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Three Safety Divider Choices. Which One Would You Choose?

August 27th, 2020 COMMENTS
Safety Partitions at Airport Check-in Kiosks
Safety Partitions at Airport Check-in Kiosks

Let’s pretend for a moment that you run a restaurant, manage operations for a airport, or own a hotel in a post-COVID world. Don’t stress… this is just pretend. No need to cash in your 401K. 😉

You need to add safety dividers to create comfortable and safe social distancing in your facility.

A local PPE vendor has proposed three solutions: clear acrylic, clear acrylic with repeating vinyl graphics, or printed graphics. The prices are close enough that it’s more about choosing the right solution for your environment and your brand. They are equally functional, safe, and easy-to-clean. What would you choose? Does it depend on the business?

Restaurant Choices:

Airport Choices:

Hotel Lobby Choices:

For more information about safety dividers, barriers, desk shields, or sneeze guards, contact Classic Exhibits at 503-652-2100. Custom and off-the-shelf solutions are available.

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