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Understanding Your Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Options

July 31st, 2020 COMMENTS
Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Design Services

The suspension of most onsite trade shows in Q2 and Q3 has prompted show organizers to offer virtual show options to attendees and exhibitors. So, what does that mean? As with anything new, there are conflicting opinions and options.

As a leader in exhibit design, Classic Exhibits has always offered comprehensive design services to our distributors and their clients, in both 2D and 3D formats. The switch to virtual exhibits really isn’t much of a stretch. It all depends on what the virtual exhibitor wants to include and showcase int their exhibit. And since it’s virtual, unlike a physical booth, there are far more opportunities to show products and services in both immersive and online experiences.

If you are considering a virtual exhibit at a trade show, you should begin by talking to professionals who understand the requirements, the technology, and most importantly, what questions to ask. Contact us or your Classic Exhibits distributor for a free consultation. You might be surprised by what’s available. Click HERE for an example.

10 BIG Trade Shows in North America | December 2016 and January 2017

October 18th, 2016 COMMENTS


These OUTSTANDING December and January trade shows are a hit. And like Ted Williams at the plate, you’ll want to keep your eye on the ball and knock it out of the park.

Performance Racing Industry Show, Dec. 8 – 10, 2016, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

The PRI Trade Show is THE Epicenter of New Racing Technology. 1,200 companies will display the latest advances in racing products and race engineering. Engine parts, suspension components, data acquisition, safety gear, new metal alloys and coatings, machining equipment, race electronics — it’s all part of the world’s largest racing trade show.

Power-Gen International, Dec. 13 – 15, 2016, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

As the World’s Largest Power Generation Event, POWER-GEN International is the industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of the trends, technologies and issues facing the generation sector. More than 1,400 companies from all sectors of the industry exhibit each year to benefit from the exposure to more than 20,000 attendees. Displaying a wide variety of products and services, POWER-GEN International represents a horizontal look at the industry with key emphasis on new solutions and innovations for the future.

Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 5 – 8, 2017, Las Vegas, NV

The 2016 CES was a record-breaking year. More than 170,000 attendees from across the globe gathered among 2.47 million net square feet of exhibit space. That’s why CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology. No other even gives companies this depth of exposure and reach, because there’s NO other event experience like CES. It’s where business gets done: on the show floor, in and around their conference program, in impromptu connections, and in planned meetings and special events.

National Western Rodeo & Stock Show, Jan. 7 – 22, 2017, Multiple Venues, Denver, CO

The National Western Stock Show, one of Colorado’s preeminent tourist destinations, held every January for 16 days. A nationally recognized western heritage and entertainment event, the stock show hosts one of the world’s richest regular season professional rodeos, one of the country’s largest horse shows and Colorado’s largest western trade show, attracting attendance numbers over 650,000 visitors each year.

International Builders’ Show, co-located with KBIS – Design and Construction Week, Jan. 10 – 12, 2017, Orlando, FL

IBS brings together the industry’s most important global manufacturers and suppliers and showcases the latest products, materials and technologies involved in all types of buildings – including wood, concrete, stone and brick. See 550,000 net square feet of exhibits and more than 1,400 manufacturers and suppliers of the latest and most in-demand products and services.

KBIS will host 500+ leading brands in the kitchen and bath industry, including over 100 NEW companies, spanning across two halls. No other event offers an interactive look at the top brands, the ability to compare products side-by-side and get answers straight from the manufacturers.

Outdoor Retailer – Winter Show, Jan. 10 – 12, 2017, Salt Lake City, UT

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market is where orders are written, new accounts are found, connections are made, and winter sports products brands are launched. Outdoor Retailer has proven to be the leading growth vehicle for the winter sports market and brands that are interested in progressing and advancing into multiple channels of the outdoor marketplace. From small shops and regional chains, to the largest national and international retailers – OR Winter Market attracts thousands of buyers and senior level decision makers.

Retail’s BIG Show 2017, Jan. 15 – 17, 2017, Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

NRF’s Annual Convention and EXPO earned the nickname “Retail’s BIG Show” years ago and because the name was so appropriate, it stuck. Today, Retail’s BIG Show is the National Retail Federation’s flagship event held annually in New York City. The three-day event offers unparalleled education, collegial networking with 33,000 of your newest friends, and an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions. After more than a century – 106 years to be exact – Retail’s BIG Show is still the only place where you can see and experience all things Retail.

