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Now Available — The New MODUL 7.1 Catalog

August 22nd, 2017 COMMENTS

The new MODUL 7.1 Index/Catalog is available as a PDF download. You can also download it on the website. With over 200 pages of engineered aluminum extrusions and accessories, you are guaranteed to find something new and useful. As a reminder, all the extrusions are available at full lengths, or the extrusion can be cut, punched, powder-coated, customized, etc.

Whatever you need, just ask. Typical turnaround is a few days. Click on the image below to download the PDF version. Contact Tom Jones for quotes and orders.

Cover_INDEX 7.1_S80 A.indd

Apple iPad and Tablet PC Options for Trade Shows

August 4th, 2012 3 COMMENTS
Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple iPad and Tablet PC Ideas

Back in late 90’s, Geoffery A. Moore wrote Crossing the Chasm, a book that explained how many high-tech products are purchased by early adopters. After the early adoption phase, a lull occurs before mainstream buyers purchase them — but when they do, sales skyrocket.

For some products, this “lull” barely exists. The Apple iPad is a great example. We saw few requests for iPad stands with version 1 and 2, but now that version 3 has hit the market, we’re seeing a dramatic upswing in activity. We expect this trend to continue as more customers want iPads or tablet PCs incorporated into their trade show displays. Make no mistake. Your customers expect that you already have iPad solutions for their display. I emphasize “solutions” because there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

At Classic Exhibits, we are looking at multiple options for trade shows and events.

I thought I’d share five examples. These are intended for iPads, since Apple is the first mover in this market right now, and we’re only getting iPad requests. But the concepts can be adapted to PC tablets once we see more of them.

iPad Counter Insert (MOD-211)

This insert fits in most Classic Exhibits counters and pedestals, assuming the counter top is large enough. The iPad installs underneath the counter top without tools in under a minute. Once installed, it’s secure, seamless, and practical. The MOD-211, an inexpensive and impressive addition to any counter, workstation, or pedestal. $295 retail

MOD-211 iPad Counter Insert

MOD-211 iPad Counter Insert

iPad Portable Kiosk (MOD-1312 and MOD-1314)

This one is a slam dunk. The Classic iPad Kiosk is durable, affordable, and secure. It’s perfect for trade shows, retail applications, events, or anywhere there’s a need for a portable iPad application. The steel and aluminum kiosk comes with a locking clamshell lid, wire management, and a 4-plug outlet. Choose from a silver or black version, both powder-coated.  Its lightweight construction makes it the ideal accessory when your customer wants convenience and security at an attractive price. See MOD-1320, MOD-1321, MOD-1322, MOD-1324, and ZB-221 for Accessory Options. $495 retail

iPad Kiosk

iPad Portable Kiosks (MOD-1332, MOD-1333, and MOD-1334)

Let’s not mix words, the sleek Port\Land iPad Kiosks are stunning — graceful, elegant, and lightweight. But don’t let their supermodel looks fool you.  The engineered aluminum construction is designed to withstand the most grueling trade show or event schedule. The locking clamshell frame fits iPad 2 and 3 and includes the innovative Swivel Stop feature for an effortless transition from portrait to landscape mode. All three models, including the MOD-1334 with two Clamshell Frames, assemble easily and pack in the TF-700 or TF-701 fabric cases.

iPad Clamshell Extrusion Connection (MOD-1316)

We’re surprised no one else thought of this yet, but, we’re awfully glad we did. The MOD-1316 enables you to attach one, two, or multiple iPads, in a secure clamshell with locks, to engineered extrusions like MODUL and AGAM. The iPad clamshell case locks into the groove of the extrusion using a hex key. One turn and you have a convenient and adjustable iPad on your counter, backwall, or island upright. Very smart. The MOD-1316 comes in silver (powder-coated aluminum). $129 retail

