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Tips to Exhibiting in the UK for American Companies

February 26th, 2020 COMMENTS
Exhibiting in the United Kingdom

You are probably familiar with United States trade shows and North American regulations. Now, you are considering exhibiting in the UK. In short, it’s very different. Not only is it likely to be little cheaper to exhibit in the UK, but the United Kingdom is the best place to reach the European market. If executed properly, UK exhibitions can open new doors in business by meeting face to face with European brands and businesses.

But if you have only been attending exhibitions in the USA, you may notice some significant changes in the way the process is handled. Even small things like the power outlets can confuse you. In this guide, we will cover a few things you need to know when exhibiting in the United Kingdom.

Selecting an Exhibition Venue

Since the UK has many exhibition venues, you may get confused when choosing an exhibition venue. You may be tempted to only focus on exhibition venues in London, but this may limit your choices. The venue should be suitable to your audience and the quality of visitors you are targeting. Venues in the capital are most suitable to larger brands since smaller ones can get lost in the crowd of well-known or fast-growing brands.

Exhibiting in the UK

You can start by setting your objectives. Are you planning to grow the awareness of your brand? Do you just want to make more sales and grow your network? These objectives will help you determine the type of venue you need, as well as the space requirements. Other factors that can help you shorten the list of venues include your budget and type of audience.

It may be advisable to reach out to an event organizer who is familiar with UK exhibition venues.

The Types of Exhibition Stands

There are some exhibition stands which are quite common in the UK. These include shell scheme stands, pop-up stands, modular stands, and custom-built stands. To select a suitable stand, you will have to understand your primary objectives and key priorities. For example, if you are mainly interested in convenience, you should consider going for the pop-up stands since they are easy to set up and take down. If you have unique needs, you can custom build your own exhibition stand. ExpoCart has some stands you can consider for a simple exhibition.


If you have been exhibiting in the USA, you will find the costs lower in the UK. Still, getting your budget in order can be quite challenging. Make sure you figure out how much you are ready to spend on the exhibition space and the delivery. You should also set aside some money for travel, hotel rooms, giveaways, promotions, marketing, and onsite expenses. Again, an experienced event organizer can help you plan your exhibition budget accordingly.

Why Should You Exhibit in the United Kingdom?

Exhibitions are great for your business. Here are some benefits you will enjoy from exhibiting in the United Kingdom:

Growing Your Brand

Exhibiting in the UK

As mentioned earlier, the UK is where most businesses in Europe market themselves. By exhibiting in the kingdom, you will be able to reach many people and will be able to give your company a personality.

If your key goal is to grow your brand, you should consider going for an interactive expo. Such events may not necessarily grow your sales immediately, but they will make your brand more recognizable.

Selling Your Products Directly

Many companies also sell products directly in exhibitions. This is a better option than selling online or through a catalog since potential clients will be able to see the products before they can make their purchase. For the best results, you should send your most charismatic employees to communicate your products and values with a passion.

Receive Feedback on Your Products

In an exhibition, you will be able to receive feedback from live clients. When interacting with them, you will be able to understand what is working and what is failing in your business. Many companies choose to record customer testimonials which you can refer to later. At the same time, you will have a chance of running research on your competitors.


If you are running an American company, you should consider exhibiting your products in the UK. Exhibiting in this country will give you the chance to meet people from all over Europe. It is important to understand the difference between the UK and the USA when it comes to exhibiting.

Guest Post by Emily Porter,

Women In Exhibitions (WIE) Breakfast at EXHIBITORLIVE

February 24th, 2020 COMMENTS
Women in Exhibitions at EXHIBITORLIVE 2020
Women in Exhibitions Breakfast

The 3rd Annual Women In Exhibitions Breakfast will be held at EXHIBITORLIVE in the Connection Zone, March 31, 2020 from 8-9:30 am. This once-a-year event brings leading women in the Exhibition and Event industry together to share success strategies, discuss challenges, and make new contacts.

Cost of admission includes breakfast and can’t-miss presenters. The presenters will address vital strategies such as confronting the wage gap, promoting yourself, and improving your management savvy.

What Attendees Say About WIE

“It was empowering to be sitting in a room full of women who were actively pursuing their careers in the exhibit industry. There’s nothing quite like being with a group of career-oriented women who want to see each other succeed. I am already excited to attend this event next year.” – Jessica Diers, Diers Exhibit

“The value that the ‘Women’s forum’ brings at EXHIBITORLIVE is astounding. It is a great opportunity to network with other women in the industry with strong core values that boost other women up. Hearing the speakers is a great inspiration and a big reason I brought my team of 7 women to the event this year. It is also a chance to see how women have changed the tradeshow industry. Year-to-year the group is growing, and that’s exciting to see.” – Lauren Wheeler, Willwork Global Event Services

“I was proud to be sitting amongst the best and brightest women in the industry. I think we all felt a sense of camaraderie.” – Gina Porcaro, Optima Graphics, Inc.

