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April 5th, 2012 COMMENTS

Classic Exhibits at EXHIBITORSocial Media and Trade Show Marketing

Our friend Tim Patterson at continues to amaze me. If you are fascinated about the intersection of Social Media and Trade Show Marketing, there’s no better source than his site. Here are some recent posts including one where he reviews his work with Classic Exhibits and EXHIBITOR 2012.

Case Study: Classic Exhibits and Social Media at EXHIBITOR 2012

“Starting three weeks before the show, we started posting short teaser videos. The videos slowly revealed the “Be Better” concept using a lighthearted investigative reporter approach.  Getting the inside scoop from Classic was the main theme.  They appeared on the Tradeshowmarketing YouTube channel, here on Tradeshowguy Blog, and on Classic Exhibits’ blog, Trade Show Tales. In addition, we posted these on Classic’s LinkedIn group and Facebook page. Almost immediately, traffic to Classic’s blog tripled.” [continue]

Social Networking and your Tradeshow

9 things I Learned from #EXHIBITOR and #ExpoWest

“Reflecting on the week I spent in Las Vegas and Anaheim in early March . . .

  1. People are learning how to use QR Codes. Finally.
  2. Video gets people’s attention. The various videos I posted on the YouTube Tradeshowmarketing channel got me recognized time and time again.
  3. NetworKing is king. By hanging out with people I knew, I kept meeting more people that I may work with in the future.” [continue]

Why Don’t Exhibitors Return?

“After walking the floor at the Natural Products Expo West for a full day, it occurred to me that a number of exhibitors I had met and talked to the past couple of years were not here. Even though it’s huge show with thousands of exhibitors, and it might be easy to overlook them, that’s not the case: I looked them up on the show app and couldn’t find them.

They had vanished. Why? I wondered.” [continue]

–Mel White


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