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Online Sales and Marketing Tools — Summer Sales Tips #9

July 26th, 2017 COMMENTS

Resources for the Passionate Exhibitor

If Exhibit Design Search is the only tool you know on the Classic Exhibits’ website, then you are wading in the shallow end of the sales pool. There’s so much more. The Trade Show Tips section includes over 85 articles on exhibits, displays, and trade show marketing.

The Photo Galleries have thousands of images of custom, retail, rental, and portable displays. All real jobs. There are Videos, a Material Handling Calculator, Set-up Instructions, Live Webcams, and downloadable Product Literature.

To learn more, download the unbranded PDF version for of the Sales and Marketing Tools Sheet here. Click to listen to the bonus audio tip.




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Exhibit Renderings Rock . . . But Photos Rule!

November 8th, 2009 COMMENTS
Magellan Miracle Portable Hybrid Display

Magellan Miracle Portable Hybrid Display

Our website, like most exhibit websites, has an abundance of renderings. It makes sense. Renderings allow our designers to show multiple exhibit designs quickly and economically. However, given a choice, nearly everyone would rather see photos over renderings. 

Portable Hybrid Displays

The fastest growing segment in the trade show exhibit industry is portable hybrids. What are portable hybrids? Click on this link for an explanation, or simply click on the two photo gallery links below. These galleries show actual orders in the Classic Exhibits Setup Area over the past six to nine months. It doesn’t include every portable hybrid ordered, nor does it show the other exhibit lines we manufacturer. If you are interested in seeing a more comprehensive photo gallery, we encourage you to visit P5D, our daily blog of photos (which goes back nearly four years). We think you’ll enjoy seeing how exhibit trends are constantly changing from season-to-season and year-to-year.

The gallery links below include designs from our Perfect 10, Perfect 20, Magellan, and Sacagawea lines. In addition, you’ll see creative examples of counters, pedestals, workstations, and kiosks.  Let us know what you like (and don’t like).

Recent Portable Hybrid Displays

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

–Mel White