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Hand Sanitizer Stands: Good, Better, Best

January 14th, 2022 COMMENTS
Hand Sanitizer Stands

If you’ve attended an event or a trade show recently, you know that hand sanitizer stands are in the convention hall, the booth space, the aisles, and the meeting rooms. But that’s just the beginning. You literally see them everywhere you go in life: retail shops, schools, airports, business lobbies, medical offices, and restaurants. 

You may have also noticed that some are still attractive and functional and others are battered and broken. In the rush to supply hand sanitizer stands several years ago, not every sanitizer solution was designed for daily long-term use. 

Made in the USA

At Classic Exhibits, we design and build hand sanitizer solutions to last years, not months. The Stand Tough™ line features aluminum extrusion, steel base plates, and anodized or powder-coated finishes. They resist dents, scratches, and dings from kids, vacuum cleaners, shopping carts, and customers texting and walking. 

Their modular construction makes it easy to disassemble, pack, and ship. Plus, they come with graphic, tablet, and literature trays options in a range of prices. 

The Stand Tough™ Stands are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are Made in the USA.

Getting Started with Hand Sanitizer Stands

Because every office, school, event, or retail store is different, we have 16 sanitizer stand designs.. However, we don’t have a solution often seen in supermarkets, discount stores, and gas stations. There are basic stands that are little more than a tray for a bottle of sanitizer fluid with a flip cap or a pump. Either way, they both require touching a surface. 

All Stand Tough™ Sanitizer Stands have touchless dispensers that can be adjusted to dispense either a small amount of fluid or a spray. The dispensers have a refillable reservoir rather than a sealed plastic pouch which makes it easier and more economic to refill. In addition, the dispensers are mounted to hygienic stainless steel trays for easy cleaning and for maintaining a sanitary surface. 

Let’s explore your options, both in features and price points, in three categories:  Good, Better, and Best. Every sanitizer stand has a Limited Lifetime Warranty and includes batteries and reusable corrugated packaging.

GOOD Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Stand Tough Hand Sanitizer Stands from Classic Exhibits

MOD-9004:  A lightweight yet durable stand with an anodized aluminum post and powder-coated steel base. Comes with a stainless steel tray and touchless dispenser. $358 retail. 

MOD-9008: Similar to the MOD-9008 with the addition of a double-sided graphic. Graphic dimensions are 12” W x 24” H.  $518 retail. See MOD-9009 for the single-sided version.

MOD-9006: Counter Sanitizer Stand with an aluminum post, stainless steel tray, and touchless dispenser. $234 retail.

BETTER Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Stand Tough Hand Sanitizer Stands from Classic Exhibits

MOD-9001: A heavy-duty stand in white with an engineered aluminum post and a large powder-coated base. Comes with a stainless steel tray and touchless dispenser. Available with or without a graphic wing. Graphic dimensions are 9” W x 40 ” H. $558 or $658 retail. 

MOD-9002: Similar to the MOD-9001 but with an enclosed graphic in a header frame. The frame increases the height from 54” to 73”. $758 retail.

MOD-9003: Identical to the MOD-9002 but with a non-enclosed graphic header. Graphic dimensions are 12” H x 12” W. $628 retail.

BEST Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Stand Tough Hand Sanitizer Stands from Classic Exhibits

MOD-1377: A heavy-duty stand in white with an engineered aluminum post and a large powder-coated base. Comes with a stainless steel tray and touchless dispenser. Features a locking clamshell for an iPad tablet and (2) acrylic literature trays. Prices start at $738 retail. Ask about optional Surface tablet versions. 

MOD-1378: Identical to the MOD-1337 but with 12” W x 16” H double-sided graphic. Prices start at $798 retail.

MOD-1379: Similar to the MOD-1377 but without the acrylic literature trays. Prices start at $748.

CUSTOM Hand Sanitizer Stands

Not seeing the perfect solution? No problem. As a builder of stands and not an importer, we can design and build a custom sanitizer solution for your specific needs.

Many clients have requested colors that match their logo or store design, like red, black, blue, or green. Still, others have asked for a more customized counter or pedestal with storage. We’ve also mounted the sanitizer dispensers to existing fixtures or exhibits so they blend into the theme or design. In addition, we can create a sanitizer solution with larger graphics or multiple dispensers for stadiums, convention centers, or arenas. Just give us a call or send us an email.   

hand sanitizer stands

Your Partner for All Things Trade Show

Classic Exhibits has been designing and building solutions since 1993. We’ve been honored as an Exhibitor Magazine Find-It Top 40 Exhibit Producers and an Event Marketer Fab 50 Exhibit Builders multiple times. Along with numerous Portable Modular Awards. 

