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Virtual Exhibits, Together Again Expo, and ClassicMODUL Extrusions | August 2020 Newsletter

August 24th, 2020 COMMENTS

Virtual Virtual Virtual 

Virtual Exhibits and Displays

It’s new. It’s confusing. It’s a little scary. But no one expects you to be an expert on virtual exhibits. You do, however, need to understand the basics. Let us help. 

  1. Last Tuesday, Kevin and Katina covered virtual exhibits in a detailed webinar. If you were unable to attend the live event, here’s the recorded version.
  2. We’ve added three virtual exhibit examples to Exhibit Design Search. Explore one inline and two islands. Then share them with clients who are anxious about the virtual exhibit they desperately need for their fall shows. 
  3. Every day we present virtual exhibits to distributors and their clients. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t go it alone. We know the questions to ask and the answers to your client’s concerns. Invite us to participate in those calls and presentations. 

 Even if the pandemic subsides in two or three months, virtual exhibits, virtual trade shows, and hybrid events are now a permanent tool in the event and trade show toolbox. Capiche?

Together Again Expo

Together Again Expo

By now, you know that TAE was held in Orlando and that it went well. No surprises. No drama. Kevin, Katina, and Jen attended on behalf of Classic Exhibits. For those who were unable to attend in-person, here’s the recorded session

In addition, Kevin was interviewed by both Marlys Arnold and Tim Patterson on their vlogs about his TAE experience:  

What’s Selling?

Safety Dividers and Barriers

“So what’s selling?” We hear that question a lot.  

  1. Safety Dividers. Most are customized solutions for offices, schools, banks, government buildings, and medical facilities.
  2. Cubicle Height Extenders. We receive requests and orders nearly every day in all three colors: silver, black, and white. 
  3. Hand Sanitizer Stands and Dispensers. The crazy “gotta have 20 right now” is over. Customers now order one and two, especially the MOD-9004 and MOD-9009 versions.
  4. LED Lightboxes and SEG Frames. Not for trade shows, but for corporate and retail environments. Mostly wall-mounted frames. 
  5. Virtual Exhibits. This shouldn’t surprise you as exhibitors adapt to virtual trade shows in Q3 and Q4. 
  6. Exhibit Design. Not every exhibitor is sitting on their hands. Many are anticipating a return to live trade shows and asking for designs. They want to finalize their design, even if they wait to order until later in the year.

A Not-So-Hidden Website

ClassicMODUL Aluminum Extrusions for Safety Dividers

You ask us about aluminum extrusions ALL THE TIME. Like shapes, sizes, compatible accessories, and if the .dxf file of a specific extrusion is available to download.  We’re happy to provide you with that information but, we would be lying if we didn’t sigh a little when you ask. Why? Because it’s available online.  Many Classic distributors have never visited which has been active since 2005. It’s time to correct that. Here’s what you’ll find there: 

  • Profiles like Squares, Rounds, and Rectangles
  • SEG, Lightbox, and Gravitee Profiles
  • Photos and Dimension Drawings
  • .DXF files
  • Accessories
  • Notes
  • Online Digital Catalog (PDF) 

Two examples: the Z 45 and S 40 are pretty common extrusions for safety dividers.  Do we still want you to call us when you have an extrusion question? Absolutely! After all, the CM website doesn’t have pricing, availability or lead times. But, if you just need to see your options or download a CAD file, then head to the ClassicMODUL website first

An Introduction to Virtual Exhibits

Now Available — The New MODUL 7.1 Catalog

August 22nd, 2017 COMMENTS

The new MODUL 7.1 Index/Catalog is available as a PDF download. You can also download it on the website. With over 200 pages of engineered aluminum extrusions and accessories, you are guaranteed to find something new and useful. As a reminder, all the extrusions are available at full lengths, or the extrusion can be cut, punched, powder-coated, customized, etc.

Whatever you need, just ask. Typical turnaround is a few days. Click on the image below to download the PDF version. Contact Tom Jones for quotes and orders.

Cover_INDEX 7.1_S80 A.indd

Double Deck Extrusion Article in Exhibit City News

July 3rd, 2012 COMMENTS

Double Deck Extrusion Exhibits are Thriving

ClassicMODUL Double Deck

Exhibit City News recently interviewed three trusted sources in the extrusion industry to get a comprehensive look at double deck exhibits. Jim Shelman, General Manager of Classic Rentals, was the spokesperson for ClassicMODUL Aluminum Extrusions. The article begins below and then links to the full ECN article. Our thanks to ECN for asking us to participate.

