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Promotional Product Trends with Rama Beerfas from Lev Promotions

May 18th, 2022 COMMENTS

Rama Beerfas of Lev Promotions shares 20 promotional product trends for 2022 in this Fast and Furious Webinar, sponsored by Classic Exhibits.

For more information about promotional products, tchotchkes, or giveaways, contact Rama at or If you are attending EXHIBITORLIVE, schedule an appointment with her at

For an overview of Promotional Products: 0.00 to 6:39. To see specific products, along with benefits and features: 6:40 to the end.

20 Promotional Product Trends in 20 Minutes (or so)

20 Trending Products

  1. Custom Designed Canister of Mini Gourmet Cookies
  2. Apple Paper Appeel Mid Size Notebook
  3. 24 Page 7.25″x8.5″ Note Paper MousePad
  4. Key Tag with ReturnMe Lost & Found Service
  5. Sustainabalm
  6. Smashlight 180
  7. Bag Tag Survival Multi-Tool
  8. QR Code Key Chain Custom Shape
  9. Classic Series Post-it® Custom Printed Flag & Pen
  10. Plantable Seed Card – Vertical or Horizontal
  11. Phone Loops – Petite Loop Cell Phone Strap Holder
  12. Professional 6″ Engineer Pocket Scale Ruler
  13. MicroHalt Toothbrush Cover, Full Color Digital
  14. SoberStick
  15. Post-it® Extreme Notes w/Custom Printing
  16. Cooling Stick
  17. Soothing Stick
  18. Hydra Stick
  19. Retro Lunch Box
  20. Whatever’s the Perfect Promotional Product for You!

Pedestal Stands: Understanding Your Options

May 13th, 2022 COMMENTS
Pedestal Stands
Custom Counter with Charging Pads and Storage

Pedestal stands are like middle children of trade show displays. They get less attention than their older or younger siblings so they’re more likely to be independent, resourceful, and accommodating. OK… that metaphor may be a bit of a stretch but in reality pedestals, counters, and kiosks are the unsung heroes of trade show exhibits. They are rarely the main focus of any exhibit design, yet they do much of the heavy lifting in any trade show booth. 

Pedestal Stands for Trade Shows

Whether you call them pedestals, counters, or kiosks, trade show booth design would be incomplete without them. The perfect pedestal will complement the overall design, not only by its shape but also by its graphics. In inline displays, like 10 x 10s and 10 x 20s, a pedestal along the aisle is often the first thing an attendee sees. It’s that subtle wink that draws them further into your booth. 

As a result, the branding and messaging on a pedestal or counter is critical, which can be challenging since there’s not much graphic real estate. The default branding is often the company’s logo. Which is fine, if attendees recognize what you do and what problem you solve. If not, then it’s time to be creative. You can ask a question? Or design a clever graphic that stops an attendee in their tracks. More than anything, you want a reaction that allows you (or them) to start a conversation. 

In an island exhibit, there are usually multiple counters, which can vary from a large reception counter to a small product demo pedestal. Each should have a specific function, which will determine how they’re branded. With all the space available in an island exhibit, it’s tempting to fill that space with pedestals, counters, and kiosks. However, just like with graphics, white space (or empty space) has merit. Clutter just creates confusion, particularly if it doesn’t contribute to your messaging. 

display pedestal

Types of Trade Show Pedestal Stands

The range of sizes, functions, and designs is staggering. Classic Exhibits has nearly 400 styles in three galleries in a wide range of prices and materials. There are even assembly options, like fully-assembled, partially-assembled, and unassembled pedestals. Most have locking storage. Others have backlit graphics. Still others include LED accent lighting and wireless charging pads. However, your exhibit design and your budget will dictate your counter/pedestal choices, which (thankfully) makes the decision more manageable. 

Let’s explore a few categories:  


Custom pedestals are typically fully-assembled and constructed (primarily) from wood. However, custom can mean a counter customized to your unique design requirements. With custom, anything is possible: any finish, accessories, shape, and size. See MOD-1592 for an example. 


If you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you’ve seen a basic version of a Parsons counter. In reality, they are more tables than counters but they can include storage, accent lighting, and charging. See MOD-1707 for an example.

MOD-1707 Parsons Charging Counter
MOD-1707 Parsons Charging Counter


Backlit pedestals and counters are HOT right now. Many have backlit fabric graphics. Others profile or custom-cut logos. Sizes vary as well from small product pedestals to L-shaped reception counters. See MOD-1716 for an example.


