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When a Table Top Display Isn’t a Table Top Display

October 24th, 2017 COMMENTS

vk_1292_mainRecently, a client said, “I need a table top display. Do you have one that maximizes counter top space for samples, literature, and business cards?

Like how much space?” we asked.

Well… all of it… if possible.

We love unusual requests. This one came down to three questions:

  1. Did she have a particular design in mind? Yes. She loved the Sacagawea VK-1292.
  2. Did she have a reasonable budget? Yes.
  3. How were we going to design/engineer the VK-1292 to fulfill her requirements?

The answer was to design a table top that looked like a table top but engineer it to be a floor-standing display. At first glance, the “table top” below looks like a contemporary table top. Yet, if you look at it closely, it isn’t sitting on the table.


The photo from our shop floor shows the full frame.


We are not sure if this is a trend, but it’s a clever solution to frequent concern of table top exhibitors — more space for their stuff. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much a concern for every exhibitor.

Wondering it it’s still portable? Yes. It all packs in (1) portable roto-molded case with wheels.

–Mel White


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