NAMM – National Association of Music Merchants, Jan. 19 – 22, 2017, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

No other trade show has been more influential in introducing musical trends, unveiling the latest, cutting-edge technologies, creating household product names, showcasing emerging brands and uniting every segment in the industry than The NAMM Show. The NAMM Show is a true global gathering, with buyers attending from 125 countries and regions. Exhibitors benefit from exposure to a diverse base of businesses that buy products, including retail stores and non-exhibiting distributors.

Winter Fancy Food Show, Jan. 22 – 24, 2017, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

The Winter Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty food and beverage show on the West Coast, drawing 33,000+ industry professionals, and the premier showcase for industry innovation. The next big products. The next big companies. The next big trends. They’ll be discovered at WFFS 2017 in San Francisco.

NADA – National Automobile Dealers Association, Jan. 26 – 29, 2017, New Orleans, LA

The NADA Convention & Expo is celebrating 100 years in 2017. The NADA Convention & Expo is the world’s largest international gathering of franchised new-vehicle dealers. More than 25,000 new-car and truck dealers and their managers, as well as dealers from over 30 countries, auto industry executives and exhibitor staff typically attend the NADA/ATD Convention & Expo each year. It offers dealers the chance to meet face-to-face with major automakers, provides dozens of workshops with the industry’s best trainers, and features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest equipment, services and technologies.


Shopping for a new or rental exhibit? See over 1400 contemporary islands, inlines, banner stands, and trade show accessories at Click on Exhibit Design Search for the largest display selection in North America. To find a Classic Exhibits Distributors, click here.

NETGEAR Showroom Tour at CES 2015

January 22nd, 2015 COMMENTS

This video, produced by NETGEAR, shows their 2015 CES Exhibit. Except for the tables in the hallway in the beginning, it’s entirely a Classic Rental Solutions exhibit. Thanks to Steve Riches at Laguna Displays for sharing and for the order. A pat on the back the the CRS Team. This is a terrific example of how they create customized solutions for Classic Distributors every single day.

For more information about Classic Rental Solutions, contact Jim Shelman (


Celebrating Grandma: Word on the Street — May 27th thru May 31st

June 2nd, 2013 3 COMMENTS

Celebrating Grandma: Word on the Street -- May 27th thru May 31st

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

This weekend, the Carty Family celebrates my grandmother’s 95th birthday. I come from a huge Irish Catholic family, meaning we’ll have 40-50 in attendance at her party. She has chosen an ice cream social, and it’s sure to be a great event.  She is an amazing woman!

Her birthday got me thinking . . . 95 years. What she has seen and experienced over the past century — good and bad? Her life began at the end of  World War I. There was Prohibition, segregation, the Depression, the Vietnam War protests, the Great Recession, and the election of Barack Obama.

What about trade shows over the past 95 years? I did a little research on benchmarks over the past 95 years. This is by no means complete — 95 years is a very long time.

1929 — The Historic Boardwalk Convention Hall in Atlantic City opened. Since its opening, the convention hall has been host to a variety of events, ranging from the 1964 Democratic National Convention to the Holyfield and Foreman fight in 1991.

1933 — Held to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the city’s incorporation and the fortieth anniversary of Chicago’s first world’s fair, the Century of Progress Exposition ran from May until November of 1933. In the end, a total of 22.3 million people visited the 1933 Trade Fair.

1955 — Many exciting world premieres took place during the 1955 Chicago Auto Show, including the 1955 Studebaker Speedster and Lincoln’s Futura dream car. General Motors presented experimental vehicles, including the Chevy Nomad, Pontiac Bonneville, Olds F-88, Buick Wildcat II and Cadillac El Camino. A record 490,500 visitors attended the nine-day affair in the International Amphitheatre, with 72,000 on the first Sunday alone.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

1960 — The first McCormick Place was opened in Chicago. It was destroyed in 1967 by a fire. The main floor had no sprinklers.

1967 — The first CES Show. CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, began in June 1967 as a spinoff of the Chicago Music Show, which, at the time, was the only place to debut consumer electronics. The first CES drew in 17,500 attendees and over 100 exhibitors.

1984 — The Louisiana World Exposition opened its doors in New Orleans, La. The expo’s theme was “The World of Rivers – Fresh Waters as a Source of Life.”