Modular/Hybrid pedestals are typically partially assembled for easier shipping. And unlike a custom pedestal, the framework is usually engineered aluminum extrusion. This makes them lighter. Also, if a part is ever lost or damaged, it can easily be replaced. See MOD-1552 for an example.  


Portable simply means it packs in a case that can be shipped via UPS/FedEx. It does not mean “tool-less” although many portable pedestals assemble without tools. Nor does it necessarily mean simple or basic. Many portables include locking storage, internal shelves, and wire management. See SYM-408 for an example. 

SYM-408 Portable Pedestal
SYM-408 Portable Pedestal


This can be a bit confusing at first glance. Counters and pedestals with charging pads, wireless or wired, are often called Charging Counters. Which is true. However, charging counters can be custom, modular, portable, and backlit. Practically any design can be a charging counter as long as the design accommodates wire management. See GOD-1558c for an example.  

Uses for a Trade Show Display Pedestal 

What’s the best use of a trade show pedestal? That’s easy! The one that fulfills your specific trade show marketing goals. The only limitation is your budget. Here are a few ways exhibitors use pedestals. 

  • Product Displays 
  • Reception Counters 
  • Storage
  • Charging
  • Tablet Kiosks
  • Meeting Tables
  • Literature
  • Demo Stations
  • Refreshment Stand

Pedestal Display Examples

We love browsing through the hundreds of pedestal designs in Exhibit Design Search. No other trade show supplier has a larger and more varied selection. But we have our favorites. Browse through the gallery below to explore some of the pedestals and counters available. Don’t see exactly what you need? No problem. Contact us. We’d love the design one that matches your specific requirements. 

View the detailed gallery here.

Need Pedestal Stands For Your Next Trade Show?

Classic Exhibits has been designing and building solutions since 1993. We’ve been honored as an Exhibitor Magazine Find-It Top 40 Exhibit Producer and an Event Marketer Fab 50 Exhibit Builder multiple times. Along with numerous Portable Modular Awards. 

With over 200 Distributor Partners throughout North America, there’s a Classic representative close by. Contact us today whether you need a custom pedestal, a rental counter, or a sustainable kiosk with all the bells and whistles. At Classic… We’re not just different. We’re better.

Sustainable Trade Shows: Eco-System Displays & Eco Display Options

May 13th, 2022 COMMENTS
Eco System Displays

Eco-friendly exhibits are the future of the trade show industry. In a consumer survey, 92% reported they are more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues, and 87% have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues. This means that not only will more sustainable business practices tremendously help our planet, but they’ll also help with your company’s image and sales too!

Eco-System Displays: Getting Started

Since 2007, Eco-System Displays line (Eco) from Classic Exhibits Inc. has been the leader in contemporary eco-friendly displays for trade shows and events. In fact, no other exhibit company has a longer history or built more green displays than Eco-System Displays. The company’s designs have won multiple awards including Buyers Choice and Best of the Best Awards at exhibit industry trade shows.

Eco-systems sustainable designs

All Eco products are built using eco-friendly materials, which in most cases cost the same or less than standard displays. Start by exploring the three Eco galleries in Exhibit Design Search, featuring inlines, islands, and accessories. You’ll find hundreds of designs that can be purchased “as is” or customized to meet your specific marketing needs. Want something totally unique? No problem. Our talented designers will be happy to create an exhibit tailored to your custom requirements. 

Benefits of Selecting an Eco Display

Historically, trade shows and events have generated mountains of trash. If you’ve ever participated in the installation and dismantling of exhibits on a show floor, you’ve seen the plastic, paper, wood, and metal headed to the landfill. Fortunately, COVID and a general “green awareness” have reduced the brochures, paper products, give-a-ways, and carpeting thrown away. Along with the increase in rental displays. However, non-sustainable materials are still being used by many exhibit builders. 

Eco-Systems Sustainable was founded to provide exhibitors with green trade show options that don’t compromise on the design or the quality of the materials. Eco-Systems resources eco-friendly materials similar to Sintra, a fabric made from recycled plastics, aluminum extrusions produced using recycled aluminum, FSC certified wood, Green Guard laminates, and water-based adhesives and inks. As technology has evolved, so has the quality and price of the materials. In almost all cases, it’s equal to or superior to non-sustainable materials.  

