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5 Classic Tips x 5 Days = 25 Delights | Day #2

November 8th, 2016 COMMENTS


Welcome Back!

Today, we stroll through the colorful history of our product names. We’ll even touch on the funky Classic Exhibits logo. Don’t scoff. It’s more interesting than you think.

Insight #6 — SEGUE

Six years ago, all SEG-type displays were in Visionary Designs. We got tired of searching for them in VD whenever you requested an SEG design so we created SEGUE. Obviously, the SEG in SEGUE stands for silicone edge graphics, but did you know that segue, like in a movie, means the transition from one scene to another? Or in our case, from one product line to another. Seamlessly.

Insight #7 — Sacagawea

I know it’s hard to pronounce, and I’m sorry. When we developed Sacagawea during the Great Recession, we wanted to continue an “explorer” naming system, like Magellan. It seemed clever at the time. Unfortunately, we soon realized that most explorers have “issues” (think Balboa, Pizarro, Cortes, etc.).

My wife suggested Sacagawea, a resourceful and invaluable guide who accompanied Lewis and Clark. Since the new line was lightweight, durable, practical, and adaptable, it made sense. Honestly, I still think it makes sense, and it’s the only product line in our industry named after a woman.

Insight #8 — Gravitee

Gravitee was born from multiple intense R&D sessions in 2015 where we mined our past product successes to create a new modular panel system. The elegant clips from Euro LT, the 180° hinge from Intro, the MODUL locking system, and our familiarity with custom wood construction. We realized that connecting the panels was as easy as letting gravity do the work. The Newton and apple tree concept came along for the ride. As for the spelling… blame marketing.

Insight #9 — Aero, Intro, Quadro, and Euro LT

No idea since the lines predate me. That said… they are most self-explanatory, except for the weird fixation with ending in “O.” FYI — There was a Euro before there was a Euro LT.

Insight #10 — Classic Exhibits Logo

cesymbolonlyI am told it was created by a design agency on the East Coast. Kevin loves the Classic logo. I’ve grown to (mostly) love it over the years as we’ve made subtle changes. If nothing else, it’s iconic.

Eleven years ago and about seven months after accepting the job at Classic, I mentioned the logo to a distributor who said they liked how the “C” crested the “E.” To be honest, I had never noticed the “C” before in the logo. Now suddenly it made sense! Before that, I just thought it resembled Marvin the Martian.

OK, maybe it wasn’t quite as interesting as I promised, but it’s not like you’ve never been disappointed in a story.

Hump day tomorrow with #11 thru #15.

–Mel White


The ABC’s of Classic’s Hybrid Display Systems

September 18th, 2011 COMMENTS

Perfect 10 Hybrid Display

New distributors and account executives often ask, “What’s the difference between a Sacagawea Hybrid and a Perfect 10 Hybrid? Or a Magellan and a Visionary Design?” Can it be confusing? Absolutely! Classic Exhibits has six distinct hybrid lines:  Sacagawea, Magellan, Perfect 10/20, Visionary Designs, SEGUE, and Euro LT. Or to look at it another way, it’s more than any other systems manufacturer. Learn why there are so many and how they are truly different.


Over the past six years, we have significantly expanded our design offerings. In some cases, these new designs were prompted by internal market research; others were necessitated by outside market forces, such as distributor requests or more recently, The Great Recession. In the beginning, there were two Classic hybrid lines: Visionary Designs and Euro LT Modular.

About four years ago, we developed the Perfect 10/20. We did so to tap into an unmet price point, look, and functionality: namely, a $5000 to $9000 10 ft. custom portable hybrid that assembled without tools. There were no other products that combined custom hybrid design in that price range. It was a no brainer to attack this segment and an easy decision to market it as a distinct product line. It did very, very well, until . . . .

At the start of the recession, customers were looking for displays with lower prices and fewer bells and whistles. We introduced the Magellan Miracle and MOR. These are built entirely from one cost-effective extrusion – the ClassicMODUL Z 45. Magellan Displays look much different than either Visionary Designs or Perfect 10 kits and to bury them within those product lines didn’t make sense. Yes, they are still basically aluminum extrusion and tension fabric, but they were unique. Since then, we have expanded the line with more elaborate designs at higher prices, but the system continues to rely on the Z 45 for its frame.

