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Booths with Benefits Promotion

July 5th, 2011 COMMENTS

The Summer of Love:  Booths with Benefits Promotion

It wouldn’t be summer unless there was a kooky Classic Exhibits promotion. This year, we’re combining the late 60’s Summer of Love vibe with the more recent Friends with Benefits concept. OK, it’s a little odd. Actually, it’s a lot odd, but either way, someone is going to get lucky this summer.

Here are the details:

The promotion runs from 7/1/11 to 8/30/11.

Receive (1) FREE 22″ Monitor with the Purchase of a Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Display with the Workstation/Monitor option. Basically, we’ll give your customer a free monitor (a $165 value) just for ordering a Sacagawea display. Heck, they were probably going to order it anyway, but now they’ll feel some extra love from you and Classic.

If your client wants to order additional monitors, to match the look and feel of the free one, that’s cool. We’ll have them available at a slight markup over cost to cover freight and handling. And before you ask, because I know you will, the monitor does fit in the existing roto-molded case (size-wise), but there’s no room for it. Should your client want a separate case for the monitor, please let us know. We know of several options, including shipping it in the existing manufacturer packaging.

Finally, we’ve created an unbranded version of the promotional e-broadcast so you can add your logo and contact information. Let me know if you want it. Let’s be honest . . . “Booths with Benefits” in the email subject line is going to attract some attention.

–Mel White


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