MOD-1316 iPad Extrusion Attachment

iPad Extrusion Attachment

iPad Frame/Stand

The iPad Frame/Stand is constructed with MODUL aluminum extrusion and connects securely to the counter. Although it doesn’t work with every Classic counter and workstation, it can be adapted to fit many standard kits. The extrusion includes a plastic insert to protect the iPad from scratches. Pretty nifty! Plus, tThere are hundreds of powder coat and anodized color choices.

iPad Frame

iPad Frame/Stand

iPad Frame/Stand

iPad Frame/Stand

iPad Kiosk (MOD-1276)

There’s probably no more attractive or practical iPad kiosk anywhere than the MOD-1276. The modular construction consists of engineered aluminum extrusion, a laminate base, and a MODUL clear-coat aluminum frame. The power cord feeds through the vertical support and base. $825 retail

MOD-1276 iPad Kiosk

We’d enjoy hearing your thoughts about these iPad options from Classic Exhibits, and we’d love to hear your ideas about iPad fixtures for trade shows and events. Send us an email or comment via this post. What have you seen?

Update:  Tim Patterson at Tradeshow Guy blog writes about the Exploding iPad Use at Tradeshows and how they are being used. Great post with lots of links.

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100.

Exhibit City News Article about Aluminum Extrusions

July 6th, 2011 COMMENTS

Engineered Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusions Offer Few Limitations
Written by Exhibit City News

Not all aluminum extrusions are equal. Some have limited uses, flexibility and structural weight tolerance. But no matter what vision an exhibit designer has for the layout of the booth, there is an engineered aluminum extrusion that can help bring it to life.

Exhibit City News recently interviewed three trusted sources in the extrusion industry to get a comprehensive look at the benefits, trends, and technology that make up this growing segment of exhibit design.

Speaking on behalf of ClassicMODUL, a supplier of aluminum extrusions that offers comprehensive design and engineering support, is Mel White, vice president of marketing and business development.

Representing Octanorm USA, a leader in the extrusions market since the company was founded in 1968, is Norm Friedrich, president.

Our final industry professional, Xavier Decludt, is the president of AGAM Group, a worldwide supplier of aluminum modular display systems.

ECN: What are the benefits of using an extrusion-based exhibit construction system?
Mel White, ClassicMODUL: Unlike a traditional portable/modular system or custom (wood-based) exhibit, extrusion exhibits have few, if any, limitations in construction, appearance and modularity. Plus, they play nice with existing “systems” or custom-built displays as either a component or as structure. Most engineered extrusion systems include hundreds of aluminum profiles, from square to ovals, and from round to rectangles. The sheer flexibility allows designers to create large architectural structures that either showcase or minimize the aluminum structure.

Norm Friedrich, Octanorm: The benefits are numerous and depend on each company’s individual needs. Over the past 20 years, these aluminum systems have developed into design programs rather than construction elements. The variety of angles, curves, connections and accessories are so extensive it allows for custom design even when budgets are tight.

Xavier Decludt, AGAM Group: Extrusions can be used to implement any design or feature element can be imagined and recent design trends are making it a sought after solution for the modular industry. Extrusion can be integrated into existing material and be added on for a larger booth. Another major benefit of extrusions is a much lower operating cost for material handling, labor and freight.

ECN: How has the integration of fabrics/graphics changed over the last five years?
Friedrich: We’re not fabric experts, but we certainly know that the print quality on fabric has improved dramatically over the years, making it an excellent choice for large format graphics. What was once dull and grainy is now crisp and clear. Aluminum extrusion provides an ideal framework for fabric and has become the material of choice for many of those who are searching for a large dynamic presence with reduced weight and cost.

Decludt: Many conventional graphics are being replaced by silicone edge graphics (SEG) and new extrusions are always in development. Fabric is lightweight, durable and portabe, which reduces the amount of metal that is visible. When fabrics are folded, they take up less storage space. When this is combined with the slim profile of extrusions, exhibits become a lot easier to handle.

