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January 2013

  1. The $445 iPad Kiosk Sale
  2. Exclusive E2MA Study about the Rising Costs of General Service Contractor Services
  3. “Can I Afford to Be Optimistic?” by Jay Goltz
  4. When Optimism Wears Sensible Shoes: Word on the Street — January 7th thru January 11th
  5. Trade Show Exhibit Specials — January 2013
  6. 2012 “State of the Company” Letter from Kevin Carty
  7. Recent iPad Kiosk Trends
  8. Mi Casa es Su Casa: Word on the Street — Jan. 21st thru Jan. 25th
  9. March EXHIBITOR Magazine Ad — Sneak Peak
  10. The Classic Exhibits Facebook Page
  11. Lasting Impressions: Word on the Street — Jan. 28th thru Feb. 1st

February 2013

  1. Show Me Some Love | February Exhibit Specials
  2. 10 Tips for a Successful Installation & Dismantle
  3. Classic’s TOWN CALL This Tuesday — Join the Conversation!
  4. “Island I See You in All My Dreams”: Word on the Street — Feb. 4th thru Feb. 8th
  5. Reserve Time with Classic Exhibits at EXHIBITOR2013
  6. Another Seth Godin Beauty: Word on the Street — Feb. 11th thru Feb. 15th
  7. EXHIBITOR2013 — Show Me the Best Shows, Baby! (from a Las Vegas local)
  8. Portable/Modular/Hybrid Summit at EXHIBITOR2013
  9. Mixed Messages about Distribution: Word on the Street — Feb. 18th thru Feb. 22nd
  10. 10 Totally Free Things to Do at EXHIBITOR2013

March 2013

  1. NEW iPad Solutions Brochure
  2. Be Our Sweetie. Win an iPad Kiosk from Classic Exhibits.
  3. Trade Show Ethics 201: Word on the Street — March 4th thru March 8th
  4. EXHIBITOR Show 2013 — It’s Showtime!: Word on the Street — March 11th thru March 15th
  5. Siegfried, Hamilton, and Melvis — EXHIBITOR Review: Word on the Street — March 18th thru March 22nd
  6. Happy Easter: Word on the Street — March 25th thru March 29th

April 2013

  1. New Fabric Color Swatch Tool
  2. Conformity No Longer Leads to Comfort: Word on the Street — April 1st thru April 5th
  3. EXHIBITOR2013 Show Photos
  4. SWA $25 – KC $0: Word on the Street — April 8th thru April 12th
  5. Who’s Hot in this Beauty Pageant?
  6. Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Word on the Street — April 15th thru April 19th
  7. Classic Exhibits Chosen for the FAB 50 “Masters of Exhibits”
  8. Classic’s EXHIBITOR2013 Commercial
  9. To Move or NOT to Move: Word on the Street — April 22nd thru April 26th
  10. As Transparent as EVER: Word on the Street — April 29th thru May 3rd

May 2013

  1. $445 iPad Kiosk Special
  2. Spring SKU 2013 Graduation: Word on the Street — May 6th thru May 10th
  3. NEW Features in Exhibit Design Search (EDS)
  4. Katina Rigall Describes TF-506 Hybrid Display
  5. When Simple Statements Make a Difference: Word on the Street — May 13th thru May 17th
  6. Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing: Free Webinar
  7. Honoring Memorial Day: Word on the Street — May 20th thru May 24th
  8. The Ultimate EDS Webinar — Tips, Tricks, And Techniques

May 2013

  1. Celebrating Grandma: Word on the Street — May 27th thru May 31st
  2. 10 Reasons to Love June and July in the Exhibit Biz
  3. An Example of a Video Testimonial by a Classic Exhibits Distributor
  4. Don’t Be Fooled by This Copy
  5. Let Your Fingers Do the Talking: Word on the Street — June 10th thru June 14th
  6. 40′ x 40′ Custom Island Exhibit by Classic Exhibits
  7. Meet Katrina Broten, Our Design Intern: Word on the Street — June 17th thru June 21st
  8. Magellan Portable Hybrid Displays
  9. Polishing Perfection: Word on the Street — June 24th thru June 28th

July 2013

  1. SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to Brumark’s Flooring Galleries in EDS — WOW!
  2. Jennifer Sutton, Our Newest Project Manager
  3. What Do You Do With Your Time?: Word on the Street — July 1st thru July 5th
  4. A Groovy First Year Retrospective
  5. How to Build Superfans for Your Brand: Word on the Street — July 8th thru July 12th
  6. SEGUE SuperNova LED Inline Lightboxes
  7. SuperNova Lightboxes “JUST DO IT.” Project:  Word on the Street — July 15th thru July 19th
  8. From Subzero to Boiling Hot. What’s the Industry’s Temperature?
  9. Richer for the Experience: Building My NEW Website with Tony Bennett

August 2013

  1. What You Missed at The Red Diamond Congress
  2. Your Exhibit Success Challenge Series by Marlys Arnold
  3. If Kittens Ran Trade Shows and Events . . .
  4. An Early Christmas at Classic Exhibits: Word on the Street — August 5th thru August 9th
  5. Classic Exhibits Welcomes Glenna Martin, FT Graphic Design Manager
  6. Thanks and Hang on Tight: Word on the Street — August 12th thru August 16th
  7. Trade Show Displays Under $3K to $24K 
  8. Sacagawea 10% Savings and a FREE Cell Phone and Tablet Charging Station
  9. A Customer Service Infographic — A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned
  10. We Get Questions (Lots and Lots of Questions) | Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits

September 2013

  1. Five Amazing Trade Show Exhibit Specials
  2. What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!: Word on the Street — September 2nd thru September 6th
  3. Do You Understand the New and Impulsive B2B Buyer?
  4. What Goes Up . . . Hopefully Comes Down!: Word on the Street — September 9th thru September 13th
  5. New LIGHTNING DEAL on Exhibit Design Search
  6. The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic. It Matters!
  7. What are People Buying?: Word on the Street — September 16th thru September 20th

October 2013

  1. No Mountain is Too High … Well Maybe One: Word on the Street — September 30th thru October 4th
  2. Four Part Interview with Mel White, Classic Exhibits Inc.
  3. Mel White Takes to the Runway: Word on the Street — October 7th thru October 11th
  4. What is Your Most Powerful Trade Show Tip? (Excellent Discussion in Linkedin)
  5. Exhibit Designs that Sell — Every. Single. Time.
  6. We Need Your Help with a Testimonial
  7. Autumn at Classic Exhibits | Minus the Fall: Word on the Street — October 21st thru October 25th
  8. If Puppies Ran Tradeshows and Events

November 2013

  1. EVOLVE! – EDPA ACCESS 2013 at Marco Island, FL: Word on the Street — October 28th thru November 1st
  2. The 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Show Graphics
  3. Portable Modular Awards | Call for Entries: Word on the Street — November 4th thru November 8th
  4. Healthcare and an Exhibit House: Word on the Street — November 11th thru November 15th
  5. Revenge of the Blog Webinar 

December 2013

  1. I Get Questions: Word on the Street — November 25th thru November 29th
  2. EDPA ACCESS 2013 Review: Word on the Street — December 2nd thru December 6th
  3. What’s the Expiration Date of Your Trade Show Display? 20 Clues.
  4. Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits Annual Letter
  5. Happy Holidays from Your Classic Exhibits Family
  6. Why Our Brains Love Curves