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5 Classic Tips x 5 Days = 25 Highlights | Day #3

November 9th, 2016 COMMENTS


Finding the Right Tool is a Blessing.

What tools do your fellow distributors use on the Classic Exhibits website? Here are the Top 5. Some may surprise you.

Tip #11 — EDS Search

I know. Duh? With EDS, you can search for kits (VK-1234), features (shelves), and products (Aero). Just as helpful is Advanced Search, a link below the Search box. Advanced Search allows you to further narrow your search by a price range, product line, and feature (i.e., monitors). You can also sort by lowest to highest prices, newest designs, and even alphabetically.

Tip #12 — My Gallery

There is no EDS tool more powerful than My Gallery. Often imitated, never duplicated. Tips #12 – #15 could be just on My Gallery. My Gallery lets you build a listing that includes not only kits, but also photos and articles. Imagine being a client who gets a My Gallery link with kit renderings, kit photos, and articles on successful trade show marketing. That’s a very powerful consultative message.

I urge you to use the URL tool in My Gallery. It’s the easiest way to share ideas from your personal email address and branded EDS site.

Tip #13 — Search for Setup Instructions

Search for Setup Instructions = INSTANT SMILE. There’s no happier tool on the Classic Exhibits website. For ten years, we’ve loaded all setup instructions into a database. At the same time, we’ve told your customers where to find their instructions using stickers on their setup instructions booklets, cases, and crates.

No need to panic on Sunday morning in Las Vegas or Orlando. Simply enter the URL into your phone, tablet, or laptop and type in the five-digit order number. Voila! The PDF of the instructions. We are baffled why every manufacturer doesn’t do this.

Tip #14 — Peek-a-Booth Webcams

“Are you kidding me? That’s brilliant!” That’s the typical response when we describe Peek-a-Booth to new Classic Distributors. But you don’t have to be a newbie to appreciate Peek-a-Booth. We have five webcams mounted in our shop:  (3) in the purchase setup and (2) in the rental setup. These are pan and zoom webcams. Perfect for previewing your order before it ships.

Save your client the time and effort of having to ship their display to your facility for a preview. Let Peek-a-Booth be the preview. Ask a PM for the username and password. Then guard it with your life!

Tip #15 — Exhibit Specials and Lightning Deals

eds-lightning-deal-largeWhat’s the difference between Exhibit Specials and Lightning Deal? Exhibit Specials are multiple kits at promotional prices for two months. The key — “two months.” The Lightning Deal is an aggressively priced kit on sale for two weeks. Just one kit. Again, the key — “two weeks.” We don’t email you when we make the updates. They just happen. We figure you get enough emails from us already. Both the Specials and the Deal are in EDS.

Done. Feel free to grunt like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on Home Improvement. You deserve it.

Tomorrow, five “Underutilized Gems” you’ll love like your middle child. Tips #16-20.

–Mel White


Jeopardy Questions — Test Your Knowledge of Classic Exhibits

March 5th, 2011 1 COMMENT

Several weeks ago, a Classic Distributor asked me to create Jeopardy questions for his weekly sales meeting. He planned to test his Account Executives and Project Managers on their knowledge of Classic products and services. I thought I’d share them with you.

Below are all the answers and then the corresponding questions. So grab your buzzer and discover how well you know Classic? Share your score for a chance to win a prize.

