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The Professor of Social Media for Trade Shows and Events

June 1st, 2011 2 COMMENTS

Meet the Professor

Do you know just enough about Social Media to sound knowledgeable, but not knowledgeable enough to be a wiz bang expert? I’ve discovered that it’s very easy to get started, but getting to the next level can be more challenging unless you have a mentor. I do. His name is Tim Patterson at Interpretive Exhibits. Tim manages and contributes to the, blog which tends to focus on social media issues, tips, tricks, and trends for the event and trade show industry.

For example, here are some recent postings on Trade Show Guy (Where Social Media and Event Marketing Collide):

That’s just going back three months (March 2011)! As a fellow blogger, I am consistently impressed by the depth, the variety, and the sheer volume of information about social media and trade show marketing.

In addition to his posts, Tim offers several eBooks, including Social Media Marketing Bundle and 101 Rules of Trade Show Marketing, and a library of podcasts with trade show, event, and technology experts.

Need a Speaker or Trainer for Social Media Marketing for Tradeshows, Events or Conferences?

Tim Patterson, Social Media 102

Tim Patterson

Tim is available. He just recently spoke at the Event Marketing Summit in Chicago and was a featured speaker at the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) in December. In Tim’s own words,

“I truly enjoy getting up in front of your group to talk, teach and discuss a lot of things related to tradeshow marketing: social media, staff training, event marketing, booth design, and other elements of tradeshow marketing. I’m available as a speaker in a breakout session at a conference, or as a panelist, or as a seminar leader/speaker/trainer for private engagements.”

If you are interested in stepping up your game in social media or trade show marketing, I encourage you to visit and signup for Tim’s newsletter and/or be a fellow Tweeter.

At the very least, put his website in your Favorites and visit it at least a once a week. Tim’s an information machine . . . miss a week and you miss a lot.

–Mel White


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