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FAQ — Intro Fabric Panel Displays

October 29th, 2010 COMMENTS

Intro Fabric Panel Displays

For nearly two decades, Intro Fabric Panel Displays have been the perfect choice for a flawless, re-configurable portable display.

Known for its strength, exceptional alignment, and customizable display panels, the “two-sided” Intro Fabric Panel Display performs beautifully in the most demanding trade show schedule. The Intro comes in 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and table top display configurations.

1. What are the unique benefits of the Intro Folding Fabric Display?

  1. There’s no more durable and versatile trade show display than the Intro. The Intro is perfect for exhibitors who require a reconfigurable fabric display that easily folds to a 10 ft., 8 ft., 6 ft., or even table top(s). The two-sided Velcro compatible fabric means one, two, or multiple colors are never a problem, the perfect solution when more than one division share an exhibit.
  2. After the show, the Intro can be folded into a tower for a lobby display, used as a colorful divider, or re-positioned as a backdrop.
  3. There are nearly 50 fabric color options in ribbed and flat fabrics.

2. What are the unique features of the Intro Fabric Panel Display?

  • 360 Hinge: The 360 panel hinges make the Intro remarkably versatile.
  • Independent Panels: Each panel is constructed independently, so panels can be separated and replaced in case of shipping damage.
  • Pack Flat: The panels pack flat, accordion-style, for easy shipping.
  • Adjustable Feet: The adjustable feet on every lower panel means you never have to worry about an uneven floor.
  • Reconfigurable: Easily turn the top or bottom sections into table tops.
  • Velcro Fabric: The Velcro-compatible fabric will withstand years of graphics attaching and detaching with minimal wear.

3. What components and accessories are available for the Intro?

There are literally hundreds of choices, each with multiple options. For example, choose from an array of stem lights, pedestals, counters, backlit headers, storage, slatwall, inlay fabric, lightboxes, and towers.

Give us a call to discuss. We’re here to assist you find the display and accessories that fit your exhibit marketing goals.

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