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Up Your Game Newsletter | January 2020

January 20th, 2020 COMMENTS
January 2020 Up Your Game Newsletter from Classic Exhibits

EXHIBITORLIVE 2020 (Code #4044)


If you are attending EXHIBITOR LIVE and want a FREE exhibit hall pass, go to this page and enter Classic’s code 4044 . There’s no limit on the number of free passes so share (and share) away.

To reserve your seat for the Women in Exhibition Breakfast on March 31, contact Katina Rigall Zipay .

Now & Then with Harold Mintz

Harold Mintz Blog Post

A lot has changed in the exhibit industry over the past ten years. And Harold Mintz, a Classic Regional Sales Manager, has a unique perspective on those changes.

As many know, Harold took a trade show hiatus for ten years. What was common “back in the day” isn’t quite as common today, such as dedicated territories, show rooms, and modular wall systems. 

Read Harold’s thoughts about “What’s Different” in 2020 in the Trade Show Tales blog. 

Eco-Systems Sustainable by Classic Exhibits

Eco-systems Sustainable Designs Press Release

We’ve all seen the phrase, “New Look, Same Great Taste!” whenever companies refresh their packaging.  Effective January 1, Eco-Systems Sustainable has joined the Classic Exhibits Family. Same ECO products, designs, and people, just with new Classic packaging.

All the ECO kits are in Exhibit Design Search, and you now have access to the full Classic Design Team. See the press release in EXHIBITOR along with quotes from Kevin Carty and Colleen Crawford.

Shared Knowledge University

Shared Knowledge University June 2020

There’s no substitute for hands-on training and one-on-one interaction with your industry colleagues. Just ask the over 600 Classic Distributors who have attended Shared Knowledge University in Portland.

This year, the two-day training will be on June 15-16 (Monday and Tuesday). SKU includes morning sessions with Classic and our Strategic Partners and afternoon sessions at the Classic facility where you work with products like Gravitee, SuperNova, InCharg Charging Solutions, and Symphony. Plus amazing meals and entertainment.

For more information and to reserve a seat, contact Jen LaBruzzaHarold Mintz, or Tom Beard. See the video below for SKU highlights.

Click Here for More Information & to Register

Our Annual State of the Company Letter

Classic Exhibits, Annual State of the Company Letter

In case you didn’t see Kevin’s 2019/2020 State of the Company letter, here’s a link to download a PDF version. Topics included the 2019 sales roller coaster, custom projects, new additions to the sales team, and changes to Classic’s Customer Service Department, including the addition of Eco-System Sustainable into the Classic Family.

And while 2019 was exciting, we expect 2020 to be even more eventful as we continue to expand our rental offerings, launch the Symphony Portable line, and work on even more interesting projects ( although building the Millennium Falcon may be hard to top ).

Shared Knowledge University Video

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Annual State of the Company Letter 2019/2020 by Kevin Carty

January 10th, 2020 COMMENTS

You can read the Annual State of the Company in the blog post or by clicking on the image and downloading the PDF. In addition, there are two URLs mentioned in the article (but are not clickable). See the bullets below:

Classic Exhibits State of the Company Letter, Page 1
Classic Exhibits State of the Company Letter, Page 2
Classic Exhibits State of the Company Letter, Page 3
Classic Exhibits State of the Company Letter Page 4

Is Santa Real? Yes, For One More Year!: Word on the Street — December 22nd thru December 26th

December 27th, 2014 3 COMMENTS

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

The Perfect Christmas Gift

We are a family of traditions from what we eat to where we go. Each year, we look forward to it. And this year was no different.

It all starts on Christmas Eve after church. We head to my Grandmother’s house where 30+ Cartys gather. It’s always fun and always VERY loud… and because my Grandmother’s house is nearly as old as she is (95) (no AC), it gets very hot inside.

At about 9 pm, my eight year old twins, my stepmother, and my uncle stepped outside to cool off from the sauna. About two minutes later, the four of them urgently called me outside. I quickly headed out to find them looking up and to the East.

What I saw next gave me a moment of pause. Up in the sky, approximately a mile away, was a sleigh flying through the air being pulled by reindeer with Santa inside. I AM NOT KIDDING!

What was it? I really can’t say and I really don’t care. You see my kids had started asking questions about the “reality” of Santa this year. Something every parent hopes never comes.

Whatever was in the sky on Christmas Eve — a drone or a small plane pulling a full-scale model of Santa, his sleigh, and the reindeer or something else — to my kids, it was SANTA. Their reaction was priceless and one that has solidified their belief for one more year. This is the note I found on my phone after my son asked to borrow it on the ride home.

Santa-ClausSanta flew over my head 

I saw Santa on his slay!!!!!

It was awesome.

I could not believe myself.

It was just so cool!!!!!

By Nick

Dedicated to Mr. Clause

I hope you had a magical Christmas and have a wonderful New Year’s celebration planned.

Look for my annual State of the Company Letter in early January. Possible topics:

  1. Rental Rewards and Rental Business
  2. Double Digit Sales Increase
  3. Custom and Custom Hybrid Orders
  4. Eddie Award
  5. Customer Service Department Changes
  6. Two Successful SKU’s
  7. Redesigned Classic Exhibits Website
  8. Growth in Retail Design Business
  9. OTM Furniture Success
  10. Portable Modular Awards, GlobalShop, Fab 50, EuroShop, Hood 2 Coast, Eco-Systems Sustainable Growth, Lightboxes and SuperNova Lighting
  11. Release of New Designs. Retiring Older Designs. Constant Evolution to Our Products Lines.

Be safe and enjoy your upcoming week. We’ll be ready for any last-minute gifts you want to send our direction. 😉