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FAQ — Intro Fabric Panel Displays

October 29th, 2010 COMMENTS

Intro Fabric Panel Displays

For nearly two decades, Intro Fabric Panel Displays have been the perfect choice for a flawless, re-configurable portable display.

Known for its strength, exceptional alignment, and customizable display panels, the “two-sided” Intro Fabric Panel Display performs beautifully in the most demanding trade show schedule. The Intro comes in 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and table top display configurations.

1. What are the unique benefits of the Intro Folding Fabric Display?

  1. There’s no more durable and versatile trade show display than the Intro. The Intro is perfect for exhibitors who require a reconfigurable fabric display that easily folds to a 10 ft., 8 ft., 6 ft., or even table top(s). The two-sided Velcro compatible fabric means one, two, or multiple colors are never a problem, the perfect solution when more than one division share an exhibit.
  2. After the show, the Intro can be folded into a tower for a lobby display, used as a colorful divider, or re-positioned as a backdrop.
  3. There are nearly 50 fabric color options in ribbed and flat fabrics.

2. What are the unique features of the Intro Fabric Panel Display?

  • 360 Hinge: The 360 panel hinges make the Intro remarkably versatile.
  • Independent Panels: Each panel is constructed independently, so panels can be separated and replaced in case of shipping damage.
  • Pack Flat: The panels pack flat, accordion-style, for easy shipping.
  • Adjustable Feet: The adjustable feet on every lower panel means you never have to worry about an uneven floor.
  • Reconfigurable: Easily turn the top or bottom sections into table tops.
  • Velcro Fabric: The Velcro-compatible fabric will withstand years of graphics attaching and detaching with minimal wear.

3. What components and accessories are available for the Intro?

There are literally hundreds of choices, each with multiple options. For example, choose from an array of stem lights, pedestals, counters, backlit headers, storage, slatwall, inlay fabric, lightboxes, and towers.

Give us a call to discuss. We’re here to assist you find the display and accessories that fit your exhibit marketing goals.

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Word on the Street — October 18th thru October 22nd

October 24th, 2010 1 COMMENT

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

The Tao of the Dude . . .

Last week, I was in Seattle for a management meeting at the Exhibits Northwest office. On the drive up, Mel shared an article with me from the magazine Mental Floss. Mel knows I’m a big fan of the movie The Big Lebowski, a Coen Brothers flick. The Big Lebowski (TBL) was featured in an article entitled, “The 25 Most Powerful Movies of the Past 25 Years.”

The article cited TBL as “The Movie that Went from Cult to Religion.” Since I suspect you haven’t heard of this religion, known as The Church of the Latter-Day Dude or Dudeism, I’ll provide some background information. Dudeism is based on Jeff Bridges’ role as Jeffrey Lebowski aka “The Dude.” If you haven’t seen the film, he’s an easygoing guy who goes bowling with his friends, Walter and Donny, and enjoys a good White Russian cocktail (or a Caucasian as he calls it). While his taste in decorating leaves something to be desired as well as his taste in clothing, he does have a rug that “ties the room together” and when the rug is desecrated due to a misunderstanding, he recruits Walter and Donny to help him seek restitution.

For those of you who have not seen it, I urge you to rent the movie. It’s worth the every minute of the 117 minute run time, and the movie has an uncanny number of quotable quotes (which I’d share if they didn’t all contain the “F” word).


But back to the article . . . It would appear that the movie inspired the religion Dudeism. Funny, but very real. And you can actually become ordained as a Dudeist priest online. With it comes great responsibility and abilities, such as presiding over weddings, funerals, or any other kind of celebration.

However, such authority does not come easy. You actually have to fill in three fields online! 🙂 After taking those rigorous steps, you are granted the sacred privilege of becoming an Ordained Dudeist Priest.

So you guessed it (and all from my Blackberry no less), I became a Dudeist Priest in The Church of the Latter-Day Dude somewhere on I-5 between Olympia and Tacoma And that was the easy part. Now I need to study and learn the ways of Dudeism. Fortunately I already own a ratty bathrobe which will serve nicely as my vestments.

