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Virtual Lunch Interview on Post-COVID Exhibit Design

October 27th, 2020 4 COMMENTS

Our HUGE thanks to Marlys Arnold from the Exhibit Marketers Cafe for the discussion with Mel White on Post-COVID exhibit design. The conversation didn’t stop there. They discussed new technologies, the blending of real and virtual tradeshows, and rental exhibits as options. In addition, Marlys and Mel talked about how COVID represents an opportunity to reset the North American trade show experience for everyone. Enjoy!

See past interviews on Marlys’s YouTube channel.

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4 Responses to “Virtual Lunch Interview on Post-COVID Exhibit Design”

  1. Chuck says:

    Wonderful discussion, lots of great insight was shared. We will be back… One Step At A Time!

  2. Mel White says:

    Thank you Chuck. Really appreciate your questions/comments during the interview.

  3. Thank you – I’m a first-timer. (and disciple of Mel). I will be back.

    and Mel – you need a zoom background. Call me – I know people!!!

  4. Mel White says:

    Joan, don’t get me started on “the people you know.”

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