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Connectors and Relationships

April 20th, 2009 2 COMMENTS
The Tipping Point and Connectors

The Tipping Point and Connectors

Have you ever noticed that one person at a party, a business function, or a public gathering that seems to know everyone? There is a reason for that . . . they do know everyone and everyone knows them.

The most common term I hear in reference to that is “connector.” You can find them in about every situation in life. Connectors are not just loud mouth people that like to hear themselves talk. That is not what I am referring to at all. Rather, they have a unique and very genuine knack for listening to and remembering things about the people they come across in life. And they do so genuinely. It’s something I admire greatly. Whether in business or in private settings, Connectors understand the importance of relationship building.

Let’s face it, when you have a business associate or friend come up to you and ask about your 12 year old son and your wife Sally. . . .when, it fact, you have 2 year old twins and your wife’s name is Lindsey, it sort of diminishes the sincerity of whatever it is they are trying to say.

But, when you come across someone who asks you how your son’s (Billy or Johnny) baseball team is doing this season, and if they made the payoffs again this year, it leaves you thinking “wow, this guy or gal really cared enough to listen and remember what I was saying the last time we spoke or saw one another.” At that moment, a “connection” is made that often can be stronger than anything ever acheived in a sales presentation.

Relationships, we would all agree, are an important driving force in our personal lives and most certainly in our professional lives. Malcom Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, focuses on the meaning of being a Connector and clearly separates Connectors from Sales People. Connectors are “people specialists.” So Are you a Connector?

  1. Do you know a lot of people?
  2. Do you like people?
  3. Do you tend to remember people’s names?
  4. Do you enjoy going to parties and meeting new people?
  5. Do you collect acquaintances?

If you answered Yes to 4 or more, chances are you are a Connector.

As a Connector, you focus on connecting others with each other, as well as creating groups where people feel at home. Connectors are some of the best relationship builders I know personally and professionally.

Do you know any good Connectors? What makes he or she a good Connector? Share your experiences.

–Kevin Carty


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2 Responses to “Connectors and Relationships”

  1. I am reading The Tipping Point right now! I’m just about to finish and start another Gladwell book, Blink. It’s a great read. I wish I was Paul Revere, but after reading Gladwell’s list of names, and not knowing half of them, I think I need some work at being a connector:

    Thanks, Kevin!

  2. Kevin says:

    Kelly,thanks for the recommendation on Blink. I will pick it up for sure and give it a read. You are the 3rd person to recommend that book in the past couple weeks.
    as far as Paul Revere is concerned. . .I am pretty sure he has the market cornered for being the “ultmate” connector :).

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