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Search for Exhibit Photos in P5D — New Feature

May 14th, 2009 COMMENTS
Past Five Days -- Search Thru Over 1000 Exhibit Photos

Past Five Days -- Search Over 1000 Exhibit Photos

On April 13, we posted “Past Five Days — Reviewing Photos in P5D” where we discussed the history and features of Classic’s daily photo log. Past Five Days has been a permanent feature on Classic Exhibits website, and on all distributor versions of Design Search, since September 19, 2006. Over that time, we’ve made multiple incremental improvements. Today’s improvement is anything but incremental.

New Photo Search Function

We’ve added search functionality. Now you can search the entire P5D database by size and/or keyword. We all know the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Too often, the challenge is finding the just right picture or photo. When it comes to trade show exhibit design, you may prefer renderings, but someone else in your organization may prefer photos. Now both options are available for many Classic Exhibits’ designs.

Say, for instance, you like Visionary Designs VK-1032 Hybrid Exhibit. Click here to see the rendering. “Very cool,” you say to yourself, but you wonder if there is a photo available in P5D that shows a “real” version of VK-1032. In this case, there is. Not just one, but seven separate entries for this design. Click here to see one of those photos. Not every photo will be complete with graphics. After all, those photos are taken in our Setup Area, and it’s not uncommon for us to ship displays without the graphics. The graphics may have been shipped directly to the client, or the photo was taken before the graphics were installed. It happens. Also, it’s important to remember that P5D is a sampling of orders. Not all orders. So, not every kit on Classic’s website has a corresponding photo.

Email Exhibit Photos

Finally, say you want to email the image(s) from P5D or want additional information. We make that easy!   There is an “Email image” feature and a “Send Me More Information” feature.  Search AND communication tools. You’d think it was 2009.  For anyone who hasn’t used Classic’s “Email image” tool before, there are two non-obvious features. First, although the email dialogue box only shows one image, you will actually be sending all images from the date you’ve chosen. Second, when you send the email, a copy of the email will be sent to you. That way you have a record of what you sent. Smart!

I encourage you to play with the P5D. Search by size, such as 10′ x 10′ exhibits. You’ll get tons of results. Search by text to fine tune your search, using a term like “Magellan” or a kit number like “VK-1005” (or just type in “1005”).

If you have suggestions on how to improve P5D, please let us know.

— Mel White


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