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Classic Exhibits Shared Knowledge University, June 21-22

April 5th, 2018 COMMENTS

Earn Your Exhibit Baccalaureate Degree in Two Days

Register today for SKU. Space is limited and available slots ALWAYS FILL FAST. We look forward to seeing you in Portland, OR on June 21-22. Plan to stay an extra day or two and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

See the video and the flyer below for more information about Classic’s Shared Knowledge University. Contact Jen Labruzza to register.

Shared Knowledge University at Classic Exhibits

Your Invitation to Shared Knowledge University | Fall 2016

September 28th, 2016 COMMENTS

Get ready. Classic’s Shared Knowledge University is just around the corner, November 14-15. Distributors who have attended SKU, many multiple times, know it’s an immersive two days into all things Classic Exhibits: products, processes, and people.

Add in presentations by CORT, Optima, and Eco-Systems Sustainable and frankly, it’s overwhelming (in a good way). Then we mix in great meals, social events, and mixers with other distributors. This is your invitation to attend. See the graphic below for details and contact Reid Sherwood or Jen LaBruzza to reserve your spot.

On behalf of the entire Classic Exhibits Family, we hope to see you there!

Shared Knowledge University Fall 2016 | Classic Exhibits

The Dirty Stinky Hippies Who Moo’d and Clucked at Me: Word on the Street — Nov.9th thru Nov. 13th

November 13th, 2015 COMMENTS
Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

The title is something only a recent graduate of Shared Knowledge University (SKU) can fully appreciate. 🙂  This week, we proudly graduated another remarkable class from SKU (Go “Fighting Hybrids!”).

Twice a year, we invite 30-40 distributors from around the country to learn about all things Classic Exhibits and several strategic partners.

This group, like those in past SKU sessions, was amazing. They arrived with a positive attitude, mixed with a perverse smidge of curiosity to see the REAL Portlandia. It was one of the most diverse groups we have seen to date and included companies ranging from two-to-three person operations to several hundred.


As in past sessions, the great takeaway was the opportunity to meet and/or reconnect with some smart people in our industry who clearly share our goals. So to the graduating Fall SKU 2015 Class– A warm and heartfelt congrats! And many, many thanks for spending time to learn more about the weirdos in the Pacific NW. Yes, that includes us.

To the Classic Exhibits Inc Team (Exhibits NW, Classic Manufacturing, Classic Rentals Solutions and ClassicMODUL), thanks again for all your hard work pulling the event together in flawless fashion. The Shared Success Formula came shining through because of YOU!

To our participating vendor partners — Optima Graphics, Cort Furnishings, Eco-Systems Sustainable, and  3 Dog Write — your attendance, participation, presentations, and partnerships are appreciated beyond words. [D. Brown  — We rechecked your scores. You are an official graduate. Please feel free to add this academic accomplishment to your LinkedIn profile.]

I am exhausted, much like the others on the team, so I plan to sleep all weekend. I hope you have a great and restful weekend with your families as well.

Spring 2016 SKU will be held May 15-16. Contact Jen or Reid to reserve a seat.

Be well.



SKU-Tastic!: Word on the Street — May 18th-May 22nd

May 24th, 2015 COMMENTS
Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Another Fantastic Shared Knowledge University

Last week was not your normal May at Classic Exhibits. Why?

We held our most recent edition of Shared Knowledge University (SKU), Classic’s bi-annual distributor training session.

This SKU was so great that my friend Dave Brown from Optima coined the term “SKU-Tastic!” I wholeheartedly agree.

Like other SKU’s, we had a terrific mix of folks from all over the country, folks who gave their time to learn more about the Classic Family and products. And learn they did. They were engaged during the classroom sessions, and while I always gush a bit over our students, this group as a whole was truly impressive.

As always, there were sessions from our partners — Eco-Systems Sustainable, Optima and Display Supply and Lighting. To our partners…Matt Wish, Dave Brown, Brianna Ziomek and Tom Beard, I can’t begin to thank you all enough for your partnership and your investment in our joint customers via SKU.