The Classic Exhibits Jeopardy Game

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy


  1. Answer:  The Classic system named for the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe.
  2. Answer:  The system named for the Native American woman who accompanied Lewis and Clark and served as the official interpreter for the expedition.
  3. Answer:  Bo Derek and this Classic hybrid system share this descriptive, head-turning name.
  4. Answer:  Standard powder-coat colors include black, silver, yellow, red, blue, green, and white.
  5. Answer:  This portable hybrid system requires no tools – All Knob Assembly.
  6. Answer:  SEG
  7. Answer:  Aero Overhead
  8. Answer:  From 80 to 95 lbs.
  9. Answer:  Classic’s closest strategic partner and the company that prints all its tension fabric graphics.
  10. Answer:  The most versatile and varied of Classic’s hybrid display lines (also the original hybrid line).
  11. Answer:  The most successful product line launch in Classic’s history (introduced within the past two years).
  12. Answer:  Which two lines are mostly knob assembly, but still require the hex key tool for base plates and counters?
  13. Answer:  This search tool contains over 1400 exhibit designs.
  14. Answer:  This product line relies primarily on Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).
  16. Answer: Eco-systems Sustainable Exhibits
  17. Answer: 289
  18. AnswerSEGUE Sunrise Portable Hybrid Display
  19. Answer:  Eco-systems Sustainable, Brumark Flooring, and Optima Graphics
  20. Answer:  We’re not just different. We’re better.
  21. Answer:  Past Five Days
  22. Answer:  My Gallery
  23. Answer:  MODUL Aluminum Extrusions
  24. Answer:  Design Monday
  25. Answer:  Miracle, MOR, and Mirror
  26. AnswerPeek-a-Booth
  27. Answer:  10 business days
  28. Answer:  15 business days
  29. Answer:  Die-cut foam packaging
  30. Answer:  EO and S
  31. Answer:  Complimentary Design Services
  32. Answer:  Shared Success
  33. Answer:  Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and Magellan
  34. AnswerEuro LT

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy

Classic Exhibits Jeopardy


  1. Question: What is the Magellan Hybrid Portable Display (Ferdinand Magellan)?
  2. Question:  Sacagawea
  3. Question:  What is the Perfect 10?
  4. Question: What are no charge color options for the Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Display?
  5. Question:  What is the Perfect 10 (or Perfect 20) Portable Hybrid System.
  6. Question: What is Silicone Edge Graphics?
  7. Question:  What is the name of the hanging sign system from Classic Exhibits?
  8. Question:  What is the average weight of a packed roto-molded with wheels?
  9. Question:  Who is Optima Graphics in Fenton, MO?
  10. Question:  What is Visionary Designs?
  11. Question:  What is the Sacagawea Portable Hybrid line
  12. Question: What is Sacagawea and Magellan?
  13. Question:  What is Exhibit Design Search (or Design Search on your site)?
  14. Question:  What is SEGUE? (which is why it is named SEGue)
  15. Question:  What is the generic email address for Project Management/Customer Service at Classic Exhibits?
  16. Question:  What is . . . (1) A sister company of Classic Exhibits, (2) The Greenest Exhibit Company in the World, (3) Available on Exhibit Design Search in the Eco-Smart Galleries, or (4) Available to Bay Area Exhibits clients since BA is a Classic Exhibits Distributor?
  17. Question: What is the number of counters, pedestals, and workstation designs available in Exhibit Design Search?
  18. Question:  What is . . . (1) Lowest priced hybrid display by Classic at $2575 with graphics, (2) The only tool-less SEG display in the world, or (3) The ideal alternative for the pop up weary customer.
  19. Question:  What companies/products are included in Exhibit Design Search, in addition to Classic Exhibits?
  20. Question:  What is the tagline for Classic Exhibits?
  21. Question:  What is the daily photo gallery from Classic Exhibits, accessible in Exhibit Design Search via the Photos button?
  22. Question:  What is the online tool in Exhibit Design Search for collecting display ideas and sending them to clients?
  23. Question:  What is the extrusion system that Classic Exhibits uses to build all its hybrid displays such as Perfect 10, Sacagawea, Visionary Designs, Magellan, and SEGUE?
  24. Question:  What is the weekly design email broadcast from Classic Exhibits that showcases the latest designs?
  25. Question:  What are three popular designs within the Magellan Hybrid product line?
  26. Question:  What are the online webcams where distributors and clients can view exhibits in Classic’s Setup/QC area?
  27. Question: What is tThe typical lead time for a 10 x 10 display, excluding pop ups and Quick Ship Displays?
  28. Question:  What is the typical lead time for a 10 x 20 display, excluding pop ups and Quick Ship Displays?
  29. Question:  What is the standard packaging for Sacagawea, Perfect 10, and Magellan displays?
  30. Question:  What are the two pop up display systems from Classic Exhibits?
  31. Question:  How much Classic charges for any initial design rendering and one revision?
  32. Question:  What is the guiding principle behind Classic’s relationship with distributors?
  33. Question:  What are the three portable hybrid systems from Classic Exhibits?
  34. Question:  What is the modular laminate system from Classic Exhibits?

Email your score to me to win a Classic Exhibits Fleece Vest (Deadline: 3/31/11) . Two winners will be selected from a random drawing.

Click on the Comments link and share your experience.

–Mel White