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January 2014

  1. 100 Things to Watch in 2014 (by JTW Intelligence)
  2. Resolute This!
  3. $349 iPad Telescoping Stand with Rolling Travel Case
  4. 10 Common Myths about Trade Shows
  5. Classic Exhibits Inc. | 2013 Annual State of the Company Letter
  6. Reuse, Recycle, Re-post | Favorite Blog Posts: Word on the Street — Jan. 20th thru Jan. 24th

February 2014

  1. EXHIBITOR Show Design & New Website: Word on the Street — January 27th thru January 31st
  2. CELEBRATE Design in our Industry: Word on the Street — February 3rd thru February 7th
  3. Classic Exhibits and OTM Partner on NEO Portable Brandable Furniture
  4. Re-Designed Classic Exhibits Website
  5. EuroShop 2014 Update: Day 1 Video and Photos
  6. EuroShop 2014 Update: Day 2 Video and Photos
  7. EuroShop 2014 Update: Day 3 Video and Photos
  8. EuroShop 2014: Day 5 Video and Photos
  9. Reflections on EuroShop 2014
  10. Even For Ladies
  11. EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2014 Awards Night: Word on the Street — Feb. 24 thru Feb. 28

March 2014

  1. Classic Exhibits Named a 2014 Fab 50 Exhibit Fabricator
  2. The EDPA Portable/Modular Summit: Word on the Street — March 3rd thru March 7th
  3. Why EXHIBITOR Matters (But Should It?)
  4. EXHIBITOR / GlobalShop 2014 Recap: Word on the Street — March 17 thru March 21st
  5. Sour Apple(s): Word on the Street — March 24 thru March 28

April 2014

  1. The Experts at the Table: Word on the Street — March 31st thru April 4th
  2. RFP Certification Program: Word on the Street — April 7th thru April 11th
  3. Invite Your Clients and Prospects to Free Training
  4. Why the Big Picture MATTERS in Graphic Design
  5. Reconfigurable Custom Inline Exhibit
  6. Book Download — Super Networking at Events and Tradeshows
  7. If You Only Have a Hammer . . . : Word on the Street — April 20th thru April 25th
  8. Trade Show Marketing Success Video (Very Practical Advice!)

May 2014

  1. The Classic Exhibits Family is GROWING: Word on the Street — April 28th thru May 2nd
  2. RECENT Exhibit Design Search Updates
  3. Surface 2 & Surface 2 Pro Stands: Word on the Street — May 5th thru May 9th
  4. 29,363 Miles in 93 Days
  5. Retail Displays Gallery:  Word on the Street — May 19th thru May 23rd
  6. Taking It Up a Notch! — The “Classic Exhibitionists” Run for a Cause
  7. Shared Knowledge University Graduates another AMAZING Class!

June 2014

  1. FREE Exhibit Design Search Webinar
  2. Sacagawea Video –7 Benefits + 1: Word on the Street — June 2nd thru June 6th
  3. New SEGUE Sunrise Video (Without All that Yakety Yak)
  4. 2014 Red Diamond Congress | July 28-31
  5. Does Your Mirror Lie?: Word on the Street — June 16th thru June 20th
  6. Recorded Version of the Exhibit Design Search Webinar
  7. Who Doesn’t Like Free Money?: Word on the Street — June 23rd thru June 26th

July 2014

  1. Happy (Post) 4th of July!: Word on the Street — June 30th thru July 4th
  2. NEW Rental Rewards Program
  3. Custom Table Top Display Video
  4. It’s a Partnership that Works — Eco-systems
  5. A Humbling Lesson About 10 ft. Displays
  6. 20 Short and Impactful Years: Word on the Street — July 21st thru July 25th
  7. E2MA Red Diamond Congress | Day 1 Notes
  8. E2MA Red Diamond Congress | Day 2 Notes

August 2014

  1. Vibrant Color and Stunning Contrast Gallery
  2. Hot Hot Hot!: Word on the Street — August 4th thru August 8th
  3. How Your Eyes Move on a Website [Cool Inforgraphic]
  4. Dealing with Conflict. Are You an Elephant?: Word on the Street — August 11th thru August 15th
  5. You Can’t Fix Stupid — Material Handling
  6. 197 Miles of Painful Bliss! The Hood to Coast Relay
  7. Who’s Derek Nollman at Classic Rental Solutions?

September 2014

  1. The Magnificent, Magical Middle of Trade Show Displays
  2. 10 Things Bosses Never Tell Employees, But Should: Word on the Street — September 1st thru September 5th
  3. CEIR Predict Conference Summary: Word on the Street — September 8th thru September 12th
  4. “Buy” Button on Exhibit Design Search
  5. Another Great SKU Class : Word on the Street — September 22nd thru September 26th

October 2014

  1. Why Distributors Enjoy Working with Classic
  2. How to Build a Small Wood Crate — Classic Style (video)
  3. Promote Your Business — “Countdown to Trade Show Success” Webinar
  4. SEG Installation Video from Optima
  5. 5 Tips for Presenting to Senior Executives
  6. Ghouls… Goblins… and CyberThieves!: Word on the Street — October 20th thru October 24th

November 2014

  1. WatchDOGS: Word on the Street — October 27th thru October 31st
  2. The Mobius Strip Approach to Trade Show Marketing
  3. What You Don’t See at a Trade Show
  4. Dumb Stuff People Do at Trade Shows
  5. Creating a Game Plan for Victory:  Word on the Street — November 10th thru November 14th
  6. Attend 2015 EXHIBITOR LIVE Free
  7. Holiday Events 2014 Kickoff: Word on the Street — November 23rd thru November 27th

December 2014

  1. The Power of Responsive Communication
  2. Seek Help. Trust Me, You Need It!
  3. Eddie Haskell, Eddie Murphy, or Eddie Award?: Word on the Street — December 1st thru December 5th
  4. You Like Me, You Really Like Me!
  5. “I’ll Know It When I See It” | Every Designer’s Nightmare
  6. Excellent Surface Pro 3 Review at
  7. Is Santa Real? Yes, For One More Year!: Word on the Street — December 22nd thru December 26th
  8. How to Entertain Yourself During Any Meeting