That brings us to the Sacagawea. Go back two years. The Recession has gotten even worse. We are being asked for an even more cost-effective line – less expensive than the Perfect 10 and the Magellan. So, we went back to the drawing board and used the VK-1001 as our inspiration. The VK-1001 was our first hybrid in 2003. We took that basic idea, a square frame with wings, and re-designed it with smaller extrusions, portable assembly, and about 50 kit variations. Within the first month, sales exploded for Sacagawea and sales have grown every since. It continues to sell well even as our other hybrid lines have seen significant increases as well.

SEGUE VK-1900 Hybrid Display

Finally, there’s the SEGUE Hybrids. In the beginning, the SEGUE designs were added to the Visionary Designs line. There were only a few kits, and it didn’t make sense to create yet another hybrid line. However, over the past year, the SEGUE line has expanded as customers asked for silicone edge graphic solutions. We found ourselves having to guide distributors to the SEG designs within Visionary Designs, which was inefficient and confusing. Distributors were requesting more and more SEG solutions and wanted one SEG gallery with inlines, lightboxes, and hanging wall solutions. So, we removed them from Visionary Designs and gave them their own gallery to make it easier for everyone.

What Makes Them Different?

It’s actually very logical. It’s based on design, price, and function. But let’s make this even easier, let’s focus on price as the driver for Sacagawea, Magellan, Perfect 10, and Visionary Designs. We’ll explain Euro LT and SEGUE a little later.

Hybrid Display prices are based on six basic factors:

  1. Size of the extrusion (larger extrusions cost more)
  2. Whether the extrusion is straight or curved (curves cost more)
  3. Size and number of graphics
  4. Type and number of accessories
  5. What options are included in the base price
  6. Assembly (knob, locking hex key, or slide clip)

Let’s start from the least expensive to the most expensive lines. Note that as the complexity of the system and size of the graphics increases, so does the price.

Sacagawea VK-1222 Portable Hybrid

Sacagawea Portable Hybrids:

  • Smaller extrusions, such as the S 40
  • Mostly straight metal
  • Typically one tension fabric graphic
  • Common accessories
  • Three laminates, nine sintra/acrylic, silver aluminum
  • Quick assist knobs and locking hex key assembly
  • Example:  VK-1231

Magellan Portable Hybrids:

  • One primary extrusion, the Z 45
  • Curved and straight metal
  • One or two larger tension fabric graphics
  • Common or unique accessories
  • Three laminates, nine Sintra/acrylic, silver aluminum
  • Quick assist knobs and locking hex key assembly
  • Example:  VK-1065

Perfect 10/20 Portable Hybrids:

  • Multiple smaller extrusions
  • Mostly curved metal
  • Two larger tension fabric graphics
  • Extensive accessories
  • Three laminates, nine Sintra/acrylic, seven powder coat colors
  • All knob assembly
  • Example:  VK-1506

Visionary Designs VK-2044 Hybrid

Visionary Designs Hybrids:

  • Full line of extrusions and designs
  • Curved and straight extrusions
  • Unlimited graphic options
  • Unlimited accessories
  • Wide assortment of laminates, Sintra/acrylics, powder coat colors
  • Locking hex key assembly
  • Example:  VK-2044

SEGUE and Euro LT Hybrids, unlike those listed above, are categorized by function rather than by price. For example, our least expensive hybrid kit is the SEGUE Sunrise (starting at $2833). One of our higher priced 10 ft. kits is the SEGUE VK-1901 (at $12,458).

SEGUE Hybrids:

  • Relies on Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) and ClassicMODUL TSP Extrusions
  • Curved or straight extrusions
  • Graphic options depend on kit or design
  • Accessories depend on kit or design
  • Wide assortment of laminates, Sintra/acrylics, powder coat colors
  • Quick assist knobs and locking hex key assembly
  • Example:  VK-1900

Euro LT LTK-5014 Custom Modular Hybrid

Euro LT Custom Modular Hybrids:

  • Based on Euro LT laminate panel system
  • Extrusion complements the laminate panels
  • Graphic options depend on kit or design
  • Accessories depend on kit or design
  • Wide assortment of laminates, fabrics, Sintra/acrylics, powder coat colors
  • Euro LT clips and locking hex key assembly
  • Example:  LTK-5014

If this still doesn’t make much sense, then give me a call. I’ll be happy to walk you through the basics in a 15 minute GoToMeeting session.

–Mel White


Based in Portland, Oregon, Classic Exhibits Inc. designs and manufacturers portable, modular, and custom-hybrid exhibit solutions. Classic Exhibits products are represented by an extensive distributor network in North America and in select International markets. For more information, contact us at 866-652-2100.

