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Sharpen Your Sales & Design Skills During the Lockdown

April 13th, 2020 COMMENTS
Classic Webinar Series

Classic Exhibits asked industry experts to share their insider knowledge in five FREE webinars. Register for one or all five. Sessions are limited to 100 attendees so register NOW!

WEBINAR #1 | The 3 Biggest Secrets to Communicating with Marketing 

Lisa Apolinski from 3 Dog Write conducts a webinar on communicating with Marketing

Tuesday, April 14 @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

Join Lisa Apolinski from 3 Dog Write to explore the 3 Biggest Secrets to Communicating with Marketing. With the current economic crisis, effective communication with marketing is more important than ever.

This communication can either be as a strategic partner to discuss how to proceed with upcoming or rescheduled shows, or an informational communication letting you know what has been decided.

See for more information.

WEBINAR #2 | The Symphony Portable Display —Features, Benefits, and Q&A

The New Symphony Portable Display System -- Features, Benefits, and Q&A Webinar

Friday, April 17 @10 am PST / 1 pm EST

Discover what makes the Symphony Portable Display truly remarkable. This will be an interactive webinar, devoted primarily to answering your questions about the NEW Symphony Display System. Send your questions in advanced to

Interested in receiving a $150 retail discount on your first Symphony order? Before the webinar, watch the Symphony Features and Benefits video. Send your answers to the questions below to

Remember, you must answer the questions BEFORE the WEBINAR.

  1. Is Symphony a single or double-sided display?
  2. How long was Symphony in development?
  3. How many Symphony freestanding counters are there? 7, 11, 8, or 3
  4. Which monitor sizes can Symphony support? 24”, 32”, 42”, or All Three
  5. What one word perfectly describes Symphony?

WEBINAR #3 | Don’t Get Tripped Up! Trade Show & Event Flooring Trends

Brumark Webinar -- Don't Get Tripped Up! Flooring trends

Tuesday, April 21 @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to flooring solutions? There are so many customizable flooring solutions that it’s never been easier to make your space a creative destination for attendees.

In this webinar, Brumark will show you how to use multiple stock products or printable materials to create unique, lightweight designs in a wide variety of colors. Run don’t walk to register for this webinar.

WEBINAR #4 | Ask Emilie Barta | Practical, No-Nonsense Advice about Virtual Events

Emilie Barta answers questions about virtual events

Thursday, April 23 @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

Need to pivot to virtual events and don’t know where to begin? Ask Emilie anything!

Do you have questions about virtual and hybrid events? Of course you do! In this informal Q&A webinar, virtual event expert, Emilie Barta, will answer your questions with practical, no-nonsense advice on the pros and cons of virtual events. Just because your in-person event was cancelled, doesn’t mean you should replicate it online!

Send your questions in advance to See for more information.

WEBINAR #5 | CORT Events | Top Event Design Trends in a New World

CORT Events reviews top design trends

Tuesday, April 28 @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

Join Kevin Dana, Executive Director of Merchandising and Product Development at CORT Events, for a review of the top trends in event design for 2020 and how they will be influenced by the new realities of the trade shows, meetings and events world.

We’ll discuss how design trends can be applied to promote a sense of well-being and help reduce anxiety when people begin to meet again.

10 Things You Didn’t Ask When Renting Your Trade Show Furniture

March 30th, 2020 COMMENTS

Guest Post: John Peck, Strategic Account Manager, CORT

Trade Show Rental Furniture

It’s time to select rental furniture for your trade show booth. Preferably several weeks, if not months, in advance of your show. With so many choices, it’s easy to get lost in the designs and lose sight of the details, like the provider, fees, delivery, and quality. Not all rental companies make it easy, and not all companies have the same high standards. Let’s remove any doubts.

Here are the 10 Questions You Should Ask before committing to a rental furniture order. Ask them, then head to Rental Gallery #1 and Rental Gallery #2 to make your selections.

Rental Question #1

Is your furniture rental quote all inclusive? For instance, does it include drayage? There is nothing worse than receiving an invoice after your event with hidden fees that were not disclosed upfront.