We also had a lot of fun… as is always the case at SKU. We are proud of our weird little city and love to show others what makes Portland — Portlandia. 🙂 During this SKU, we visited local food carts for lunch (, an historic old elementary school turned brewery/restaurant/bar/movie theater, and finished with a great evening at Bridgeport, one America’s foundational Craft Breweries.

As we gathered toward the end of SKU, we asked the SKU Graduates for their takeaways. Their responses warmed my heart. Each person mentioned that one of their greatest takeaways was The People at Classic — their devotion, dedication, and care that they clearly have for the Company and for the Distributors they serve daily.

This is the one thing that makes it easy to wake up every day eager to go to work. Sure there are other things but the quality of our team is what drives me. So to the Classic Family, my sincere thanks, not only for all your hard work preparing for Shared Knowledge University but also for your daily commitment to the Shared Success Mission.

To the Graduates, Don’t Forget the PLEDGE. I will be checking in on that. And thank you so so much for your time and dedication. We never forget that it’s your efforts that allows us to put food on our tables each night.

For those distributors who have never attended an SKU, don’t miss your next opportunity, tentatively scheduled for November 9-10. You won’t regret it. Contact Reid Sherwood or Jen LaBruzza for details. Space is always limited.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and take time to reflect upon those who gave the ultimate sacrifice over the years fighting to help keep our country great.

Be well!


Another Great SKU Class : Word on the Street — September 22nd thru September 26th

September 27th, 2014 1 COMMENT
Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Kevin Carty, VP Classic Exhibits

Shared Knowledge University Graduation

Last week, thirty trade show professionals descended on Portland, Oregon for Shared Knowledge University. The group was diverse, both in background and geography.

We are proud of every SKU graduating class, but this class was truly exceptional in my opinion. To a person, each and every student came to learn, listen, and participate in the class sessions and hands-on product training. For that, I thank you all. Your engagement across both days was truly over the top.

Anyone who has ever held a business training seminar recently knows it’s challenging to keep everyone engage. Emails are constant and responsibilities don’t suddenly disappear just because you are 2000 miles from the office.  This group, however, was involved every step of the way.

This session was a little different. We invited an outside presenter on Day 2, Pinky Gonzales from Sightworks. Pinky is an expert on all things LinkedIn. His two-hour session focused on creating compelling profiles and using LinkedIn as a sales prospecting tool. Based on SKU attendee comments, this session shook up everyone’s understanding of LinkedIn. To a person, they now recognize the true power of using LinkedIn as an active sales tool.

IMG_9189One big takeaway for both Mel and me was that we will continue to include someone like Pinky, and maybe Pinky himself, in future SKU sessions.

To the SKU Graduates, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to learn more about the business and the people at Classic Exhibits. You were all amazing. The time we spent each evening at the Kennedy School and Bridgeport Brewery was so much fun. I hope you got a little sense for what we love so much about our city. But whatever you do . . . remember THE PLEDGE!

To our industry partners who presented, Eric from Eco-Systems, Dave Brown, Robin Talbott, and Brianna Ziomek from Optima, and Marlys Arnold from the Exhibit Marketers Cafe, thank you for sharing SKU with us. Your content was “King” as they say. And we appreciate your help as always. The impact of your sessions was felt by the entire class as well as the Classic Team.

Lastly, to our Classic Family — What else can be said but thanks for all your hard work. You continue to make us all shine. We are proud of you and the work you do. The attendees’ feedback was more about YOU as group than anything else. Thanks as always!

See the Tuesday afternoon reception:


You know . . . after seven or eight of these events, you would think that I, as one of the organizers, would not really have much more to learn. Not true! I learned valuable tips regarding business as well as life. And even some odd tips that are not even business related. For example, did you know that the History Channel is an aphrodisiac? In particular, Modern Marvels. It’s true! One attendee has a two-year old to prove it. 🙂

Have a great weekend! Watch for the next SKU announcement, tentatively scheduled for May 2015. We hope to see you there.

Be well.