Jeopardy Questions — Test Your Knowledge of Classic Exhibits

March 5th, 2011 1 COMMENT

Several weeks ago, a Classic Distributor asked me to create Jeopardy questions for his weekly sales meeting. He planned to test his Account Executives and Project Managers on their knowledge of Classic products and services. I thought I’d share them with you.

Below are all the answers and then the corresponding questions. So grab your buzzer and discover how well you know Classic? Share your score for a chance to win a prize.

The Classic Exhibits Jeopardy Game

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy


  1. Answer:  The Classic system named for the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe.
  2. Answer:  The system named for the Native American woman who accompanied Lewis and Clark and served as the official interpreter for the expedition.
  3. Answer:  Bo Derek and this Classic hybrid system share this descriptive, head-turning name.
  4. Answer:  Standard powder-coat colors include black, silver, yellow, red, blue, green, and white.
  5. Answer:  This portable hybrid system requires no tools – All Knob Assembly.
  6. Answer:  SEG
  7. Answer:  Aero Overhead
  8. Answer:  From 80 to 95 lbs.
  9. Answer:  Classic’s closest strategic partner and the company that prints all its tension fabric graphics.
  10. Answer:  The most versatile and varied of Classic’s hybrid display lines (also the original hybrid line).
  11. Answer:  The most successful product line launch in Classic’s history (introduced within the past two years).
  12. Answer:  Which two lines are mostly knob assembly, but still require the hex key tool for base plates and counters?
  13. Answer:  This search tool contains over 1400 exhibit designs.
  14. Answer:  This product line relies primarily on Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).
  16. Answer: Eco-systems Sustainable Exhibits
  17. Answer: 289
  18. AnswerSEGUE Sunrise Portable Hybrid Display
  19. Answer:  Eco-systems Sustainable, Brumark Flooring, and Optima Graphics
  20. Answer:  We’re not just different. We’re better.
  21. Answer:  Past Five Days
  22. Answer:  My Gallery
  23. Answer:  MODUL Aluminum Extrusions
  24. Answer:  Design Monday
  25. Answer:  Miracle, MOR, and Mirror
  26. AnswerPeek-a-Booth
  27. Answer:  10 business days
  28. Answer:  15 business days
  29. Answer:  Die-cut foam packaging
  30. Answer:  EO and S
  31. Answer:  Complimentary Design Services
  32. Answer:  Shared Success
  33. Answer:  Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and Magellan
  34. AnswerEuro LT

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy


  1. Question: What is the Magellan Hybrid Portable Display (Ferdinand Magellan)?
  2. Question:  Sacagawea
  3. Question:  What is the Perfect 10?
  4. Question: What are no charge color options for the Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Display?
  5. Question:  What is the Perfect 10 (or Perfect 20) Portable Hybrid System.
  6. Question: What is Silicone Edge Graphics?
  7. Question:  What is the name of the hanging sign system from Classic Exhibits?
  8. Question:  What is the average weight of a packed roto-molded with wheels?
  9. Question:  Who is Optima Graphics in Fenton, MO?
  10. Question:  What is Visionary Designs?
  11. Question:  What is the Sacagawea Portable Hybrid line
  12. Question: What is Sacagawea and Magellan?
  13. Question:  What is Exhibit Design Search (or Design Search on your site)?
  14. Question:  What is SEGUE? (which is why it is named SEGue)
  15. Question:  What is the generic email address for Project Management/Customer Service at Classic Exhibits?
  16. Question:  What is . . . (1) A sister company of Classic Exhibits, (2) The Greenest Exhibit Company in the World, (3) Available on Exhibit Design Search in the Eco-Smart Galleries, or (4) Available to Bay Area Exhibits clients since BA is a Classic Exhibits Distributor?
  17. Question: What is the number of counters, pedestals, and workstation designs available in Exhibit Design Search?
  18. Question:  What is . . . (1) Lowest priced hybrid display by Classic at $2575 with graphics, (2) The only tool-less SEG display in the world, or (3) The ideal alternative for the pop up weary customer.
  19. Question:  What companies/products are included in Exhibit Design Search, in addition to Classic Exhibits?
  20. Question:  What is the tagline for Classic Exhibits?
  21. Question:  What is the daily photo gallery from Classic Exhibits, accessible in Exhibit Design Search via the Photos button?
  22. Question:  What is the online tool in Exhibit Design Search for collecting display ideas and sending them to clients?
  23. Question:  What is the extrusion system that Classic Exhibits uses to build all its hybrid displays such as Perfect 10, Sacagawea, Visionary Designs, Magellan, and SEGUE?
  24. Question:  What is the weekly design email broadcast from Classic Exhibits that showcases the latest designs?
  25. Question:  What are three popular designs within the Magellan Hybrid product line?
  26. Question:  What are the online webcams where distributors and clients can view exhibits in Classic’s Setup/QC area?
  27. Question: What is tThe typical lead time for a 10 x 10 display, excluding pop ups and Quick Ship Displays?
  28. Question:  What is the typical lead time for a 10 x 20 display, excluding pop ups and Quick Ship Displays?
  29. Question:  What is the standard packaging for Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and Magellan displays?
  30. Question:  What are the two pop up display systems from Classic Exhibits?
  31. Question:  How much Classic charges for any initial design rendering and one revision?
  32. Question:  What is the guiding principle behind Classic’s relationship with distributors?
  33. Question:  What are the three portable hybrid systems from Classic Exhibits?
  34. Question:  What is the modular laminate system from Classic Exhibits?

