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5 Classic Tips x 5 Days = 25 Tasty Bites | Day #4

November 10th, 2016 COMMENTS


You Love Your Children Equally.

But you have a favorite, even if just a little. Yesterday, we talked about the Top 5. Today, we discuss five online children who deserve more love and attention.

Tip #16 — Graphic Inspiration Galleries

Glenna Martin, our Graphic Design Manager, is the genius behind the Graphic Inspiration Galleries. She knows, as do you, that most graphic designers rarely tackle 3D graphic design. They understand print and web, but designing for a display is a foreign language. Glenna lends a hand.

She created four galleries from Past Five Day photos. In each gallery, she describes why a graphic is successful. There are over one hundred examples. All positive. It’s a wonderful instructional playground for any graphic designer.

Tip #17 — Distributor Login

In the old days, every exhibit manufacturer had a top-secret distributor section. It was the vault of prices, literature, policies, etc. Those days are largely gone. However, we still have a condensed version where you can find literature, forms, and other helpful tools. It also contains a link to the Rental Gallery wholesale prices. So, how secret is it? Here’s the username (classicexhibits) and password (easypeasy). But don’t share!

Tip #18 — Printable Literature

OverAt the top of the Classic home page, there is a rotating banner. If you click on it at just the right time, you will be taken to a magical page where you can download printable literature. This includes 22 product and “Under” brochures. I’m not opposed to using guilt as a motivator. So… You’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t click on this link.

Tip #19 — Hear Audio

The “Hear Audio” buttons are my baby. Most kits have a Hear Audio button where you can listen to a 30-60 second description of the product. All are done by professional voice talent. Ditto on the “hurt feelings” if you don’t click on them.

Tip #20 — Trade Show Tips

Trade Show Tips is a happening place, much like a middle child who wants attention. End-users find it via Google or Bing. I often hear from newbies in the industry who tap into it as their “Introduction to Trade Shows and Trade Show Marketing.” And like the Trade Show Tales blog, new articles are added to keep it fresh. We encourage you to suggest article ideas.

Wondering about the latest trends in Trade Show Land? Check out #21 thru #25 tomorrow.

–Mel White


Vibrant Color and Stunning Contrast Gallery

August 6th, 2014 COMMENTS
Glenna Martin, Graphic Design Manager

Glenna Martin, Graphic Design Manager

Graphic Inspiration Galleries

Several months ago, Glenna Martin, our Graphic Design Manager, created the first Graphic Inspiration GalleryGraphics that Complement the Display. Glenna pulled 38 Past 5 Days photos to show effective examples of structure and graphics. If you haven’t read her notes, I urge you to review them. You may want to consider directing graphic designers to the galleries if they are unfamiliar with trade show graphics.

Glenna has created another gallery, Vibrant Color and Stunning Contrast. This gallery discusses color strategy and image placement. As you click-through the photos and read the text, Glenna identifies how colors serve to create a cohesive image and guide your eye to the important images and text. It makes so much sense to a non-graphic designer once you read her notes, but it takes a talented graphic designer to build it. See all 30 photos in the Graphic Inspiration Gallery in the Resource menu. Here are a few examples to entice you.

Gorgeous example of how wonderful backlighting can showcase rich color.

Great combination of white space and high color saturation in the photo. The white space allows the logo to stand out while the bright green wings frame the entire design nicely.

The wide gamut of bright colors give this iPad stand WOW factor in a small amount of space.

Black and white photo with color photos set forward really showcases the product in this display’s graphics.

We welcome your comments.

–Mel White


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