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FAQ — Table Throws

October 13th, 2010 COMMENTS
Table Throw with Runner

Table Throw with Runner

Table Throws seem so simple. Yet, quality varies considerably. We offer only the best materials:  premium twills, vinyl perma logos, and dye sublimation. Our trained artisans craft the highest quality seams and hems, and the throws are washable and fade resistant.

Choose from 8 ft, 6 ft, runners, or even custom sizes.

1. What is Perma Logo?

Perma logo is a heavy-duty vinyl similar to the traditional vinyl you may have seen used for numbers on sports jerseys. The vinyl is computer cut and heat transferred to pre-dyed twill throw fabric. Many colors are available for the vinyl (and the twill).

2. The live area for a Dye Sub Applique is a 45″ W x 25″ H rectangle, and the visual representation of the throw is a circle. Are free-form shapes possible?

Yes. The real benefit of Dye Sub Applique is that complex gradients and photos or complex images like government or university seals can be represented accurately. An additional benefit is that these images can be any shape under the sun.

Circles, rectangles, custom free-forms that outline images like frogs and horse heads have all been created.

3. Exhibit Design Search lists  6 and 8 ft. standard table throws. How can I order a throw for a different sized table?

Tables don’t just come in 6 ft. or 8 ft. lengths. Neither do our table throws. Need a custom throw (or anything else you don’t see for that matter)? Just ask us.

4. What is the difference between a “full size” and “economy size” table throw?

A full size table throw covers all four sides of the table, where an economy size throw will cover 3 sides leaving the back of the table open.

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