Email your score to me to win a Classic Exhibits Fleece Vest (Deadline: 3/31/11) . Two winners will be selected from a random drawing.

Click on the Comments link and share your experience.

–Mel White

FAQ — Euro LT Modular Laminate Exhibits

September 29th, 2010 COMMENTS

Euro LT LTK-5005

When you select a Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibit, you get modular flexibility, solid construction, and sophisticated laminate designs for your trade show exhibit. The Euro LT Custom Modular Exhibit does what no other trade show display system can do because no other exhibit can match the Euro LT for price, performance, flexibility, and elegance.

1. What is a “Modular Laminate System”?

Most modular laminate displays consist of lightweight 23 x 46 in. laminate panels, both curve and flat, that connect without tools. The panels are two-sided, typically with laminate on one side and fabric on the other. Modular Laminate Displays mimic many traditional custom designs but at considerably less weight and fewer shipping containers.

2. What are the advantages of a Modular Laminate System?

First, there are hundreds of laminate choices from traditional wood grains to funky bright colors. Second, laminate panels can be combined with aluminum extrusions, standoff graphics, and hybrid components to create distinctive and elegant displays. Third, they are easy to assembly and reconfigure. Modular Laminate Displays are a less expensive and lightweight alternative to traditional custom exhibits.

3. What makes the Euro LT unique?

The Euro LT is the only third generation modular system in the world. The panels are just 5/8” thick, the connector clips are virtually indestructible, and the accessory options are unrivaled. No other portable modular system even comes close to the Euro LT.

Next, Fabric Pop-up Displays FAQ

Shooting from the Hip — 8.10 (Really Columbus?)

June 18th, 2010 COMMENTS

Shooting from the Hip (trade show tips)

Shooting from the Hip by Reid Sherwood

Really Columbus?

The week’s travels were challenging, but the meetings made up for any hassles. I can’t complain too much. A couple of canceled flights allowed me, on my 23rd wedding anniversary, to have dinner with my wife instead of my good pal, Kevin Carty. Vicki, thank you for the 23 years of adult child care you have provided. Remember, I am still the acorn waiting to become the giant oak.

I made a quick trip to “Hotlanta,” and I mean HOT. There is an interesting buzz in the air. Things are pretty dead now, but the fall looks to be rock solid. Both modular and custom distributors are saying the same thing — smaller modular exhibits are in demand. That’s great news for Classic’s Visionary Designs and Euro LT lines.

Some of you have read on other social media websites that I had to divorce my iPhone. I have come to grips with that. I have switched to Sprint and purchased the EVO to replace my iPhone. As a general rule, I like the phone. However, the battery life is worse than awful, and it performs much worse than promised. That brings me to this true story.

I was calling a Sprint store in Atlanta to make an appointment with the service dept to see what could be done to remedy the battery-life problem. I am talking to the sales associate and getting directions to the store. I asked if they are east or west of the Interstate. The sales associate replies in a rather condescending voice, “Sir, that is going to depend on whether you are coming from downtown or are headed downtown.” I couldn’t resist. I replied, “Really Columbus?”

Hope to see many of you at TS2 in Boston! Let us know if you need a free pass.

Talk to you next week  . . .

–Reid Sherwood