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Download the Gravitee Modular Panel Library

July 17th, 2023 COMMENTS

Six years ago, we decided to engineer a modular wall system that tapped into our 30+ years of patents and innovations. What we didn’t want was a “me too” modular system.

Our Requirements: 

  1. No loose horizontal or vertical connectors 
  2. Compatible with over 100 ClassicMODUL aluminum extrusions
  3. Flexible, multi-purpose 90, 120, 135, and hinge connections
  4. Non-welded corners for reconfigurability
  5. Seamless SEG and direct print options
  6. Flat and curved panels
  7. Durable, lightweight, and intuitive panels

From the get go, the Gravitee One-Step Modular Wall System was engineered to be an ideal purchase exhibit system and the backbone of our Classic Rental Solutions inventory. Not just a panels and parts system. We did all the heavy lifting of creating designs for the Classic Distributor Network.

Recently, you’ve asked for access to the Gravitee Modular Panel library for your designers. Which makes sense since you’re now designing your own Gravitee solutions. See the links below to download the Gravitee Literature and Price List, Panel and Connector PDF, and DWG File Library

As always, you can request specific kit files from the Classic’s Design Department at no charge.

Gravitee Modular Panel .DWG Library
Gravitee Modular Panel .DWG Library


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