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Defining Interconnectivity

May 27th, 2009 1 COMMENT

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By definition, interconnectivity is “to be connected with one another.”

The term interconnectivity fascinates me on a lot of levels ranging from my personal to my business life. So much so, that I have found myself looking for “the connectedness” of things recently. It has become somewhat of an obsession.

Truth be known, I never really focused on it until about four weeks ago when a friend and colleague called out a “connection” that was both timely and bizarre. It got me thinking . . . why and how? And I am not sure I will ever really know.

With the advent of the social networking tools, the clarity of how connected we really are has become more evident than ever . . . though sometimes I think forced. There is a difference between being networked and being connected in my mind, although the line often gets blurred a bit.

A recent Facebook blog noted, “With greater connectedness has come the ability for people to influence one another with more speed and efficiency. We’ve seen this lead to people spreading information and organizing events on a mass scale, often within days and weeks.”