White: There have been two significant trends, both from Europe. Fabric graphics are getting bigger and those graphics are increasingly SEG. There has been a gradual shift toward showing less aluminum without losing the benefits of aluminum structures, particular in island exhibits. The same trend can be seen in signage. Whether backlit or non-backlit, event and tradeshow signs are shifting to fabric. It’s lighter, more durable, and as color vibrant as direct print.

MOD-1276 iPad Kiosk

ECN: What new products and design solutions is your company offering?
White: You can’t be on the cutting edge right now without a variety of SEG profiles and SEG designs. We offer 15 unique profiles that allow clients to build anything from small signs to large islands using silicone edge graphics. Our new SEGUE design line includes over 30 exhibit designs, which shows that SEG can be affordable, sexy and portable/modular.

We’re seeing the integration of traditional custom components into extrusion designs in trade show, retail and event applications. Retail applications are booming, and retailers are looking for answers that allow for modular flexibility where they can redefine the space every six months rather than every five years.

Kiosks integrating iPads, cell phones, readers and other technologies have been in demand. We’ve created extrusion solutions for all these.

Decludt: Pliko is a no-tool folding frame that features a minimalist design and clearly defined edges. The 108-inch by 92-inch graphic area maximizes graphic exposure and the slim frame structure virtually disappears.

We also have a new FH 1490 extrusion system that can accommodate graphics inside and outside the cubes. If you hang such cubes, you double your graphic exposure without any additional hardware costs, and if you suspend such cube, your free valuable floor space is available for product presentation and customer interaction.

We have also developed the FH hybrid system, which has the ability to use a fabric frame or convert it for to a hard panel without acquiring new aluminum.

Friedrich: Extrusion systems in general have evolved tremendously over the years and we are all busy creating new solutions to keep designers on the cutting edge. At Euroshop and Exhibitor this year, we introduced 21 new products. These include new and innovative ways of providing shelving, attaching LCD monitors, creating walls, building lightboxes, etc.

ECN: How is business and demand for your extrusion-based exhibits?
Friedrich: We have felt the effects of a weak economy just like everyone else but the demand for extrusion based exhibits seems to be quite steady. While many are re-using the properties they already own (one of the side effects of a material that lasts forever), it shows a lot of creativity on the part of business owners by making the most out of a product while keeping investment at a minimum. What better way to remain competitive than by using your existing inventory in new and exciting ways?

White: Excellent. Classic Exhibits and ClassicMODUL Aluminum Extrusions offer clients two distinct business models. This has allowed us to tap into demand from two unique avenues.

We’ve learned that location matters when it comes to ordering aluminum extrusions. As a result, we’ve established metal depots in three U.S. locations: Portland, Ore., Cheshire, Conn., and Birmingham, Ala. MODUL aluminum extrusion is also readily available throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Decludt: Based on demand for our extrusions, we can tell that the industry is turning around.

ECN: How has technology affected the extrusion industry?
Decludt: We have invested heavily during the past three years in building, machinery, equipment and software. We are one of the very few manufacturers able to offer a wide array of services to the trade, with more than 50 machines under one roof. Our customers come to us with unique design requirements to stand above the crowd, and we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to most of their challenges, giving them the competitive edge needed in today’s market place.

Friedrich: Technology has certainly has a positive impact on aluminum systems because they are so adaptable. The latest technologies in graphics, audio, video and lighting can easily be incorporated into these systems. I think it’s important for people to realize that aluminum systems are designed as a means to incorporate custom elements and technology falls into that category as well.

White: You adapt or you die. Obviously, LCD and plasma screens are commonplace in nearly every display, from table tops to islands. The trick is to create solutions that do more than simply hold a monitor. We’ve designed workstations, kiosks, counters and displays that integrate monitors into the overall visual presentation. The pace has quickened. When something new comes out, such as the iPad, for example, you can’t wait. You have to design multiple solutions, see what appeals to your customers, and then adapt and refine those solutions.

ECN: Can an extrusion system be used to build just about any design a client is looking to create?
White: No question at all!

Decludt: Extrusions are not always the best solution to a custom design, but the modularity of Aluminum Systems reduces dramatically design and engineering costs, and time to market is essential – only a modular system in aluminum achieves that.