Rental Question #2

Has your vendor confirmed stock prior to providing you a quote? This avoids having to make last minute substitutions, which can often reset the entire process for everyone.

Rental Question #3

Is the venue for your event located in a union city? Set realistic expectations regarding delivery and set-by times. Vendors are only allowed to deliver to loading docks in union cities, and delivery to the booth will be dependent on union labor. Don’t fall for false promises!

Rental Question #4

Where is your vendor’s closest warehouse to the venue? Once you are on the show site, can you make changes? Being able to quickly adapt to requests with nearby resources is critical and can take you from good to great.

Rental Question #5

Does your vendor have onsite representation through the show opening? Having an onsite contact is key to providing superior customer service. Whether it’s last-minute requests, real-time delivery updates, or any type of logistical coordination, that point of contact can make all the difference in providing a white-glove experience.

Rental Question #6

How accessible is your vendor for one-off requests or at off hours?

Trade Show Rental Furniture

Rental Question #7

How often, and what types of new products does your vendor release? Your vendor should constantly be ahead of the curve when it comes to industry and design trends. New and exciting options that are both trendsetting and functional for high-volume use are a must.

Rental Question #8

How efficient is the ordering process with your vendor, and what kind of turnaround time can you expect when requesting a quote? Our industry operates rapidly and often with very short windows. Your vendor’s ability to respond, react, and fulfill at a moment’s notice is critical to an event’s success.

Rental Question #9

What kind of tools does your vendor provide to assist you in the design process? Make sure your vendor is so much more than that. Seek out a sophisticated partner who can provide you complimentary resources, such as space planning software, inspiration and mood boards, and easily accessible CAD files to help your designers in every step of the process.

Rental Question #10

Are you assigned to a dedicated account manager? Nothing is more confusing than being sent back and forth between multiple persons within one company. Rely on a vendor that has the resources available to assign you one dedicated account manager. This will provide consistency and reliable support, no matter where your event is being held.

Still have questions about rental furniture or anything else trade show or event related. Give us a call or send us an email.

CORT Rental Furniture on EDS | Made Even Easier!

May 23rd, 2018 COMMENTS


There’s a Time for Subtle Suggestions… But Not Today

For years, Classic Distributors would grumble about ordering rental furniture for clients, like sofas, chairs, and conference tables. You hated it. And for good reason. Your client would give you a link to the General Show Contractor (GSC) page with the show rental furniture options, which included the price. You handled it and charged the client a processing fee, typically 20 or 30 percent. Which is more than fair.

Except not to the client, who feels filling out a form should be cheap, or in many cases free. The fee introduces a financial “rub” between you and your client over an insignificant (but important) transaction.

About 60% of all exhibitors rent furniture, and according to my EAC sources that percentage keeps increasing, whether islands or inlines. So how do you take care of your client without the financial “rub”?

It’s Easy

You already use Exhibit Design Search. Two years ago, we added two Rental Furniture Galleries to EDS with CORT products. Classic Distributors loved it! While it didn’t include the complete CORT product line, it was a good place to start, and all the prices were in retail. Even better, the prices were competitive with GSC show book prices. EDS was the perfect place to direct your client to choose rental furniture options.

Recently, we made it even easier. You simply call CORT and tell them you are a Classic Distributor. Repeat.. Tell them you are a Classic Exhibits Distributor. They will give you the special Classic wholesale prices. Each region has an Account Manager, but the 855-663-2678 will get you to CORT’s Customer Service Department.

Even Better

CORT recently added over 100 new products to their EDS galleries — more conference tables, chairs, sofas, accessories. It’s impressive. And all include retail prices and predictable margins.

Now’s the time to eliminate that financial rub between you and your client on furniture rentals. Use the EDS CORT Galleries and FINALLY make predictable margins on those sales. You are already doing the work. You might as well get paid for it. And your client will be delighted with the service.

Have questions? Give me a call or contact your local CORT Strategic Account Manager. There are six across the United States.

  1. John Peck, Northwest,
  2. Jill Jensen, Southwest,
  3. Adrienne Fitzgerald, North Central,
  4. Derek Argo, South Central,
  5. Sarah Mainhart, Northeast,
  6. Sean Colvin, Southeast,

–Mel White


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