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Three Clever Trade Show Infographics

September 29th, 2015 1 COMMENT


I’m a sucker for a clever, creative, well-designed Infographic. It reminds me of my childhood browsing through over-sized books about history, science, geography, or sports where the graphics engage and educate.

I don’t have the patience or the talent to create infographics so when I find one that hits a bulls-eye about trade show marketing, I feel compelled to share. This week, I hit the jackpot and discovered three, all created by Megan Lemmons at Mostre Design/Advent Exhibits. My thanks to Megan for sharing with the Classic Exhibits Network. Enjoy!

Colour Color Colore

Colour Color Colore



Why You Should Have a Coffee Bar at Your Next Trade Show

Why You Should Have a Coffee Bar at your Next Trade Show



Five Easy Ways to Be the Star of Your Next Trade Show

5 Ways To Be the Star of your Next Trade Show 3

–Mel White


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  1. Mike says:

    Nicely presented. I too am a sucker for the older infographics.

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