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Exhibit Leader Insights Report 2023

June 30th, 2023 COMMENTS
Exhibit Leader Insights 2023 Report

Exhibit Leader Insights, an Exhibitor Insights Report in partnership with The Exhibitor AdvocateExplori and Exhibitor Group, is a report based on a survey sent to exhibitors working currently in a range of industries with the aim of understanding:

  • The decision-making process for exhibitors: when planning their events program
  • How trade shows are perceived – and valued by exhibitors and their companies
  • How external and internal factors are shaping events programs, both now and in the future

According to the report, “Trade shows continue to provide value to exhibitors both as marketing and sales channels, and their worth is generally recognized by senior leadership teams – perhaps more so than before the pandemic.

However, there are some warning signs. Cost concerns cast a long shadow over the research. Exhibitors are clearly feeling squeezed by rising exhibit-related costs, and they are likely to attribute this to hikes in venue, organizer and contractor fees – rather than factors beyond the industry’s control, such as costof-living effects and broader economic forces.”

Download the Free PDF

To download the FREE Exhibit Leader Insights Report, click HERE. Below are select pages from the report.

The rising cost of trade show exhibiting
Tighter trade show budgets for exhibitors
The outlook for trade shows and exhibiting


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Interview with Jessica Sibila, The Exhibitor Advocate Association

August 29th, 2022 COMMENTS

Interview Introduction

Recently, I spoke with Jessica Sibila, who’s the owner of Jessica Sibila Consulting, and the Executive Director of The Exhibitor Advocate. If you are unfamiliar with The Exhibitor Advocate that’s understandable. It’s brand new. However, the professionals spearheading this association have been championing the rights of exhibitors for many years.

For anyone who’s worked in the exhibit industry or participated in trade shows, you know it can be complicated, confusing, and often opaque, especially to exhibitors. They don’t always know their rights or how to dispute charges or even propose changes to a show. Collectively, they have the largest financial commitment to the success of a trade show but often the least amount of influence on how it’s priced, managed, and marketed.

The Exhibitor Advocate Mission

The Exhibitor Advocate is a newly formed non-profit organization dedicated to supporting exhibitor needs in the exhibitions and events industry. The group provides expert advice, research, and tools to act on behalf of all exhibiting companies, focusing on addressing challenges and pain points so that exhibitions and events remain a valuable and irreplaceable marketing channel.

Exhibitors are an essential part of the industry ecosystem; without them, we don’t have a trade show. In this post-COVID world, exhibitors are being challenged by exponentially rising costs, lack of data availability, and limited metrics and ROI. It’s important the industry understands the needs of the exhibiting community and works towards addressing these issues in order to sustain the industry for the future. We can no longer rely solely on the attendee to drive the success of a trade show. The exhibitor is a strategic partner in creating an event that is beneficial for all parties.

The Exhibitor Advocate amplifies the voice of the exhibitor. We are a powerful community that finally has a platform for sharing best practices and addressing challenges we face. We invite all industry stakeholders to join the cause and support The Exhibitor Advocate. Become a member or donate funds at Together, we can ensure the enduring success of the exhibitions and events industry.

The Exhibitor Advocate Association