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Common Marketing Mistakes Can Doom Successful Companies

March 25th, 2010 COMMENTS
Common Marketing Mistakes

Common Marketing Mistakes

Occasionally, we all need a not-so-gentle kick in the pants about Marketing. Kevin Renner, in an article appearing in the Portland Business Journal, reminds us that marketing is more than brochures, trade shows, and data sheets. Marketing with a capital “M” must be infused in the totality of the organization. Even something as simple as where customers park in company parking lot can make or break a deal. He goes on to explain:

“The biggest sin:  CEO’s don’t understand what marketing is, or what they should demand from their chief marketing officers . . . . Countless executives view marketing as the part of the organization that does the brochures or the trade shows.”

I’d enjoy hearing your comments on this column. See the link below for the article.

–Mel White
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