Why are aluminum extrusions the perfect building material for double deck systems?

Jim Shelman, General Manager of Rentals, Classic Exhibits: Engineered aluminum extrusions are ideal for adding structural components; it is lightweight, packs efficiently and offers an appealing, contemporary look.

Chris Lake, COO, Highmark: Versatility, strength, and weight make aluminum extrusions ideal for the double deck system. By using the Highmark custom beam, column and hand rail extrusions, exhibitors can design and accessorize a multi-story double deck from Highmark’s current rental or new inventory.

How has demand for double deck systems been over the last year?

Tim Searle, President, Searle Exhibit Technologies: SET has experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for double decks over the past year for both new builds and rentals. For instance, summer is traditionally the slowest time for the exhibit industry, but the past few weeks, we have experienced multiple double deck quote requests most days, with a majority of them needed for summer tradeshows.

Shelman: We’ve seen a substantial increase in double deck rental inquiries and a 25 percent increase in booked rentals. Some of that has to do with the economy improving, but we’ve also benefited from having one deck permanently warehoused in Las Vegas. Often, that’s a major reason the client decides to go with a deck at a Las Vegas event: no shipping.

Continue to ECN article

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100.

This, That, and The Other: Word on the Street — Jan. 23rd thru Jan. 27th

January 27th, 2012 1 COMMENT

This and That

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

It’s Mel. This week, I’m filling in for Kevin who is at Disneyland treating his five-year old twins to the Magic Kingdom. For those on the East Coast and in the South, yes, there’s still a Disney Park on the West Coast. I know. It seems weird with Disney World a mere 3000 miles away, but five-year olds don’t know the difference . . . yet.

This week we’ll share some odds and ends . . .


It is oh so close. A mere five weeks away. We’ll be in booth #1645, a 20′ x 30′. And just like your typical customers, the exhibit design is nearly done, we’ve outlined the graphic concepts, and we’re juggling 100 balls at the same time. Next year, “we’ll be done by December,” our mantra since 2005.

  • Classic Exhibits / Eco-Systems Sustainable Reception. We’ll host a reception on Tuesday, March 6, in a Mandalay Bay Suite. The reception will be from approximate 3:30 to 7 pm, or until we exhaust our beer, wine, and snacks. Please touch base with us on Monday or Tuesday at EXHIBITOR for the room number.
  • Optima Graphics Reception. You’ll also see our friendly faces at the Optima Graphics Reception on Monday March 5 in the Mandalay Islander D-E Ballroom. Please check with our good friends at Optima for details.
  • Other Classic Exhibits Displays. Based on our latest count, there should be around four or five Classic-built displays at EXHIBITOR. Ask us about them at the show, and we’ll give you an unofficial tour.
  • New Product Showcase. This year we submitted the MOD-211 iPad Counter Insert into the EXHIBITOR New Product Showcase. The MOD-211 is available on most Classic Counters, Pedestals, and Workstations. It’s an easy and secure way to transform any counter top into a iPad station. You’ll see several examples in our booth.
  • FREE Pass. For a free pass to the show hall compliments of Classic Exhibits and ClassicMODUL, click HERE.

Upcoming Promotion

We’ve teamed up with Marlys Arnold, the Image Specialist, to offer her book Build a Better Trade Show Image to your customers. Starting in mid-February, we’ll include an “Our Gift to You” promotional postcard with most inline and island hybrid displays, such as Sacagawea, Magellan, Perfect 10, Visionary Designs, and SEGUE. The postcard will have a unique code where they can download the 280+ page e-book on how to launch, improve, finesse, or fix their trade show marketing program. It’s an excellent book, valued at $27, which every trade show expert or novice should own.

To see the download page, please go to Marlys will be at EXHIBITOR 2012, including several sessions in the Classic Exhibits booth and (probably) at the Classic Reception. We encourage you to meet Marlys and pick her brain on training programs available to you and to your customers.

ClassicMODUL Aluminum Extrusions

We hesitate to use this term . . . but the ClassicMODUL website is now “sexy.” Well, as sexy as engineered aluminum extrusion can get. We’ve made a number of significant changes to the website, including easier navigation, an extrusion depot site legend, and a very cool page flipping tool to browse the MODUL 6.0 Index. In the next week or so, we’ll also be adding extrusion photos in addition to the renderings.