1995 — Thousands of Grateful Dead fans congregated in Chicago’s McCormick Place 31st street parking lot. It was days before the show, however that did not prevent them from camping out. Many of the “deadheads” were witnessed dancing, singing, cooking, and showering in the parking lot. Eww!

1999 — The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show’s pavilion structures literally flew away in September of ’99 when, in an act of God, a tornado came twisting through downtown Salt Lake City sucking up and spitting out everything in its path. Unfortunately that included the booths of over 330 exhibitors; however, camaraderie prevailed in the hearts of attendees as companies made room for the displaced in their own booths contained in the main hall. The show must go on!

2001 — The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released an exhibition industry census. The first of its kind. The census collected data on everything from gross revenues of a particular show to how many qualified buyers attended a show to how many industry exhibitions were held in any given city on any given month.

2007 — Exhibit City News, the nation’s only tradeshow newspaper, launched the inaugural edition of its sister publication Tradeshow Lifestyles to the world; the newspaper highlighted travel hotspots, such as dining, lodging, and entertainment which would be of interest to the tradeshow community.

Thanks to Exhibit City News for these dates. There are so many more that I could spend a week writing about them all.

Suffice to say, our industry has lead the way for businesses of all kinds over the past 95 years, giving them an avenue and venue to show off their wares and talents.

Special thanks to Iris Carty for being a great grandma. She has seen a lot but shared even more with me and the rest of us whacky folks in the Carty Clan. Here’s to seeing 100 in five years Grandma.  🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did!

Kevin Carty


Rental Exhibits Aren’t What They Used to Be. THANK GOODNESS!

February 9th, 2011 1 COMMENT

We’ve Come a Long Way in Exhibit Rentals

Rental Exhibit

Rental Exhibit

Not so long ago, the choices were limited to pop ups, panel displays, and bent and dirty aluminum extrusion from the show contractor. You could spot a rental booth from clear across the show hall. All that has changed . . . Thank goodness! More often than not, you couldn’t spot a rental if you were staring at it. Rental exhibits are no longer cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf kits. Most manufacturers welcome modifying and customizing existing rental kits or creating new designs. They’re individually designed just like purchased exhibits.

On average, 25% of the overall cost of an island rental exhibit is custom components, not including the graphics. It’s really interesting because a large percentage of exhibitors understand this very clearly and have come to expect it. At Classic Exhibits, we work with new exhibitors all the time who are shocked by the amount of customization available with rental exhibits.

A great example of customization for a rental exhibit is a recent project we did for Griffin Technologies through our distributor–Tradeshow STOP in Nashville. A large portion of the exhibit consisted of our aluminum extrusion profiles, but we added custom cedar beams, interior wood walls, cabinets, and an electric fireplace with a mantle. This design also called for custom globe lighting. Griffin does a great job of adding finishing touches to their booth such as furniture and accessories. Last year they used a customized Volkswagen van that they drove from Nashville to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a huge hit.

Rental Exhibit -- Griffin Technologies

Rental Exhibit -- Griffin Technologies

In today’s market, companies are renting for different reasons. In the past, it was all about saving money at the expense of design and functionality. Now they rent because they want a unique design for each show. Marketing managers become heroes because they give their companies a fresh look each and every time within a manageable budget. Quite often it’s as simple as adding accent wing panels, custom shelves, workstations, or curved extrusion that convinces everyone on the show floor that you own your exhibit.

Most rentals also include turnkey services, including the exhibit rental components, graphics, round trip shipping, and I & D services. This allows the marketing manager to focus on what they do best – Marketing.

Another factor to consider includes no more storage issues, which is a huge benefit for most companies. And in many states, there are user or personal property taxes that you have to pay for storing your exhibit in your own facility. Of course you also avoid added insurance costs.

The process of renting an exhibit is virtually the same as purchasing an exhibit, but once all of the decisions are made you can walk away from it. Plus you have a choice to either do the same exhibit for future shows, or head in an entirely different direction.

My favorite part of my job is to preview the exhibits. It’s gratifying to see the results of everyone’s hard work and effort that goes into every project. It’s especially rewarding with rental exhibits because I find myself shaking my head and saying, “Rental exhibits aren’t what they used to be. THANK GOODNESS!”

–Jim Shelman
General Manager, Classic Exhibits Rental Division

Trade Show Rental Exhibit

Trade Show Rental Exhibit