  • Aluminum Extrusions: 70% recycled content. 
  • Forest Stewardship Council Wood Products (FSC): Certified grown and harvested sustainably.
  • Laminates:  Greenguard Certified.
  • Adhesives:  Water-based, low or VOC free (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Eco-Board: Biodegradable polystyrene.
  • ReCo Board:  100% recycled plastics.
  • Eco-Glass: 100% post-industrial recycled acrylic or plexiglass. 
  • Fabric Graphics: 100% post-consumer material including dye-sub SEG backlit graphics.
  • LED Lights: Lightboxes, accent lights, stem lights, and downlighting.
  • Shipping Cases: Made from recycled plastics and 100% recyclable when no longer needed. All wood crates are made using FSC Wood.
  • Reusable Packing Materials: Made from Recycled Foam

Eco Display Products for Your Next Show

Some exhibitors ask, “Will my exhibit look green?” It can. We can design it to have a funky, crunchy, or recycled look. However, most exhibitors want a modern, contemporary exhibit built with sustainable materials. It’s green but it doesn’t wear its sustainability on its sleeve. See the examples below for a modern approach to sustainable design. 


Eco System Displays

ECO-4071: The reconfigurable  ECO-4071 island offers inviting entrances on all four sides. The backlit graphics and hanging signs attract attention both down the aisle and across the show hall.

ECO-4100: A reconfigurable island exhibit (w/ 10 and 20 ft. inline options) transforms a square 20 x 20 booth space into an inviting island with a round header and comfortable lounge. 

ECO-4073: This affordable island starts with an open floor plan with curved headers and layers on a stunning reception counter with iPad mounts and pedestals. 


eco display products

ECO-2124: This custom design with modular construction, the ECO-2124 includes downlighting and backlight, closet storage, and multiple monitor options!

ECO-1091: This sophisticated inline blends bright backlit graphics, a large monitor option, multiple shelves, and a clever reception counter into an elegant 10 ft. display. 

ECO-1127: The perfect choice for any exhibitor who requires large graphics, a monitor option, and product shelves. The modular construction expands to a 10 x 20 booth.


Eco System Displays

ECO-2C: A beautiful and affordable pedestal with a raised countertop and locking storage. Available in hundreds of laminate colors and finishes. 

ECO-42C: This large reception counter (86″ W x 40″ H x 25″ D) makes a bold statement with vibrant backlit graphics, a plex countertop, and dual locking storage cabinets. 

ECO-55C: The curved custom counter includes LED accent lights, internal shelves, and convenient wireless charging pads. 

How about Eco Display Rental Options?

Renting Eco-System Displays is the greenest of green choices for exhibitors who want to make a difference. Eco rental exhibits are built with sustainable materials, come in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be customized for any exhibitor — even from show to show. Rentals give exhibitors the ultimate flexibility to change their messaging without the hassle of ownership.

An eco-friendly rental from Classic Exhibits looks identical to a purchased exhibit. Imagine a beautiful island display with large LED lightboxes, big overhead signs, conference and meeting rooms, and workstations at a price 40% less than a comparable purchased display.

Because rentals are used again and again, as long as the components are functional and attractive, they are more sustainable for the exhibitor and the builder. Plus, when components can no longer be used, Eco recycles them – the wood, aluminum, and plastic. 

Eco System Displays

Does a “Green Exhibit” Cost More?

Not anymore. The green industry has become incredibly efficient with recycled products. With the exception of wood, all the eco-friendly materials sourced in the construction of an Eco display are either the same cost or less expensive than “virgin” materials. And in most cases, the quality is superior. There are no compromises, either in the construction or in the design options when choosing an Eco display.  

Eco-System Displays from Classic Exhibits

As an exhibitor, you can make a difference, and that difference doesn’t have to cost more or compromise your design or marketing goals. Green materials such as Eco-board, ReCo, and FSC wood products are smart choices that are comparable to non-sustainable materials. 

However, none of that matters if you can’t get the design and the features you need in your exhibit. As the leader in eco-friendly exhibits, Eco-System Displays by Classic has been designing modern trade show displays since 2007. 

With over 200 Distributor Partners throughout North America, there’s a Classic/Eco representative close by. Contact us today whether you need a custom inline, a rental counter, or a sustainable island with all the bells and whistles. At Classic… We’re not just different. We’re better.

My Experience with Tive Tracking Technology

May 12th, 2022 1 COMMENT

Dear Classic Distributor Partners and Friends,


Back in November/December 2021, I was approached by Dave Brown, an old friend and colleague, regarding his new employer — Tive, Inc. Dave wanted some help to introduce Tive’s Real Time Visibility technology to the Live Events and Trade Show Industry.

I listened and the gears started spinning. Tive provides a software platform and tracking device(s) that can be placed in or on any exhibit asset to monitor the individual asset or the entire shipment’s progress in real time. But if I leave it at that, it’s just a cool gadget, but, it’s much much more. Let me explain.