To begin my spiritual journey, I started with the Tao of the Dude: Awesome Insights from Deep Dudes, which included such inspiration as “Just Take it Easy Man,” “This Aggression will Not Stand,” or my favorite “Careful, Man, There is a Beverage Here.”

And as a newbie to the Dudeist church, I certainly wanted to check out the elders of the movement, like elder greats Jeff Spicoli, Snoopy, Quincy Jones, Jerry Garcia and Walt Whitman. My pride of being part of such a community is hard to put to words.

So, I hope your weekend was good. Mine has been filled with historical Dude Studies and the reading of the Dude de Ching, The Dudiest Holy Book.

Take it easy man and enjoy a Caucasian with a fellow dude.

–Kevin Carty

Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Displays — 10% Special

October 19th, 2010 COMMENTS

No, no one’s pulling your leg, telling a whopper, or simply fibbing. The Perfect 10 is on sale though the end of the year. And what could be more enticing than a sale on the most innovative portable hybrid display EVER.

It’s true. Until 12/31/10, select Perfect 10 and Perfect 20 inline kits are 10 percent less.

In case you happen to be a Perfect 10 newbie, here a few reasons why the P10 has revolutionized portable trade show design over the past three years.

  1. The Patented S-Curve Design — There’s nothing else like it in world
  2. Engineered Aluminum Extrusion and Tension Fabric Graphics — Strong, lightweight, and portable
  3. No Tools Assembly — The attached knobs make for a worry-free set-up
  4. Options, Options, and More Options — Choose from 7 frame colors and 9 sintra or plex colors
  5. Headers, Cubbies, Shelves, Pedestals, and Workstations — All designed to match the unique P10 appearance
  6. Perfect Price — Upscale Trade Show Design at a Portable Hybrid Price

See all the available kits in the Specials Gallery. Time’s a wasting my friend. Choose your Perfect Perfect 10 today!

Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Displays -- Specials (thru 12/31/10)

FAQ — Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Display

October 19th, 2010 COMMENTS

Perfect 10 Hybrid Displays

There’s nothing quite like the Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Display . . . Easily recognizable, utterly unforgettable. When you name a product Perfect 10, it had better be perfect and with Perfect 10 you get flawless performance at every trade show. Look to Perfect 10 and Perfect 20 Portable Hybrid Displays for an exhibit that blends large graphics, sexy curves, and portable assembly into a stunning trade show exhibit at a sweet price.

For more specifics, see the Perfect 10 FAQ’s below.

1. What is a portable hybrid exhibit?

Generally, portable hybrid displays incorporate aluminum extrusion, tension fabric, and other display components to create a modern-looking tabletop or inline display. For a more comprehensive explanation, refer to the article: 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Hybrid Display.

Our portable hybrids assemble primarily with attached knobs, and the designs are unlike any other hybrids in the world:  upscale, contemporary, and very affordable.

2. What makes Perfect 10 different from your other hybrid systems, such as Visionary Designs, Magellan, and Sacagawea?

Perfect 10 assembles without tools and comes in a mind-boggling assortment of color and shape options, all included in the standard price.There’s no other display like Perfect 10, because not other system has the patented Perfect 10 S-Shape.

Sacagawea blends upscale design with aggressive pricing that’s perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight hybrid display. Choose from three attractive design series, 65 compact and versatile displays, and terrific 10 ft. and 20 ft. configurations with multiple options.

With Visionary Designs, anything is possible – portable, modular, custom, and custom-hybrid designs. Visionary Designs can be any size, any shape, any configuration. Think of the display kits as idea generators rather than final designs.

Anyone who loves curves, loves Magellan because the kits are all about curved metal and large tension fabric graphics. The most popular have been the Miracle and MOR, which (not surprisingly) are also the most affordable.

3. What are the key features of Perfect 10?

  • Sizes: Table Tops, 10 x 10, 10 x 20, Banner Stands, Pedestals, and Workstations.
  • Kits: 38 standard kits.
  • Curved Aluminum Extrusions: Mostly curved extrusions using MODUL S40 for verticals and custom Z33 horizontals.
  • Graphics: One or two large tension fabric graphics. Example: 8 ft x 5.8 ft and 8 ft x 2 ft (VK-1507) with possible direct print graphics. Velcro tension fabric connections.
  • Assembly: ALL attached knob assembly and hinged components. Individual numbered parts with detailed setup instructions.
  • Colors: (9) Sintra/Plex wing colors. (7) Powder-coat extrusion colors.
  • Packaging: LT-550 Portable roto-molded case(s) with die-cut foam inserts.

