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New Outdoor Display Products Gallery

March 28th, 2012 COMMENTS

Outdoor Display Products -- BansheeWe love to share good news about Exhibit Design Search.

There’s a brand new gallery in EDS — Outdoor Display Products. This Optima Graphics gallery includes 11 popular outdoor products, such as Banshee, Kapow, Ridgeline, and Valet. There’s even a listing for Event Tents. As with many of the new features in EDS, the gallery was added at the request of several Classic Distributors. And the timing couldn’t be better with Spring at hand and Summer just a few months away. Our thanks to Gary Camarato at Optima for all his hard work on this gallery.

To make room for the Outdoor Displays gallery, we shifted Table Throws to the Banner Stand gallery, which has now been named Banner Stands / Table Throws. It contains the full selection from both categories.

Exhibit Specials and Red Tags

Exhibit Specials in Exhibit Design SearchYou may have noticed a “Red Tag” feature in EDS. About two weeks ago, we made it much easier to find our bimonthly Exhibit Specials. You could always find them in the Exhibit Specials Gallery. We’ve now added a visual “Red Tag” to the image whenever a product is on special. If the special includes a price discount, there will be a strike-through of the original price and a new red-line price. You’ll see the “Red Tag” specials both in the Exhibit Specials gallery and in the original “parent” gallery of the product(s). For example, select Visionary Designs inlines and islands and scroll down. You’ll see quite a few specials. These specials run through May 31.

Eco-Systems Sustainable Designs

Lastly, I want to give a pat on the back to Eco-systems Sustainable. Over the past two months, they have added lots and lots of new trade show display designs to the eSmart Display gallery. If you haven’t visited the gallery recently, I encourage you to take a stroll through their update offerings. Lots of cool designs whether your client wants an eco-friendly display or simply a modern hybrid design. We keep hearing from distributors that your customers are asking, “What’s new and fresh?” Take a look in the eSmart gallery.

–Mel White


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