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Safety Barriers for Schools, Offices, Government Buildings, and Retail Stores

July 31st, 2020 COMMENTS
Safety Dividers and Barriers

Are you searching for acrylic walls to serve as a protective barrier for a reception area, lobby, desk, conference table, or a line? It’s challenging because how they’re described varies. For example, there are safety dividers, safety barriers, sneeze guards, protective walls, dividers, barriers, partitions, and shields.

Regardless of the supplier, the concept is similar. Create a barrier between you and someone else with a freestanding or mounted wall. Most are clear, using an acrylic. Others are translucent. And some even have graphics on part or all of the barrier. Obviously, heights, sizes, and shapes vary as does the overall design (from crude plex held together with hook and loop to custom wood, aluminum, and graphic-branded partitions).

Dividers to Fit Your Design and Budget

What you need will depend on your budget and design requirements, but in nearly all cases, the safety divider will require some customization if you want the dividers to either blend into or enhance your current environment.

We’ve all seen safety barriers in stores, banks, or medical buildings that are neither attractive nor effective. Some are downright ugly and unsanitary. You don’t want that, right? See the examples below or HERE and then contact Classic Exhibits or a local Classic Distributor.

Understanding Your Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Options

July 31st, 2020 COMMENTS
Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Design Services

The suspension of most onsite trade shows in Q2 and Q3 has prompted show organizers to offer virtual show options to attendees and exhibitors. So, what does that mean? As with anything new, there are conflicting opinions and options.

As a leader in exhibit design, Classic Exhibits has always offered comprehensive design services to our distributors and their clients, in both 2D and 3D formats. The switch to virtual exhibits really isn’t much of a stretch. It all depends on what the virtual exhibitor wants to include and showcase int their exhibit. And since it’s virtual, unlike a physical booth, there are far more opportunities to show products and services in both immersive and online experiences.

If you are considering a virtual exhibit at a trade show, you should begin by talking to professionals who understand the requirements, the technology, and most importantly, what questions to ask. Contact us or your Classic Exhibits distributor for a free consultation. You might be surprised by what’s available. Click HERE for an example.

Modular Medical Registration and Testing Stations

July 24th, 2020 COMMENTS

Gravitee Medical Registration Stations, Waiting Rooms, and Testing Pods are modular and assemble quickly and with minimal tools. The surfaces can be sanitized and/or removed without disassembling the frames. Internal wire management is included. All components ship flat.

Purchase and rental options are available.

Modular Medical Testing Rooms and COVID Testing Stations
Modular Medical Rooms and COVID Testing Pods

Protective Safety Dividers in Any Size or Configuration

July 17th, 2020 COMMENTS
Protective Safety Dividers and Barriers

Protective Safety Dividers are now essential in retail stores, schools, offices, churches, events, and any public gathering. They create physical distance, maintain order, and protect people where groups are present. In permanent or semi-permanent situations, base plates are the logical choice. Where the dividers are meant to be temporary or quickly moved, then castors are the best option.

Our Safety Dividers are constructed from engineered aluminum extrusion. Engineered aluminum is lightweight but significantly stronger and more durable than traditional thin-walled aluminum profiles. The satin anodized surface protects the aluminum from abrasions and retains a glossy shine under the most challenging environments.

Need additional dividers or custom sizes? The modular extrusion connects seamlessly to any vertical or horizontal post. Custom requests are always welcome regardless of the size project. See the photos for recent projects.

Choose from clear acrylic, frosted plex, or graphic insert options.

Hand Sanitizer Stands w/ SilverSan Anti-Microbial Powder-coating

July 17th, 2020 COMMENTS

When you choose a Stand Tough™ Sanitizer Stand, you get heavy-duty construction, a *SilverSan™ Anti-Microbial powder-coated finish (in white), medical stainless steel mounting plate and tray, and an American-made product. Plus, a lifetime warranty. All guaranteed by Classic Exhibits.

See the complete Stand Tough line HERE.

Heavy Duty Hand Sanitizer Stands