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Word on the Street — October 5th thru October 9th

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Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Three Rules to Succeeding as a Designer and Manufacturer of Trade Show Exhibits and Displays

 Rule #3 — Professional Distributors

Recruit and surround yourself with knowledgeable, professional, and successful trade show distributors. We take great pride in the companies that bring our products to market everyday. They attract buyers who constantly push us to be creative and nimble.

Rule #2 — The “Megan” Factor!

Study all markets not just the trade show and event market. We encounter creative ideas and opportunities everywhere, whether it’s a unique lighting scenario that you see at your local bank branch, an unusual display at your mall cell phone retailer, or a cool shelving unit at the town library. Force yourself to be aware for an entire day. You will be amazing what you’ll see, although take it from me, it will drive your family crazy! Some of the best ideas come out of the strangest places or situations.

Why do I call it the “Megan” Factor? Well, I have a friend who is really creative and aware — she’s one of those folks who just blurts out ideas. She sees uniqueness in things most of us miss, whether it’s crazy or whimsical, odd or remarkable. Megan has the ability to rattle off hundreds of ideas. Most are impractical, but within her idea pile, there are always a few that are utterly “brilliant.”  Her ideas get stuck in the back of my head. Then, whether it’s in a meeting with a Distributor working on a new project or in my office on a phone call . . . . the light goes on in my head. It usually manifests itself with me blurting out “Megan!” I remember some idea she had or something she pointed out that would be perfect for the current situation.

Rule #1 — “The Garnish Guy”

In the past year, I was introduced to something I never knew existed:  Mixology and Mixologists. I always thought they were bartenders, until I called a guy a bartender and I thought he was going to kill me on the spot. Apparently there is big difference! “Anyone can be a bartender, but not everyone can be a mixologist. Mixologists have additional skills (don’t ask me what) as well as additional personnel. They “taste competitively.” and any mixologist worth his tip comes with a “Garnish Guy or Girl”

The Garnish Guy or Girl is in charge of the frosting . . . the final touches. They accessorize the drink. From what I’m told, when competing, you’re only as good as your Garnish Guy or Girl!

The same can be said for us at Classic. We cannot succeed without the help and support of our key vendor partners. They provide the frosting for all the beautiful exhibits we create on behalf of our distributors. Companies like Optima Graphics and Brumark Flooring are critical to making a Classic, well . . . a Classic! Optima, has shelves and shelves of Classic test frames and hardware in stock so that they can test fit many of the graphics to make sure everything is the best fit, right color, and perfect size and tension. For Brumark, once the exhibit and the graphics are complete, we, or our distributor, can call on them to come up with the perfect flooring solution, one that’s not only the most practical, but also the perfect compliment to client’s exhibit and graphics.

Work life is made easy with partners like that on your side!

Have a safe and restful weekend.

Be Well!

–Kevin Carty