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My EDPA Access 2017 Recap | Kevin Carty

December 9th, 2017 6 COMMENTS


Greetings from the Great Northwest

It’s December and almost Christmas, which means I am just as busy away from work as I am at work. I trust you had a great Thanksgiving and have amazing plans for Christmas and New Year’s.

Last week, I attended EDPA Access which was held in beautiful Carlsbad, California at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. Let me say, as someone who has been a member of EDPA for more than a decade, this was easily one of the Top 3 venues ever. Great layout, outstanding services, beautiful facilities, and much more.

From start to finish, the content was on point, applicable to every business in our industry, and well organized. Our industry is changing because of how our customers do business. And it will continue to change. The next generation of exhibit marketing professionals are calling on us to serve them in different ways than in the past. EDPA started to address this change by replacing the “E” in EDPA to “Experiential” (from “Exhibit”).


Exhibits and events, once thought to be separate things, are more and more the same. And the Exhibit/Experiential Marketing Professionals of today are largely driving this with “Emotion-Driving Experiences” being a leading theme. What does that mean? Regardless of what a person or company is buying, they expect an emotional connection with the product or the team presenting it to them.

We spend 90 percent of our day indoors. It’s imperative to design environments that create positive emotions, stimulates productivity, and inspires creativity. Not just for your employees, but also for your customers in their exhibit/event space. It needs to make them comfortable and allow them to understand who you are and how your collaborate.

Being an “Agile Organization” is increasingly important. Historically it has meant being everything to everyone. NOT ANYMORE. Today’s customers want companies that can help them with everything, but they appreciate collaboration. They expect you to work with partners to achieve the best outcome. It’s time to embrace a “Shared Purpose” in your products and solutions and celebrate it!

Classic Exhibits at ACCESS


If you were there, you saw the beautiful “Late Night” set we created. It was definitely a show stopper, not just because it looked great but because it showcased our custom wood fabrication capabilities. That was an eye opener for many who have not tapped into our custom design and wood fabrication. This segment has grown faster than any other division within manufacturing over the past two years. Yes, we still design and build modular, hybrid, and portable exhibits, but custom now represents a significant percentage of our sales.

Our Late Show theme with Kevin and Jen had a special guest — Alexa. She was everything you would expect from a star — personable, knowledgeable, and witty. Alexa provided some great laughs and many “inquisitive” looks with her questions. On a personal note, I now know Brennan Curtis’s from Mostre Design “smell preferences.” There’s no way to cleanse my brain of that information. Our congratulations to those who won an Echo Dot. We might just repeat the game at EXHIBITOR.

Once again, our thanks to those who spent time with Jen, Alexa, and me. We always appreciate seeing you. And special thanks to the entire team from EDPA HQ for putting together one of the best ACCESS events ever.

Have a great weekend ahead with your families.



We’re More Than You Think We Are: Word on the Street — Nov. 5th thru Nov. 9th

November 18th, 2012 COMMENTS
We're More Than You Think We Are: Word on the Street -- Nov. 5th thru Nov. 9th

Word on the Street by Kevin Carty

Unique Projects

For the past two years, Classic Exhibits has pursued “alternative” markets such as retail, environments, events, etc. with our distributors. Our CNC production capability, skilled workforce, and ClassicMODUL aluminum inventory make these natural fits. This week, I want to share pictures and a video that show some of those projects. It’s our hope, quite selfishly, that your view of Classic will broaden.

Those distributors who have visited us or have attended Shared Knowledge University have a deeper appreciation for our design and production capabilities. We don’t talk about it much . . . but we love the non-trade show projects you send our direction.

Last fall, we worked with a Classic distributor on the East Coast on a studio set for a CBS affiliate. Oddly enough, the show, “My Window w/ Kristi Miller,” broadcasts in Central Oregon. They filmed while we built the space. Here is a cool time-lapse video of that installation

Below is a photo gallery of some recent trade show and non-trade show projects. You’ll see cool pictures from an installation for a sporting goods chain store. We produced the framework for the large format SEG fabric graphics for this permanent installation. It turned out fantastic!

There’s a dynamic island we did with Durham Displays for her client Perfect Equipment. Great blend of custom wood fabricated elements, double deck, and large format custom Aero structure on the  perimeter.

In addition, you’ll see several other projects for a well-know athletic shoe and apparel company.

EDPA Access 2012

As a reminder, EDPA ACCESS is around the corner. For those who are attending this event in Palm Springs, CA, you know that one of the best parts of the event is the “Not-So-Silent Auction.” Please take a few minutes to review the list of auction items currently available.

Not to brag, but Classic Exhibits may have the most exciting item on the auction block!?!? Stay tuned . . . and more importantly, bring your checkbook as I am sure our auction item will end up raising BIG BUCKS for this incredible foundation. A little hint — it involves Palms, Parcheesi, and Patron Tequila. 🙂

Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving week ahead.

Classic Exhibits will be closed on Friday.

Kevin Carty