When do you order from ClassicMODUL (and not Classic Exhibits)? Whenever you are ordering cut or full-length extrusions on projects you are project managing yourself. ClassicMODUL provides CAD services and can detail the extrusions you’ll need. They can guide you toward the most cost-effective solutions based on your design. Plus . . . there are ClassicMODUL extrusion depots in Portland, OR, Cheshire, CT, and Birmingham, AL.

Some New Products You May Have Missed (in Your Haste to Make a Living and Have a Life)

MOD-211 iPad Counter Insert for Trade Shows

MOD-211 iPad Counter Insert

  1. LTE-1001 and LTG-1001 Tapered Pedestals:  These are less expensive versions of the always popular LTK-1001 Tapered Pedestal.
  2. MOD-211 iPad Counter Insert: I know. I’m repeating myself. But it’s a great idea and it’s only $295.
  3. VK-1850, VK-1851, VK-1852 SEGUE Table Top Displays
  4. MOD-1285 and MOD-1283 Lightboxes with Rotating Header
  5. VK-5081, VK-5082, and VK-5083 SEGUE Islands
  6. SEGUE Sunrise DS (ex. VK-2314 and VK-1910):  These are the two-sided versions of the popular SEGUE Sunrise, an affordable, no-tools assembly SEG portable display.

Some Changes to Exhibit Design Search You May Have Missed (in Your Haste to Make a Living and Have a Life)

  1. Audio Clips: Over the past three months we’ve added 30-40 second audio clips to many kits in EDS. These clips give a brief description of the features and benefits of the products, such as the Quadro S Pop Up, Xpressions, Visionary Designs, or Design Monday.
  2. eSmart Galleries: We recently changed the name of these galleries from Eco-Smart to eSmart. Not a big change, but one that was intended to send a subtle message. The eSmart Galleries are not only eco-friendly designs, but also distinctive and affordable designs whether your client is interested in a green display or not. We encourage you to include the eSmart galleries in your search whenever you’re looking for a 10 x 10, 10 x 20, or island. Go for the design . . . get Green as a bonus.
  3. Brumark and Display Supply and Lighting: These are not new, but way down at the bottom of EDS, there are four galleries for Flooring, Exhibit Supplies, and Lighting. These are the Brumark and Display Supply and Lighting Galleries. If you use these galleries, please let them know. If you would like to see changes or additions to these galleries, please let them know. They are important strategic partners of Classic Exhibits and of Exhibit Design Search.

Anywho . . . we are looking forward to seeing you at EXHIBITOR. Please stop by the booth and join us at the Reception. If you would like to meet with Kevin, Reid, Jim Shelman, or me during or after show hours, please let us know. We are filling in our appointment slots PDQ.

See you later alligator! (I am so old).

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100 or

What’s Going On?: Word on the Street — July 4th thru July 8th

July 10th, 2011 COMMENTS

What's Going On

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Lots of Exciting News

This week, I’d like to recap some recent press, promos, and blogs. There’s a lot going on in the world of Classic. We’re relentless . . .  but that’s one of the many reasons you love us (and why we love you).

Recently, Classic Exhibits/ClassicMODUL participated in a feature article for Exhibit City News. The article was an interview with three manufacturer representatives about aluminum extrusion trends. Take a look and tell us what you think. It’s more interesting than the topic would lead you to believe.

If you missed it, we have a groovy Summer of Love promotion going on right now. Otherwise know as the “Booths with Benefits” Special.

Get a FREE 22″ LCD Monitor with the purchase of any Sacagawea Hybrid unit with a workstation between now and August 31, 2011. Yeah Baby Yeah!!

If you would like the “native” file of this promotion so you can re-brand it and send it to your customer email list, you can download it from this location. Now is a great time to build excitement for those fall shows.

And lest we forget . . .  Lt. Colonel “Big Daddy” Reid Sherwood (inside joke) was recently featured in a great piece by Jeff Abramson from MaxYourImage on current Exhibit Trends. Very well done and spot on!

MaxYourImage: New Display Ideas from Reid Sherwood

Classic Exhibits participated in an Open House at Atlantic Exhibits in Philadelphia in early June. We weren’t content to collect business cards from the attendees. Instead, we decided to collect jokes. The winning joke won an Amazon Kindle. To see a compilation of the best and lamest jokes, view the YouTube post.

Finally, you might enjoy reviewing a timeline of Eco-systems Sustainable Exhibits, created by Eric Albery, the VP of Marketing and Business Development. The timeline highlights many of the important events that have shaped Eco-Systems, including the development of many eco-friendly first materials and product lines.

Eco-systems Timeline

The Eco-systems Sustainable Visual Timeline

Have a safe and restful weekend.

–Kevin Carty