibitor Advocacy | Creating a New Financial Model for Trade Shows
  5. The Real Reason We Invented Symphony
  6. Exhibit Design Search Webinar Recording w/ Outline

August 2021

  1. Freight Size Limitations on Trade Show Crates
  2. Wireless Charging for Trade Show Counters and Tables
  3. 10 Days in Review – The Trade Show Industry in Recovery
  4. FREE Show Hall Pass for EXHIBITORLIVE 2021
  5. Watermelon Seed Spittin’ Contest 2021
  6. Tom Beard is Retiring. Say It Isn’t So!
  7. Good, Better, Best | Hand Sanitizer Stands

September 2021

  1. Graphic Designers for Trade Shows and Events

October 2021

  1. EXHIBITORLIVE 2021 Edition
  2. Join Kevin Carty (Virtually) at EXHIBITORLIVE 2021

November 2021

  1. Don’t Pigeon-hole Portable Display Buyers
  2. Bigger, Bolder, and Brighter Rental Exhibit Designs
  3. Explore Over 160 Exhibit Designs from Under $3000 to Under $75,000

December 2021

  1. The Truth about Trade Show Marketing