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January 2020

  1. The Best Strategies for Trade Show and Event Giveaways and Promotional Products
  2. Classic Exhibits — 2019 Event Marketer Fab 50 Award Winner
  3. Our Gravitee One-Step Federal Trademark Registration
  4. After 10 Years… | Harold Mintz
  5. Annual State of the Company Letter 2019/2020 by Kevin Carty
  6. When to Purchase vs. Rent an Exhibit — Understanding Your Options
  7. What to Look for in an LED Lightbox Manufacturer
  8. Up Your Game Newsletter | January 2020
  9. The 7 Truths about Renting a Trade Show Exhibit
  10. I Like Big Graphics and I Can Not Lie / Baby Got Big

February 2020

  1. 60+ EuroShop 2020 Photos
  2. Even More EuroShop 2020 Photos
  3. Final Post of EuroShop 2020 Photos. Over 80 Images.
  4. Up Your Game Newsletter | February 2020
  5. Women In Exhibitions (WIE) Breakfast at EXHIBITORLIVE
  6. Tips to Exhibiting in the UK for American Companies

March 2020

  1. Introducing Symphony, The First Elegant Portable Display
  2. Symphony Portables w/o Rentals is Like…
  3. EuroShop 2020 Design Trends by Katina Rigall Zipay
  4. Symphony Portable Elegance | The NO Compromises Portable Display
  5. Gravitee Modular Medical Testing Pods
  6. 10 Things You Didn’t Ask When Renting Your Trade Show Furniture
  7. Hand Sanitizing Stations | Built in the USA

April 2020

  1. Over 80 Engineered Aluminum Extrusions in Stock
  2. Sharpen Your Sales & Design Skills During the Lockdown
  3. Symphony Portable Webinar — Q&A
  4. Recent “Sharpen Your Skills” Webinar Recordings

May 2020

  1. Post-COVID Modular Office Designs with Personal Protection Barriers
  2. How to Upgrade Your Post-COVID Office Environment on a Budget

June 2020

  1. A Detailed Tour of Classic’s Remodeled Offices with Kevin Carty
  2. Stand Tough™ Hand Sanitizer Stands
  3. New SuperNova Lightbox Displays from Classic Rental Solutions
  4. Is Your Office Cubicle Safe? Cubicle Height Extenders Offer Additional Protection
  5. Modifying Your Open Office with Low-Cost, Flexible Solutions

July 2020

  1. Trade Shows have an Image Problem
  2. Personal Protection Equipment and Together Again Expo | July 2020 Newsletter
  3. Hand Sanitizer Stands w/ SilverSan Anti-Microbial Powder-coating
  4. Protective Safety Dividers in Any Size or Configuration
  5. Modular Medical Registration and Testing Stations
  6. Understanding Your Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Options
  7. Safety Barriers for Schools, Offices, Government Buildings, and Retail Stores

August 2020

  1. Sandboxes and Tonka Trucks
  2. Virtual Exhibits, Together Again Expo, and ClassicMODUL Extrusions | August 2020 Newsletter
  3. Meetings and Events in a Post-COVID World
  4. Three Safety Divider Choices. Which One Would You Choose?

September 2020

  1. Virtual 3D Exhibits: Pros and Cons
  2. Pediatric Dental Office Transformed into a Safer Post-COVID Exam Room
  3. Divide and Conquer Sale on Safety Dividers
  4. Together Again Expo in Dallas, TX on October 23
  5. Virtual Exhibits, Kevin Carty, and the TradeshowGuy Interview

October 2020

  1. COVID-19 and Rewriting the Rules of North American Trade Shows
  2. Are You Experiencing Virtual Exhibit Paralysis?
  3. Trade Show Design Challenges in a Post-COVID World
  4. IFES Survey on COVID-19’s Impact on the Exhibition Industry
  5. Word Search for Safety Dividers and PPE Solutions
  6. Virtual Lunch Interview on Post-COVID Exhibit Design

November 2020

  1. How Much will Material Handling Change at Post-COVID Trade Shows?
  2. New Galleries in Exhibit Design Search: Video Review
  3. Complete the Crossword Puzzle. Win a $15 Starbucks Gift Card
  4. 2020-2021 Event and Exhibition Associations

December 2020

  1. Katina Rigall Zipay Named EDPA’s Designer of the Year
  2. Safe and Stylish Safety Barriers for Hotels and Banks
  3. Up Your Game Newsletter — December 2020
  4. Super Match Game | Classic Rental Solutions
  5. Six Mistakes You Never Want to Make When Buying a Portable Display