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FAQ — Euro LT Modular Laminate Exhibits

September 29th, 2010 COMMENTS

Euro LT LTK-5005

When you select a Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibit, you get modular flexibility, solid construction, and sophisticated laminate designs for your trade show exhibit. The Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibit does what no other trade show display system can do because no other exhibit can match the Euro LT for price, performance, flexibility, and elegance.

1. What is a “Modular Laminate System”?

Most modular laminate displays consist of lightweight 23 x 46 in. laminate panels, both curve and flat, that connect without tools. The panels are two-sided, typically with laminate on one side and fabric on the other. Modular Laminate Displays mimic many traditional custom designs but at considerably less weight and fewer shipping containers.

2. What are the advantages of a Modular Laminate System?

First, there are hundreds of laminate choices from traditional wood grains to funky bright colors. Second, laminate panels can be combined with aluminum extrusions, standoff graphics, and hybrid components to create distinctive and elegant displays. Third, they are easy to assembly and reconfigure. Modular Laminate Displays are a less expensive and lightweight alternative to traditional custom exhibits.

3. What makes the Euro LT unique?

The Euro LT is the only third generation modular system in the world. The panels are just 5/8” thick, the connector clips are virtually indestructible, and the accessory options are unrivaled. No other portable modular system even comes close to the Euro LT.

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