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State of the Company 2021 by Kevin Carty

January 15th, 2021 COMMENTS

Click on the Letter to Download the PDF Version

State of the Company Letter by Kevin Carty Page 1
State of the Company Letter by Kevin Carty Page 2
State of the Company Letter by Kevin Carty Page 3

Safe and Stylish Safety Barriers for Hotels and Banks

December 14th, 2020 COMMENTS
Hotel Reception Desk Safety Divider

In March when businesses needed safety barriers, they installed simple solutions. That made sense. COVID was a temporary inconvenience. Nearly a year later, those flimsy barriers are still in offices, lobbies, and stores. At Classic Exhibits, we’re seeing an uptick in design requests for more permanent solutions.

Bank Teller Safety Divider

Safe and stylish are not incompatible. Done well, an elegant divider in an existing space can enhance the interior design.

These barriers are custom designed using existing structural materials which means they are more cost-effective than traditional architectural solutions. Plus, they can be installed in a day (often hours) rather than weeks. This market isn’t going away, even with a vaccine. It will continue to grow for hotels, banks, retail, and medical. For years.

Hotel Reception Desk Safety Barriers

We all want to be safe but how we get there matters. Just ask Randy from “A Christmas Story.”

Word Search for Safety Dividers and PPE Solutions

October 26th, 2020 COMMENTS

Search for PPE Safety Solutions from Classic Exhibits. Complete the word search and send your answer to by November 7 for a chance to win a $15 Starbucks Gift Card. For a full range of Safety Divider Solutions, CLICK HERE.

Safety Solutions Word Search
Search for PPE Safety Solutions from Classic Exhibits

Divide and Conquer Sale on Safety Dividers

September 17th, 2020 COMMENTS

We all know the difference between a “need” and a “want.” Four months ago, you may have wanted safety dividers and barriers for your offices, but it wasn’t critical. Now, with employees and customers returning, that want is now an immediate need. Fortunately, all custom and standard safety dividers are on sale through October 31.

We Specialize in Custom Sizes and Shapes

Don’t see the right size or shape. No problem. Most safety dividers and barriers are custom built to match your unique requirements. Give us a call or contact a Classic Exhibits Distributor. There are over 200 Distributors in North America.

Safety Dividers and Safety Barriers

Pediatric Dental Office Transformed into a Safer Post-COVID Exam Room

September 9th, 2020 COMMENTS
Pediatric Dental Office with Colorful Safety Dividers

A resourceful Classic Distributor reminded me this week that there are business opportunities everywhere… if you are willing to ask questions. She shared this inspiring story with me about taking her kids to the dentist.

How a Routine Dental Visit Turned Into an Order

“I took my kids to their normal cleaning and check-up at their pediatric dentist. During the visit, I noticed that they were using low-quality, ineffective shower curtains as dividers. The curtains served as partitions in the open room where pre-COVID they would see up to four patients.

Pediatric Dental Office with Ineffective Curtain Safety Dividers

“After the dentist finished the exams, I asked how COVID was affecting his business. He said he wasn’t permitted to see the same volume of patients because of the open room configuration. He then mentioned that he was looking into higher-end solutions. I told him that my company was regularly building those types of structures for medical offices, lobbies, and retail stores.

“With his help, I did some quick measurements and offered to send him an estimate. In addition, I told him I would also send him a rendering showing how the dividers would look in his space. This was on a Wednesday.

“By Thursday I had pricing and a rendering from Classic. By Friday he placed the order. We installed them two weeks later. At the install, we had everything unpacked and in place in about 45 minutes. We did custom colors to match his fun office design, and he was very pleased with the quality and ease of assembly. Once they were installed, he had concerns about kids playing around the walls so we talked to Classic again and ordered a few more parts so that we could secure them to the ceiling in his office.” 

The Classic Distributor sent us photos and videos (which we really appreciate). See the transformation.