Bottom Line:  Competitively priced, mostly curved extrusions, all knob assembly, large graphics, more options. The Perfect 10 System epitomizes high design and offers the most standard options of any portable hybrid in the world.

4. What is a tension fabric graphic?

Tension fabric graphics attach to a frame so the fabric is taut edge-to-edge, creating “tension.” Typically, the graphic has Velcro hook sewn along the border, usually top and bottom, and attaches to Velcro loop on the frame. A silicone bead or welting can also be sewn to the edge of the tension fabric graphic. Those are referred to as Silicone Edge Graphics(SEG).

What are the benefits of fabric graphics vs. traditional first surface graphics?

  • Flexibility. An array of fabric options and finishing exists. Fabric graphics can be adapted to just about any hardware
  • Storage and Shipping. Fabric is lighter than many other graphics. Fold your graphics neatly when in storage and take up much less space.
  • Care. Fabric graphics can be washed and steamed and are just as durable and long lasting as traditional graphics.
  • Lightweight. Larger graphics weigh less, perfect for draping or creating space definition.
  • Cost. More image bang for the buck!
  • Green. There are the obvious transportation and storage benefits. Even more exciting is the growing list of fabric options created from recycled materials.
  • No Glare. Fabric is the perfect choice for media walls or any backdrop that is being photographed or filmed.
  • Versatility. Fabric can be applied to most display and hardware options and is perfect for skinning or covering displays or objects. Custom covers can be created to drape over objects, wrap, or completely pillowcase them!

5. How do you clean dye sublimation fabric graphics?

We recommend washing in your washing machine, cold setting, with a mild detergent and letting air dry.  Please do NOT dry clean.

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Word on the Street — October 11th thru October 15th

October 17th, 2010 COMMENTS
Why we participate in the TS2 Show

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Diversifying . . .

Diversifying was the overriding theme of conversations with distributors this week. When I make calls to Classic Exhibits Distributors, I ask about their sales and what they are seeing in the market. I inquire where their sales are coming from and where they see them headed in the coming months.

The answers had one very consistent theme. People are diversifying their sales approach and looking beyond the traditional trade show exhibit. They are thinking “outside the box” into related opportunities. Here are some of the ideas they shared with me about their anticipated sales this fall.

Interior Work, such as Corporate Environments and Retail Showrooms. This was a common thread I heard from many distributors. In many markets, the firms that typically handle this sort of business have struggled and many have closed their doors, leaving customers looking for alternate routes to get this work done. And as many of you know, what we do on the show floor is not all that different from what happens in Corporate Environments, so it has proven to be a nice fit for many distributors.

Retail Fixturing and POP/POS. Granted this is not altogether new to many of us, but it clearly has become a much larger segment of our “pie.” We have seen this first hand through the ClassicMODUL division of the company. The nice part is that really any level and or size distributor can seek this business. With ClassicMODUL extrusions and accessories at your fingertips . . . design capabilities through Classic Exhibits . . . and the vast CNC capabilities we offer you,  you can walk into any retail scenario confidently, knowing that you can provide a complete solution for your customer.

Small Event Production. With companies watching their marketing and travel budgets, and rightfully so, many corporations have turned to hosting small events of their own. Small events bring clients to their event without the worry of competitors on the show floor. It also gives a client the opportunity to bring in vendor partners as well to show their wares and services. For trade show folk like us, it is a nice opportunity and good fit for potential business. Distributors can provide all the exhibits for the show, partner with a local show management company to help produce the show, and gain access to a captive audience of potential traditional trade show exhibitors for the future.

These are just a few of the “diverse” ideas I heard this past week that have been successful for many Classic Distributors. I am sure there are many more out there. Please share some of those successes and ideas here.

Be well and have a great weekend

–Kevin Carty