With over 200 Distributor Partners throughout North America, there’s a Classic representative closer by. Contact us today whether you need a durable hand sanitizer stand built to last, a portable display guaranteed to attract trade show attendees, or a custom 30 x 40 exhibit with all the bells and whistles. We’re not just different. We’re better. 

NEW Multi-Function Hand Sanitizer/Tablet Stands

March 24th, 2021 COMMENTS
Hand Sanitizer Stands with iPad and Surface Options

Introducing three multi-function Stand Tough™ Sanitizer Stands with tablet, literature, and graphic options. The ideal solution for events, trade shows, and information kiosks.


  • Hygienic Stainless Steel Tray
  • iPad or Surface Tablet Enclosure
  • Graphic Branding Options
  • Durable Powder-coated Finish
  • Steel Base Plate
  • Acrylic Literature Pockets
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Multi-function Hand Sanitizer Stands with Tablet Option
Multi-function Hand Sanitizer Stands with Tablet Option
Multi-function Hand Sanitizer Stands with Tablet Option

New Galleries in Exhibit Design Search: Video Review

November 24th, 2020 COMMENTS

Tim Patterson, aka Tradeshow Guy, takes us on an informative tour of the newest galleries in Exhibit Design Search. In this video, Tim navigates through, his branded version of EDS.

Virtual Exhibits, Together Again Expo, and ClassicMODUL Extrusions | August 2020 Newsletter

August 24th, 2020 COMMENTS

Virtual Virtual Virtual 

Virtual Exhibits and Displays

It’s new. It’s confusing. It’s a little scary. But no one expects you to be an expert on virtual exhibits. You do, however, need to understand the basics. Let us help. 

  1. Last Tuesday, Kevin and Katina covered virtual exhibits in a detailed webinar. If you were unable to attend the live event, here’s the recorded version.
  2. We’ve added three virtual exhibit examples to Exhibit Design Search. Explore one inline and two islands. Then share them with clients who are anxious about the virtual exhibit they desperately need for their fall shows. 
  3. Every day we present virtual exhibits to distributors and their clients. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t go it alone. We know the questions to ask and the answers to your client’s concerns. Invite us to participate in those calls and presentations. 

 Even if the pandemic subsides in two or three months, virtual exhibits, virtual trade shows, and hybrid events are now a permanent tool in the event and trade show toolbox. Capiche?

Together Again Expo

Together Again Expo

By now, you know that TAE was held in Orlando and that it went well. No surprises. No drama. Kevin, Katina, and Jen attended on behalf of Classic Exhibits. For those who were unable to attend in-person, here’s the recorded session

In addition, Kevin was interviewed by both Marlys Arnold and Tim Patterson on their vlogs about his TAE experience:  

What’s Selling?

Safety Dividers and Barriers

“So what’s selling?” We hear that question a lot.  

  1. Safety Dividers. Most are customized solutions for offices, schools, banks, government buildings, and medical facilities.
  2. Cubicle Height Extenders. We receive requests and orders nearly every day in all three colors: silver, black, and white. 
  3. Hand Sanitizer Stands and Dispensers. The crazy “gotta have 20 right now” is over. Customers now order one and two, especially the MOD-9004 and MOD-9009 versions.
  4. LED Lightboxes and SEG Frames. Not for trade shows, but for corporate and retail environments. Mostly wall-mounted frames. 
  5. Virtual Exhibits. This shouldn’t surprise you as exhibitors adapt to virtual trade shows in Q3 and Q4. 
  6. Exhibit Design. Not every exhibitor is sitting on their hands. Many are anticipating a return to live trade shows and asking for designs. They want to finalize their design, even if they wait to order until later in the year.

A Not-So-Hidden Website

ClassicMODUL Aluminum Extrusions for Safety Dividers

You ask us about aluminum extrusions ALL THE TIME. Like shapes, sizes, compatible accessories, and if the .dxf file of a specific extrusion is available to download.  We’re happy to provide you with that information but, we would be lying if we didn’t sigh a little when you ask. Why? Because it’s available online.  Many Classic distributors have never visited which has been active since 2005. It’s time to correct that. Here’s what you’ll find there: 

  • Profiles like Squares, Rounds, and Rectangles
  • SEG, Lightbox, and Gravitee Profiles
  • Photos and Dimension Drawings
  • .DXF files
  • Accessories
  • Notes
  • Online Digital Catalog (PDF) 

Two examples: the Z 45 and S 40 are pretty common extrusions for safety dividers.  Do we still want you to call us when you have an extrusion question? Absolutely! After all, the CM website doesn’t have pricing, availability or lead times. But, if you just need to see your options or download a CAD file, then head to the ClassicMODUL website first

An Introduction to Virtual Exhibits