Tickets are available but space is limited. Purchasing tickets in advance is STRONGLY recommended:

Sponsorship Opportunities are Still Available

Show the women of our industry your support while increasing your company’s visibility at EXHIBITORLIVE by sponsoring this event.

Special thanks for the support of our established sponsors EXHIBITOR Media Group and Classic Exhibits Inc

Contact Katina Rigall Zipay for more information (

Up Your Game Newsletter | February 2020

February 20th, 2020 COMMENTS

EuroShop 2020

EuroShop 2020

In Dusseldorf at EuroShop? Kevin Carty and Katina Rigall Zipay are there too. They will be walking the floor and connecting with colleagues at the EDPA booth, along with meeting our European partners in Germany and France. And, if all goes as planned, they will share photos and their reactions in several blog posts and on Instagram. See Photos #1, Photos #2, and Photos #3.

Feel free to contact Kevin or Katina if you would like to chat with them while they’re at EuroShop. Or just arrange to meet them in the mannequin hall, the creepiest hall at EuroShop.



Do you remember when EXHIBITOR announced the 2020 date for EXHIBITORLIVE and you were puzzled by the late March date? We were, but now were delighted since it’s crazy busy at Classic Exhibits. That’s not to say, we aren’t checking off our EXHIBITORLIVE tasks. Here are a few things to expect from us.

  • We’ll have two booths this year — #220 (10 x 30) and #242 (10 x 15), both perimeter spaces. There’s a reason for this, which you’ll just have to discover at the show. 😉
  • Classic Exhibits is sponsoring the 2020 Annual Portable Modular Awards. You are invited to attend as our guest. It will be held on Tuesday after show hours. Also, are you STILL voting on the People’s Choice Award? Don’t make us nag!
  • Interested in attending the Women in Exhibitions Breakfast? Contact Katina or register here. Seats are limited so early registration is strongly encouraged.
  • Would you like to schedule a meeting with us at the show? Just let us know. Kevin, Mel, Jim, Katina, Kim, Jen, Harold, and Tom will be in Las Vegas for all or a part of EXHIBITORLIVE.
  • Oh yes… the NEW Symphony Portable Display line is entered in the New Product Showcase. Yea!
  • Still need to register for a free show hall pass? Go to this page and enter Code 4044. There’s no limit so share (and share) away. 

Classic Sales Territories

Classic Exhibits -- National Sales Territories

Beginning in January, we realigned the Sales Territories for Jen LaBruzza, Tom Beard, and Harold Mintz. You can click here to view the map, but in general, Jen, Tom, and Harold cover the following geographic areas:

  • Jen LaBruzza, National Sales Manager: West and Southwest, excluding California
  • Harold Mintz, Regional Sales Manager: California, South, Mid-Atlantic, and Western Canada
  • Tom Beard, Regional Sales Manager: Midwest, Northeast, and Eastern Canada

Past Five Days

Past Five Days

Did you know that Past Five Days, the daily photo gallery, is the second most visited site on the Classic Exhibits website?

Since 2006 (yes, 2006!), we have posted photos of select projects passing through our shop and when possible, linked them to the designs in Exhibit Design Search. We can’t show everything, but we do our best to showcase exciting designs and builds in real time. All thanks to you! Your willingness to allow us to post these photos benefits the entire Classic Exhibits Community.

Don’t forget to tap into P5D as a search tool too. It’s a great place to search for exhibits with “shelves,” “custom charging” solutions, “lightboxes,” and “Gravitee” (for example).

Shared Knowledge University June 15 & 16

Final Post of EuroShop 2020 Photos. Over 80 Images.

February 20th, 2020 1 COMMENT
EuroShop 2020
EuroShop 2020 Photos

Post #3 of EuroShop 2020 photos from Kevin Carty and Katina Rigall Zipay. Over 80 new photos. Look for Kevin and Katina’s recap videos in about a week or so.

Click on any photo to scroll through the larger images. See Post #1 and Post #2 for more images.

Even More EuroShop 2020 Photos

February 18th, 2020 COMMENTS
Katina Rigall Zipay and Kevin Carty at EuroShop 2020

As promised, even more photos from EuroShop 2020. Enjoy!