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10 Things Classic Exhibits Probably Shouldn’t Tell You — #6

October 13th, 2009 COMMENTS
Open and Airy

Open and Airy

For the next two weeks, we’ll share 10 Things We Probably Shouldn’t — one each day. Actually one, plus another one.  Enjoy!

#6. Talented trade show exhibit designers are different (and sometimes a little scary). By nature, they are creative, resourceful, efficient, inquisitive, and even petulant at times. They have the uncanny ability to envision complex solutions with minimal instructions.  And while many of them are mentalists, like Kreskin, they are not psychics or mind-readers. They are good, just not that good. Want some practical advice on how to maximize a designer’s creative potential and minimize any peevishness (Hey, we’re human too)? Then we urge you to avoid the following “cotton candy” design instructions:

  • Open and Airy
  • Contemporary but Classic
  • Clean not Cluttered
  • Modern Looking but No Metal
  • Hi-tech
  • We’ll know what we want when we see it (Ugh?!!!!!!!)

Plus 1. Our production manager is Jim, but that isn’t his real name. Ten years ago, our former production manager couldn’t pronounce “Yevgeniy,” so rather than learn to pronounce it, he simply decided that “Jim” was easier.  He’s been Jim ever since. We share this because it illustrates how our production team accommodates distributor requests (sometimes to a fault). If you want a Yevgeniy to be a Jim, then they’ll make it a Jim.

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