Testing the TIVE Trackers

First, I tested it myself. A Classic Distributor Partner asked me to supervise a 30 x 30 built for their client at ISC WEST in Las Vegas. The client is a security device company, with cameras, doorbells, and keypads for businesses and homes. And much much more. Lots of high-end electronics.

ISW West is the client’s largest event each year. It’s important to them. Supply chain and trucking issues along with the time sensitive requirement of a trade show meant this would be the ideal test for delivery issues, both on the road and in the convention hall.

TIVE Freight Tracking Technology

The shipment was five crates that included the exhibit and the client’s valuable electronics.  Before the crates left our facility in Portland, OR, I placed a Tive Tracker in each crate. Five total. Then I loaded the shipment information into the TIVE Tracking Technology software.

Destination… Las Vegas

My flight to Vegas was in three days. The show would be held at the Venetian Expo Center (i.e., The Sands Expo). After the shipment left our dock, I went home and about three hours later, I opened the Tive software because I was curious. My son was on the couch with me and wanted to see what I was doing. When I opened it, there were the five crates on the map, pinging their location. My son asked me to zoom in a little to see their exact location. At which point he says, “Ha! Ha! Dad, the driver is taking a pee.” Funny BUT he was right! We could tell from our many road trips that he was at a rest stop near Canyonville, Oregon. The rest stop is literally the only thing there. But I digress…

Tive’s Real Time Visibility Technology allows for GEO fencing and tracking light, shock, and temperatures along the way. Plus, the ability to set the levels of sensitivity for each. It then alerts you (for example) if there is a light alert, like the crate was opened, or shock alerts, if the crate fell over or off the truck. Thankfully none of those happened.

You can also set a destination in the software, so it alerts you when the shipment is within a preset distance from the destination. On the day I was set to fly, while waiting to board my flight in the morning, a Tive text alert DINGED! The crates were in the marshalling yard, and I felt relieved knowing I would be hitting the ground running once I landed in Vegas.

When I landed, there was another DING! The freight was at the Venetian Expo.

Nope… Watch This!

At the exhibit hall all but one of the crates was in the booth space. The I&D Lead said to me, “I will walk over to the freight desk and see if we can find out where it is…or if it’s still in the yard or something.” I said, “Nope… watch this!” I opened my laptop, navigated to my Tive login, and saw that it was on the far side of the hall in a corner behind some other crates. Easy peasy, and the forklift driver was dispatched to fetch it.

Admittedly, Classic does mostly one-way shipments unlike our Distributor Partners who handle turnkey storage, service, and shipping for clients. However, I experienced the backend advantage to Tive as well. Since I was supervising the I&D, I travelled with a rolling toolbox that was placed in one of the crates. After setup, I took it to a UPS store in the hotel and shipped it back to my Office. Well, a week later it dawned on me that my tool case was still not back so I tracked it on UPS. LOST!

“Crap!” I thought. But then I remembered I put all the trackers from the crates in my toolbox. So I opened my Tive login again and wouldn’t ya’ know it they were pinging bright in the UPS warehouse on Swan Island in Portland. I called our UPS rep and convinced him to get someone to go look in the NW corner of the building for a small black hard-shell tool case. They found it and delivered the case the next day.

Contact Dave Brown at TIVE

EXHIBITORLIVE Buyers Choice Award

So why the long infomercial on a non-Classic product? I believe Tive has a strong future in our industry. While Classic may not be their biggest customer with our one-way shipments (rentals aside), our Distributor Partners are perfect candidates for this valuable technology. Think about it. Doesn’t it make sense with all the out and back shipments you handle for your storage clients and their expensive assets? I urge you to connect with Dave Brown ( to explore this sophisticated but relatively inexpensive freight tracking security blanket.

I am confident you will feel the same as me after your trial run.

Be well and have a great week.

— Kevin Carty

Your Shared Knowledge Newsletter | May Edition

May 9th, 2022 COMMENTS

Experiential Marketing Summit 2022 (EMSlive)

What a great week in Las Vegas at EMSlive 2022. I walked into this event not knowing what to expect, but several friends who had attended before told me, “Just go, interact, network, and converse and you will quickly see why this event is a part of our yearly plans.” They were correct.

EMSlive is a blend of EXHIBITORLIVE based on the end-user attendees and EDPA ACCESS with its showcase floor. And yet totally different.

