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Introducing Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Trade Show Displays

June 17th, 2009 COMMENTS
Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Trade Show Displays

Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Trade Show Displays

I’m just old enough to remember the skits where an actor would portray both a man and a woman by painting half their face as a man and the other half as a woman. Depending on the dialogue, the actor would show the audience one side or the other and often would wear a half suit and half dress costume. It seems silly now, but I’m smiling as I write this because the skits were entertaining, creative, and economical (one actor – two roles). 

As budgets tighten, particularly exhibit budgets, exhibit managers expect displays to perform multiple roles. Unfortunately, most exhibits are much better as character actors – portable or modular or custom but not custom portable (for example).    

If you are familiar with Classic, you already know about Perfect 10 and Magellan, two innovative hybrid systems in the $5,000 to $12,000 price range. You clearly like these hybrid displays, judging by our sales over the past 18 months. Recently, you asked for an even more economical solution, something starting around $3100.

Introducing the Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Series

For too long, trade show exhibit buyers have had to choose between price and design and portability and upscale features. Not anymore. The Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Series offers exhibitors contemporary hybrid design with aluminum extrusion and large format tension fabric graphics at a great price. 

If you are considering a pop up display, why not consider a Sacagawea instead for about the same price? The Sacagawea display takes about the same time to assemble, packs in portable roto-molded case(s) with wheels, and offers more flexibility with counters, workstations, and re-configurability. With Sacagawea, you can start with a 10’ x 10’ exhibit and expand to a 10’ x 20’ as your show schedule and budget grows. Because the system is constructed with durable aluminum extrusion and lightweight tension fabric graphics, your display will evolve as your trade show marketing program changes from year to year.

See the entire Sacagawea Series in Design Search including  (17) 10’ x 10’ kits and (7) 10’ x 20’ kits. Prices start at $3100.

Sacagawea VK-2104 Portable Hybrid Display

Sacagawea VK-2104 Portable Hybrid Display

Travel Well, Travel Smart, Travel Light. Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Displays.

–Mel White

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