Friedrich: I may not be the best person to answer this question, but my completely biased answer is “of course!” We see a lot of crazy concepts in our engineering department and most of the time, we can find a solution that does not compromise the integrity of the design. The only time we may run into issues is with regards to structural integrity. But as long as everyone is open to some additional support either overhead or in the form of bracing, we can usually overcome those issues as well.

–Mel White

ClassicMODUL Opens Southeast USA Extrusion Facility

March 23rd, 2011 1 COMMENT

ClassicMODUL Aluminum ExtrusionsClassicMODUL, a designer and manufacturer of aluminum extrusions and accessories, announces the opening of a Southeast USA facility.

The Birmingham, AL manufacturing and warehouse facility will stock select aluminum extrusion profiles for exhibit houses, retail designers, and museum display builders. The Birmingham facility along with the current Cheshire, CT facility serve as regional distribution hubs for MODUL aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum profiles and accessories currently unavailable in Birmingham, AL will continue to ship from Portland, OR.  With the exception of CNC bending, the Southeast facility can handle all manufacturing requests.

According to Kevin Carty, VP of Sales, “We are excited by this opportunity to better meet the needs of our clients on East and West Coasts and anywhere in between. Now with locations in the Northwest, Southeast, and the Northeast, ClassicMODUL offers much greater shipping flexibility than any other aluminum extrusion supplier. Choosing the right aluminum profiles was important, and we want to thank our distributors for their feedback. We feel confident that we have chosen the right location, the right partner, and the right group of extrusions. However, this is just the start. We will continue to add profiles to the Birmingham facility based on our distributor’s feedback and demand.”

For questions about availability or to place orders, contact Tom Jones at or 866.864.8686. For more information about ClassicMODUL, go to

Sacagawea vs. Magellan vs. Perfect 10 vs. Visionary Designs

July 22nd, 2010 3 COMMENTS

Comparing Four Hybrid Display Systems from Classic Exhibits

Are you comfortable describing the differences between the Sacagawea, Magellan, Perfect 10, and Visionary Designs Hybrid Systems with your customers? If not, here’s an excellent summary of each product line.

It’s actually fairly straight-forward (and it makes a lot of sense). Please understand (which translates to me CMA) that these distinctions are broad-based, and there are always exceptions.

In order, from the lowest to the highest starting prices . . . .

Sacagawea VK-1222

Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Displays

Starting Prices:  $3100 (10×10) | $6225 (10×20)

Sacagawea is the entry level portable hybrid line for Classic Exhibits. Introduced about a year ago, it is our most successful product launch ever. The reasons are obvious:  three attractive design series, compact and versatile displays, and terrific price points.

  • Sizes: Table Tops, 10 x 10, 10 x 20, Pedestals, and Workstations.
  • Kits: 65 standard kits.
  • Straight Extrusions:  Mostly straight extrusions with MODUL S40 uprights and Z45 horizontals.
  • Graphics:  Primarily one large tension fabric graphic @ 7.5 ft x 6.75 ft with a smaller tension fabric graphic and/or direct print graphics. Velcro tension fabric.
  • Assembly:  MOSTLY attached knobs with some hex key connections. Individual numbered parts with setup instructions.
  • Colors:  (9) Sintra/Plex Wing colors. (1) Standard extrusion color:  Silver (clear satin anodized).
  • Packaging:  LT-550 Portable roto-molded case(s) with die-cut foam inserts.

Bottom Line:  Least expensive, mostly straight extrusions, primarily knob assembly, medium-large graphics. Ideal for anyone considering a pop up display.

Magellan MOR VK-1077

Magellan Portable Hybrid Displays

Starting Prices:  $4500 (10×10) | $8745 (10×20)

Magellan Hybrid designs vary from straight-forward to complex. Anyone who loves curves, loves Magellan because the kits are all about curved metal and large tension fabric graphics. The most popular have been the Miracle and MOR, which not surprisingly are also the most affordable.