For Classic Exhibits specifically, we participated for two reasons: guilt and opportunity. We have been named to the Event Marketer FAB 50 Exhibit Builders for 5 of the past 7 years, but we hadn’t participated in their event. We owed it to them to be there. However, guilt was not the only reason (Click to read the full article).

Tom Beard Returns (Part Deux)

Tom Beard

On March 18, 1995, Michael Jordan sent an “I’m Back!” fax to the media announcing his return to basketball. Like MJ another Chicagoan is returning. Please welcome Tom Beard back as a Regional Sales Manager for Classic Exhibits.

According to Tom, “I look forward to re-connecting with my friends and colleagues in the industry. In case you retired my contact information, I can be reached at and 815-321-9258.”

Tom will be responsible for IL, WI, MN, IN and MI. Expect to see or hear from Tom in the coming weeks.

New EDS Gallery — Games & Digital Activations (CP)

There’s a new Gallery in Exhibit Design Search – Games and Digital Activations (CP). We delighted to welcome Captello as a strategic partner to EDS. The Captello gallery includes eight affordable games for trade shows or events which can be launched on any electronic device. The games include custom branding, leaderboard options, and prizes. And like our other partner galleries (CORT, DS&L, Brumark, and Taylor), you can order directly from them (not Classic). Click HERE for the Ordering Process PDF.

Business Model: 10% Referral Fee or 30% Reseller Fee

Referral Fee is when distributor refers end-customer to Captello to handle invoicing, payment, etc.

Reseller Fee is when the end-user purchases directly from the Classic Distributor and the Distributor handles the purchase and support. Resellers will have access to their own Captello account and the ability to switch to different sub-accounts to set up the end-user software on their behalf. Reseller Partners receive training and support from Captello. End-users do not have to pay an onboarding fee with this model. Reseller can profit from professional services and training in addition to license fees. White label options are also available.


Classic Exhibits EXHIBITORLIVE Exhibit

Las Vegas… one final time?

  • Conference: Mon., June 20 – Thurs., June 23
  • Exhibit Hall: Tues., June 21 – Thurs., June 23

To register for your FREE HALL PASS, go HERE and ENTER code #4044. Classic will be “glowing” with a 20 x 30 island in booth #1219. Visit us and you could win a $500 discount on your next order. 

People’s Choice Voting

People's Choice Voting Page

The People’s Choice Page is active with 50 finalists. However, only one design can win the People’s Choice.

You can vote once per day until June 22, 2022. The finalist with the most votes will be named this year’s People’s Choice Award winner. All winners will be announced during a ceremony at EXHIBITORLIVE 2022 in Las Vegas.

As many of you know, we have been consistent cheerleaders for the PMA since the beginning, including sponsoring the voting page (see our banner ad). Please support the PMA by voting for the next two months.

Women in Exhibitions Breakfast

Women in Exhibitions Breakfast at EXHIBITORLIVE

Calling all Women in Exhibitions and Events! The 4th Annual Women in Exhibitions Breakfast event will be held in the Connection Zone at EXHIBITORLIVE on June 22 from 8-10 am. Enjoy a delicious continental breakfast while you network with peers and share your experience in breakout sessions. Learn how women are uniquely suited to take on leadership roles from our special guest speaker MaryCay Durrant.

Date and Time:

  • Wed, June 22, 2022
  • 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT
  • Register HERE

Space is limited. Purchasing tickets in advance is STRONGLY recommended.

Find It Top 40 Exhibit Producers

For the 5th straight year, Classic has been named an EXHIBITOR Find It Top 40. EXHIBITOR “received nearly 500 applications from exhibit houses in North America, all of which were subjected to an exhaustive evaluation process including more than 50 individual criteria weighted to reflect how EXHIBITOR readers and Editorial Advisory Board members value them when vetting and selecting potential partners.”

We’re honored to be named a Top 40 once again, and we’re proud and delighted for the 29 Classic Exhibits Distributors who were also honored. Well done! Pretty darn special.


In May and June, we are sponsoring (3) “fast-paced” webinars in conjunction with Lev Promotions, Brumark, and Tim Patterson (The Tradeshow Guy).

20 Trends in 20 Minutes

  • 20 Clever and Creative Promotional Products with Rama Beerfas, Lev Promotions
  • 20 Step-by-Step Flooring Trends with James Zacharias, Brumark

The Fast and Furious 50

  • Tradeshow Stupid to Tradeshow Smart in 50 Minutes. 50 Essential Trade Show Tips for Every Newbie (or Wannabe). Tim Patterson, Tradeshowguy Exhibits

Look for the details, including dates and times, in an ebroadcast later this week.