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Casual Comfortable — Trade Show Exhibit Design

May 2nd, 2022 COMMENTS
Exhibit Design is Evolving in North America

Go ahead… relax, unwind, and take a break! Have a delicious pastry and some wine. But only if you’re attending a trade show in Europe. 

In North America, meeting rooms (with hard plastic chairs) and presentation areas (with funky ottoman seats) were always the norm. More than that and you were violating a dozen generally-accepted trade show rules. 

Not Anymore

Thank goodness. Most islands now have soft-seating, along with tables. Even inlines are more informal. Most 10 x 20 booths now include a bistro or bar table with chairs.

The emphasis on comfort and conversation says, “Stay a while, charge your phone, and let’s talk about why we should do business together.” We encourage you to embrace it, have a cookie, and a bottle of lukewarm water. It’s not perfect (yet), but your feet will thank you.  

RE-9152 Rental Island Exhibit
RE-9151 Rental Island Exhibit
RE-2125 Rental Inline Exhibit