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Affordable Cubicle Height Extenders for Offices and Retail Stores

March 8th, 2021 COMMENTS

Business offices with cubicles in a post-COVID world present challenges to employers, employees, and their customers. As employees return to their desks, they will expect additional personal safety. Most cubicles are only 4-5 ft. high and don’t offer enough personal protection. At a minimum, cubicle partitions should be at least 6 ft. high.

Cubicle Height Extenders install in minutes and raise the overall height of cubicle partitions with acrylic or printed Sintra inserts. There are two adjustable sizes and three standard color options: white, black, and silver. They fit any size cubicle without drilling, disassembling, or modifying the existing frame. For more information including prices, click on this link.


Office Cubicle Height Extender in two sizes and three colors

Installation Instructions

Office Cubicle Height Extender in two sizes and three colors

Clip Spacing and Acrylic Sizes

Office Cubicle Height Extender in two sizes and three colors

Temporary COVID-19 Vaccination Rooms | 4 Purchase or Rental

January 26th, 2021 COMMENTS

We know you are sick and tired (😉) of COVID-related solutions. Like sanitizer stands, safety dividers, and the temporary medical rooms shown below. We are sick and tired of them too… but to be honest, these PPE solutions have sustained us and many of your colleagues for months. No one’s getting rich but having them available in your bag of tricks sometimes comes in handy.

We hope your community doesn’t need these Temporary COVID Vaccination Rooms, but if they do, we’ve got you covered whether it’s for purchase or rental. Plus, we’re happy to customize them for specific situations.

Temporary COVID Vaccination Rooms
Temporary COVID Vaccination Rooms
Temporary COVID Vaccination Rooms

State of the Company 2021 by Kevin Carty

January 15th, 2021 COMMENTS

Click on the Letter to Download the PDF Version

State of the Company Letter by Kevin Carty Page 1
State of the Company Letter by Kevin Carty Page 2
State of the Company Letter by Kevin Carty Page 3

Safe and Stylish Safety Barriers for Hotels and Banks

December 14th, 2020 COMMENTS
Hotel Reception Desk Safety Divider

In March when businesses needed safety barriers, they installed simple solutions. That made sense. COVID was a temporary inconvenience. Nearly a year later, those flimsy barriers are still in offices, lobbies, and stores. At Classic Exhibits, we’re seeing an uptick in design requests for more permanent solutions.

Bank Teller Safety Divider

Safe and stylish are not incompatible. Done well, an elegant divider in an existing space can enhance the interior design.

These barriers are custom designed using existing structural materials which means they are more cost-effective than traditional architectural solutions. Plus, they can be installed in a day (often hours) rather than weeks. This market isn’t going away, even with a vaccine. It will continue to grow for hotels, banks, retail, and medical. For years.

Hotel Reception Desk Safety Barriers

We all want to be safe but how we get there matters. Just ask Randy from “A Christmas Story.”

Are You Experiencing Virtual Exhibit Paralysis?

October 9th, 2020 COMMENTS

A Simple, Straightforward Explanation

Many trade shows have shifted to the virtual world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what does that mean for exhibitors who want to continue to connect with existing and potential clients via trade shows? They need a presence via a trade show virtual exhibit.

Unfortunately, most virtual solutions are not “fully baked” by show organizers. What they offer is limited and proprietary to their show and doesn’t allow the exhibitor to fully show their products and services nor does it provide the attendees with an engaging and immersive experience.

The PlaceLyft 3D Virtual Solution has three distinct benefits compared to those provided by the show.

  • First, it’s comprehensive, allowing exhibitors to embedded media, social media, chat, polling, Zoom, and even tracking.
  • Second, it’s portable, meaning the virtual exhibit can be taken from show to show since it’s URL based.
  • Lastly, it’s both immersive and cost-effective.

For more information, or call us at 503-866-2100. With over 200 Distributors in North America, Classic can put you in contact with an virtual exhibit expert right in your backyard.