  • Sizes: 10 x 10, 10 x 20, Pedestals, and Workstations.
  • Kits: 62 standard kits.
  • Curved and Straight Extrusions:  Curved and straight extrusions using MODUL Z45 and S40 for horizontals and verticals.
  • Graphics:  One, two, or multiple large tension fabric graphics. Example: 7.4 ft x 7.8 ft and 2 ft x 7.8 ft (Magellan Miracle) with possible direct print graphics. Velcro tension fabric.
  • Assembly:  MOSTLY attached knobs with some hex key connections. Individual numbered parts with setup instructions.
  • Colors:  (9) Sintra/Plex wing colors. (1) Standard extrusion color:  Silver (clear satin anodized).
  • Packaging:  LT-550 Portable roto-molded case(s) with die-cut foam inserts.

Bottom Line:  Inexpensive, mostly curved extrusions, primarily knob assembly, large graphics. Ideal for anyone upgrading from a basic display system such as banner stands, pop ups, or curved pillowcase graphics.

Perfect 10 VK-1507

Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Displays

Starting Prices:  $5200 (10×10) | $12,840 (10×20)

There is nothing on the market remotely close to the Perfect 10 and Perfect 20. It defines sexy for a portable hybrid display. It assembles without tools and comes in a mind-boggling assortment of color and shape options, all included in the standard price. The P10 is protected by multiple design and utility patents.

  • Sizes: Table Tops, 10 x 10, 10 x 20, Banner Stands, Pedestals, and Workstations.
  • Kits: 38 standard kits.
  • Curved Extrusions:  Mostly curved extrusions using MODUL S40 for verticals and custom Z33 horizontals.
  • Graphics:  One or two large tension fabric graphics. Example: 8 ft x 5.8 ft and 8 ft x 2 ft (VK-1507) with possible direct print graphics. Velcro tension fabric.
  • Assembly:  ALL attached knob assembly and hinged components. Individual numbered parts with setup instructions.
  • Colors:  (9) Sintra/Plex wing colors. (7) Powder-coat extrusion colors.
  • Packaging:  LT-550 Portable roto-molded case(s) with die-cut foam inserts.

Bottom Line:  Competitively priced, mostly curved extrusions, all knob assembly, large graphics, more options. The Perfect 10 System epitomizes high design and offers the most standard options of any portable hybrid in the world.

Visionary Designs VK-1900 SEGUE

Visionary Designs Hybrid Exhibits

Starting Prices:  $7788 (10×10) | $14,826 (10×20)

With Visionary Designs, anything is possible – portable, modular, custom, and custom-hybrid designs. As the saying goes, “form follows function,” and the amorphous design capabilities of Visionary Designs allows you to create simple, complex, large, or small displays.

  • Sizes: Table Tops, Inlines, Islands, Counters, Pedestals, and Workstations
  • Kits: Over 300 standard kits
  • Extrusions:  Hundreds: Depends on the design and the function.
  • Graphics:  From one to multiple tension fabric and direct print graphics.  Velcro and silicone edge tension fabric.
  • Assembly:  Hex key assembly. Individual numbered parts with setup instructions.
  • Colors:  Standard Sintra/Plex colors. (1) Standard extrusion color:  Silver (clear satin anodized). Powder coat and anodizing options available for an addition cost.
  • Packaging:  Roto-molded cases, tubs, and jigged wood crates.

Bottom Line:  Extensive extrusion options, hex key assembly, small, medium, and large graphics (including SEG), unlimited designs, inlines, islands, and table tops. Visionary Designs includes the new SEGUE line of Silicone Edge Graphic displays, which maximizes graphics and minimizes visible extrusion.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like an in depth review of these systems. I would ask that you forward this link to anyone in your organization who would benefit from this comparison.

Also, please let me know if you would like to participate in the webinar Exhibit Design Search:  Tips, Tricks, and Techniques in September, along with a webinar about the basics of blogging.

–Mel White
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